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As you may or may not know today is National Registered Dietitian Day. For the past 3 years I’ve rounded up a list of Registered Dietitians Who Blog and today’s post is pretty much the ultimate resource. My list has quadrupled in size over the past 3 years! As an RD who has been involved in blogging and social media since the thought of becoming an RD was just an idea in the back of my mind, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see so many of my colleagues becoming active in the online world.

There are so many great dietitians out there now sharing CREDIBLE nutrition information, recipes and other great nutrition resources with all of you!

{some of the images above provided by Alice Henneman}

My challenge to you today is to spend a few minutes checking out some of these blogs that you’re not familiar with and giving these RDs some love and appreciation for all they’re doing to make the world a healthier place!

I don’t care how you pick them- by their name, their tagline, how pretty their header is, randomly- whatever works for you! Just do it!

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Here’s the list from my first post, updated to remove some who no longer blog….clickable links are at the bottom:


  • Anne at Fannetastic Food
  • Lauren at Foodtrainers
  • Nicole at Prevention RD
  • Sally at Real Mom Nutrition
  • Melanie at Nutritious Eats
  • Deanna & Serena at Teaspoon of Spice
  • Robyn at The Real Life RD
  • Janet at Nutrition Unplugged
  • Carlene at Healthfully Ever After
  • Heather at Side of Sneakers (she also blogs regularly at Babble)

I also gave special shoutouts to Alexis at Hummusapien and Carissa at Fit2Flex who were dietetic students like me at the time. Both are now RDs.




Last year I added a bunch more RD blogs to my Feedly. Here they are with clickable links at the bottom:


Find them here:

  • Steph at Food Coach Me
  • Rachael at An Avocado A Day
  • Alex at Delicious Knowledge
  • Francesca at Energy We Bring
  • Helen at Food & Nonsense
  • Dixya at Food, Pleasure & Health
  • Wendy at Just Wendy Jo
  • Kath at Kath Eats Real Food
  • Meme at Living Well Kitchen
  • Kristina at Love & Zest
  • Megan at Nutrition Awareness
  • Caroline at Caroline Kaufman Nutrition
  • Christina at The Fueled Athlete
  • EA at The Spicy RD
  • Melissa at The Valentine RD


Find them here:

  • Debbie at Dietitian Debbie Dishes
  • Lisa & McKenzie at NourishRDs
  • Janice & Liz at Meal Makeover Moms
  • Danielle at Food Confidence
  • Nic at Nic’s Nutrition
  • Kristen at Real Food For Fuel
  • Cassie at Dietitian Cassie
  • Jenna at Make Healthy Easy
  • Melissa at Sound Bites
  • Jessica at Nutritioulicious
  • Chris at Mohr Results
  • Sharon at Sharon Palmer, RD
  • Regan at Healthy Aperture – *various RD blog authors, plus a gallery to submit recipes to
  • Stone Soup – the blog for Food & Nutrition Magazine written by a variety of RDs

I also gave a special shoutout to two future RDs- Min at MJ and Hungryman and Kylie at Yeah Imma Eat That, who weren’t quite there yet but well on their way! Min is now officially an RD and Kylie is OH SO CLOSE!



Last year I asked readers to leave their favorite RD blogs in the comments if they weren’t already on the list. Here are some that were recommended:

Find them here:

  • Ginny at The Vegan RD
  • Jennifer at Foodess
  • Mary at Flavor RD
  • Emily at Sinful Nutrition
  • Kelly at Meals For Miles
  • Emily at Zen & Spice
  • Cait, Rebecca & Dana at Rebel Dietitian
  • Diane at Cape Fear Nutrition
  • Jen at Down To Earth Dietitian
  • Helen at Hevil’s Healthy Devil – RD student


And here we are at year 3. This year I have even MORE new RD blogs to share with you!

