You Can Ring My (Dumb)Bell Workout

Hi Friends!

It’s time for another workout, don’t you think? Today one of my favorite Fitfluential friends, Jess, is here to share a fun new workout with you!

A few things about Jess:

  • She is RIPPED. That’s all there is to it. Girl’s got mad muscles.
  • She’s always whipping up protein packed recipes in the kitchen.
  • Her dog is the cutest!
  • She motivates me to work harder during my workouts.

Want.her.legs! And arms. And shoulders 🙂 And how cute are she and her hubby?! ——————————————-

Hello Lean Green Bean readers! I’m Jess, I blog at Blonde Ponytail and I’m so excited to post here today. Lindsay has fast become one of my favorite bloggers with her creative and nutrient-dense recipes in addition to her varied workouts.

I’m a NSCA-CSCS (certified strength & conditioning specialist), trainer, & former athlete, so active living is inherent to my lifestyle. But, exercising doesn’t have to mean heading to the gym. I’ve put together a workout for you that you can complete in the confines of your home with minimal equipment.

In case you need a video demo of any of the moves, here are the links:
Plank Row to Frog Jump
Katniss Push-up Planks 
Crazy Russians
Split Jack Lunges– click to minute 1:20
Side Lunge with Knee Tuck

You’ll see there aren’t many core-specific moves in this routine. I like to use functional movements that incorporate the core simultaneously.

Thank Lindsay for allowing me to “meet” your readers. Keep moving and keep sweating!

Visit me  at Blonde Ponytail. Or follow me on Twitter (@blondeponytail). To see more workout videos check my youtube channel!


Jess, hope you don’t mind that I made your workout pretty and pinable! This is another one I have plans to try while i’m on vacation!!



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