5 Ways To Support Your Favorite Bloggers

Hi friends!

Today I just wanted to pop in a share a few words about a topic that’s been on my heart lately. Although I know I have a lot of readers who are also bloggers, but this post is mainly for my “regular readers”. All you amazing people out there who don’t blog yourselves, but take the time to read my blog posts, make my recipes, etc.

Sometimes the world of blogging and social media can be tough. There are a lot of bloggers out there and a lot of social media platforms, all of which have constantly-changing algorithms that are hard to figure out and keep up with. It can be hard to get your work seen. And there’s nothing more frustrating than when you work really hard developing and testing a recipe, taking photos and putting it out there, only have people not see it because social media platforms decide not to show it to them.

So I wanted to take a few minutes and let you guys know about some easy ways you can show your appreciation for the bloggers you love. Not just me…but any blogger who you regularly follow and enjoy! It feels a little weird to write this post and I don’t want it to come across in any way as unappreciative or negative. But after thinking about it for a while, I realized that if you’re not in the blogging space, you might just not know exactly how much of a positive impact some of these things can have on the blogs you follow.  These are simple things you can do as a reader to help us get our content seen by more people and trust me when I say we appreciate it so much:

Leave a comment. If you make one of our recipes, leave a quick comment on the post! This not only lets us know that people are trying our recipes, but it’s a great place to share substitutions you might have made, how they turned out, how the recipe turned out in general, etc. The feedback is helpful for us, but it’s also great for other readers who might come across the recipe later and have questions about similar substitutions or results. For example, someone made my Carrot Oat Bars the other day and turned them into muffins and said they turned out great. If they left that info in the comments, other people could read it if, perhaps, they were planning to try that as well and wondering if it would work. Or if you try freezing a certain recipe and it comes out great, leave a comment and let us know! We can edit our posts to include all that feedback from readers and help more people in the future!

Rate the recipe! If there’s an option to rate a recipe (ie give it 5 stars) on the blog, do it! It helps show us you liked the recipe and helps show other readers that people are making the recipe and loving it!

Tag and share! If you make one of our recipes or crafts or DIY projects or whatever, share a photo on Instagram and tag us! This helps direct other people, who may follow you, but not us, to our social media platforms and blogs so they can try the recipes and projects for themselves. Or share the link on your Facebook page so your friends can follow the link and check it out!

Engage with new posts! Follow us on social media and when you see our new posts, like them, share them, comment on them! The more people interact with our posts, the more people the social media networks show them to. Similarly, platforms like Instagram have algorithms to show you the content they THINK you want to see. So the more you interact with us, the more likely they are to show you our future content so you don’t miss anything! We love interacting with you guys, love to hear when you try our recipes or are excited to try them and are always happy to answer your questions! Your engagement makes us happy and also helps more people see our content. Win-win!

Use the share buttons. If you’re on Pinterest, pin our photos! Pinterest has become a huge search engine and even if you don’t have thousands of followers, it still helps us a lot when you pin our content and help get it into the mix for others to see! Or you could tweet a recipe or share it on FB! Most of us try to make it really easy by putting share buttons throughout our posts.

Added bonus: sign up for our email lists! If we write a post or recipe you really love, hit forward and send it to a few of your friends to check out.

Blogging takes a lot of work. Yes, some of us make money working with brands, running ads, etc….but we also put a lot of money back into our blogs, just like any businesses owner does! It’s hard to constantly adapt, stay afloat and be seen. We love what we do…and couldn’t do what we do without you guys, the readers. You taking the time to share our posts means the world to us, and also helps ensure we can keep providing the kind of content you love to see from us!

As always, thank you guys so much for your support over the years! I love you all.



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