Find them here:

  • Kristy @ Chocolate Slopes
  • Stephanie @ The Grateful Grazer
  • Holley @ Holley Grainger Nutrition
  • Katie @ Mom to Mom Nutrition
  • Abigail @ The Soul of Health
  • Gretchen @ Kumquat
  • Brittany @ Your Choice Nutrition
  • Rebecca @ Be Truly Nourished
  • Colleen @ Colleen Gerg
  • Jennifer @ Nourished Simply
  • Elizabeth @ Enjoy Every Bite
  • Sheena @ A Fillipino Foodie
  • Robin @ Robin’s Bite
  • Marisa @ Marisa Moore Nutrition
  • Vicki @ Simple Cravings. Real Food

Find them here:

  • Shelly @ Skinny Louisiana
  • Lauren @ Bite of Health
  • Tina @ Food Doc
  • Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian
  • Lauren @ Whole Living Lauren
  • Alanna @ Eat Real Food
  • Lauren @ Eating With A Purpose
  • Cheryl @ Cheryl Meyer RD
  • Sara @ The Organic Dietitian
  • Julie @ RDelicious Kitchen
  • Ayla @ Eat Simply
  • Anne @ Craving Something Healthy
  • Katie @ Mom’s Kitchen Handbook
  • Cindy @ Newlywed Nutrition

Find them here:

  • Louisa @ Cook Low Fodmap
  • Rebecca @ Positively Healthy
  • Toby @ Toby Amidor Nutrition
  • Roseanne @ Chew the Facts
  • Renee @ Renee’s Healthy Weighs
  • Erin @ Mouthful Blog
  • Lauren @ Lauren Minchen Nutrition
  • Bri @ Simple Delights
  • Michelle @ Pediatric Nutrition Blog
  • Abby @ Abby Langer Nutrition
  • Jennifer @ Neily on Nutrition
  • Kathleen @ Source 4 Women
  • Sarah @ Food Family Fiesta
  • Leslie @ Born To Eat
  • Corinne @ Eat Love Thrive

Find them here:

  • Amy @ Farmer’s Daughter Consulting
  • Jill @ Just The Right Bite
  • Leah @ Ingles Nutrition
  • Jamila @ No Nonsense Nutritionist
  • Brooke @ Bitchin’ Nutrition
  • Jennifer @ McDaniel Nutrition
  • Sarah @ Sarah Krieger
  • Lisa @ The Trim Traveler
  • Heather @ The Nutty Nutritionist
  • Sylvia @ Hispanic Food Communications
  • Heather @ Heather K. Jones
  • Marie @ Performance Nutrition
  • Jenny @ My Cape Cod Kitchen
  • Heather @ Dietitian on the Run
  • Maria @ The Blonde Pantry

Find them here:

  • Susan @ Food Fit Fabulous
  • Faye @ Foodie on Campus
  • Maryann @ Raise Healthy Eaters
  • Andie @ The Baking Dietitian
  • Katie @ Healthy Bites
  • Alice @ Cook It Quick
  • Ashley @ The Fresh Beet
  • Ginger @ Ginger Hultin
  • April @ This RD Eats
  • Chere @ Chere Bork
  • Jamie @ Dishing Out Health
  • Jessa @ In Wealth & Health
  • Grace @ Nutrition Works For You
  • Paige @ Paige Smathers 
  • Joanne @ Real Bite Nutrition

  • Janel @ Eat Well with Janel
  • Jesseica @ Smart Nutrition
  • Bethany @ Fusion Wellness 
  • Melanie @ Nutripilot
  • Elisa @ Elisa Zied
  • Christy @ Christy Wilson Nutrition
  • The RD team at Good Measure Meals


Still want more? Find 800+ RD Bloggers at Nutrition Blogs Network!

I’m sure I’ve missed some great ones, but this roundup  should give you a good start if you’re looking for some new reading!

I also can’t let this day pass without giving a huge thank you to every single RD who has helped me on my own personal journey. Special thanks to my mentor and boss Regan, who has believed in me from the day we met…every step of the way…She gives me the opportunity to do what I love every single day and I couldn’t be more grateful.

If you’re an RD who blogs and you’re not on this list, leave your blog URL in the comments!!



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