Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups

These Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups are made with crescent roll dough and are a super easy dinner. They’re kid-friendly and the leftovers can be packed for lunch!

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Lately, I’ve been making these Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups several times a month for dinner, especially on the nights my oldest has swimming. They’re quick, easy and kid-friendly and I can prep them ahead of time so my husband can just stick them in the oven when I’m on my way home from dance class with my daughter. Then they can be eaten in the 15 minutes we have before it’s off to the next sports practice!

As an added bonus, my oldest doesn’t mind eating these cold, so I can pack the extras in his lunchbox the next day.

An Elevated Turkey and Cheese Sandwich

These roll-ups are basically just a next-level turkey sandwich. Instead of bread, it uses crescent roll dough, which everyone loves! Then you just need your favorite turkey and cheese to go on the inside. They cook quickly, they come out nice and warm with melty cheese and the whole tray disappears without much effort on our part!

They’re also a great size for feeding a crowd – similar to turkey and cheese sliders- so they make a great party appetizer!

What Cheese Goes with Turkey

You really can’t go wrong with any cheese here. My kids usually prefer mozzarella or colby jack. I personally like meunster. Swiss would also be good. You can use shredded cheese or cheese slices, whichever you prefer. 


There are lots of ways to add variety to these:

  • Swap ham, or even roast beef for turkey.
  • Use pepperoni instead of turkey, brush with garlic butter and dip in marinara.
  • Thinly slice leftover roasted turkey, instead of lunch meat, and add some leftover cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving!

How To Make Turkey and Cheese Wraps

A few tips for assembly:

  • Buy the plain crescent roll dough. I just find it easier to work with a solid sheet vs the kind that’s already perforated for crescent rolls.
  • I usually cut the sheet in half. 
  • Layer your turkey and cheese slightly to one side and start rolling from that side. I’ve found that having the empty dough at the end of the roll-up helps it stick together!
  • Once you’ve rolled into a log, slice into the desired size and bake!


Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups

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These Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups are made with crescent roll dough and are a super easy dinner. They’re kid-friendly and the leftovers can be packed for lunch!

  • Author: Lindsay



  • 68 slices of turkey
  • 1 cup shredded cheese (or 4 slices)
  • 1 tube crescent roll dough (solid sheet)


  1. Unroll dough and cut in half.
  2. Layer turkey and cheese slightly to one side of the dough.
  3. Roll up starting at the side closer to the fillings.
  4. Slice and transfer to baking sheet.
  5. Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes.


I sometimes add pepperoni with the turkey or just do pepperoni by itself. Ham would also work!

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