Squish Turns 2!

Hi Friends!

Well, I don’t know how it happened, but my little baby turned 2 on Saturday!

It’s also been 3 months since I wrote a Dear Chase letter! #whoops. So first things first, here’s how months 22-24 went down.

We had a great rest of the summer. We pretty much lived outside all day every day and managed to keep busy.

Some things of note:

  • Mommy took you to your first Ohio State Fair!
  • We dug in the dirt!
  • We played in the water!
  • You ran full speed everywhere!
  • We did lots of swinging!
  • You started swimming lessons. Your first lesson or two didn’t go well but now you love it!
  • You developed an obsession with choo-choos.
  • You love helping daddy with projects around the house!
  • You love helping mommy in the kitchen!
  • We picked apples.
  • We went to the zoo.

You turned into a toddler right before my eyes, complete with your fair share of epic meltdowns. For the most part you’re a happy little guy. You love running around…and I do mean running. You won’t sit still unless it’s to watch tv. You still love all your shows on PBS kids, as well as Shaun the Sheep and Blue’s Clues.

You love to eat. Vegetables are not your favorite but there are some you’ll eat. You love meal and snack times, especially if I give you a smoothie. Pretty much all food is “num num”.  You’re wearing 4T clothes…around the middle. Your legs are fairly short, even though you’re tall, so pretty much all pants have to be rolled up several times and you’re now in size 7.5 shoes.

You love your animals, especially Marcus and are getting better at throwing the ball for Tucker.

Your sleep schedule is a little unpredictable but most days you wake up between 6 & 7am,  go to sleep between 7:30 & 8pm and take a nap for anywhere from 1-3 hours in the afternoon, depending on the day.

You still spend a couple hours at the gym most days and you’re getting quite good at deadlifts, burpees, ring hangs, rowing and more!

We got some family pictures taken to celebrate you turning 2/maternity photos for your sister. You’re still very attached to mama and I think we’re in for a rough couple of weeks once baby sister arrives this month!

We just came back from your 2 year appointment at the doctor. Since your 18 month appointment, you’ve gained about 6 pounds and grew 3+ inches. You currently weigh about 37.5 pounds and are 36.5 inches tall. That’s 99% percentile for height and weight….just like you have been your whole life!

You’re quite the chatterbox and even though you don’t say a ton of words, you’re adding some each week and have no trouble getting your point across.

This weekend we had friends and family over for a choo-choo themed party to celebrate you! We borrowed a bounce house from our neighbors, which was a HUGE hit!

 We got you a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake….which was also a huge hit! (You love them just like your mama!)

PS – Big thanks to Cheryl’s Cookies for sending this (free) fun “Decorate Your Own Cookie Kit” that was perfect for the older kids at the party!

You opened your presents. Some of the big hits included a guitar, a new keyboard, a few remote controlled cars and Mr & Mrs Potato head. (You’re very musically inclined like your daddy.)

Overall it was a great day, although mommy is having some trouble coming to terms with the fact that you’re now two years old!

Your little sister is due to arrive in 2 weeks. We all can’t wait to meet her!

Mama loves you!


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