Kitchen Tools For Kids

These Kitchen Tools For Kids are perfect for introducing children to the kitchen. Let them get creative, have fun and develop healthy eating habits from a young age!

*Originally published 11/2017. Updated 6/2021*

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Today I’m sharing my favorite kids cooking utensils! As most of you know, spending time in the kitchen with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. I started bringing both my kids into the kitchen with me at a very young age. They were both up on their learning tower helping me from about 14 months on.

Lots of you ask me what tools I use in the kitchen with my kids so I thought I’d put together a guide with some kids cooking tools that are nice to have on hand for your little helpers! Some of these are brands I love while others are just general ideas and many brands make similar products.

Teaching Kids to Cook

Once you have the tools, the next step is checking out my Ultimate Guide to Teaching Kids to Cook! I have a huge list of kitchen tasks for toddlers, everything from dumping and stirring to using the salad spinner! Don’t underestimate how much kids can do in the kitchen from a young age. Every chance to practice builds their confidence and soon they’ll be cooking full meals like my six-year-old does!

What To Bake With Kids

If you’re not sure what to make, I’ve got you covered there too! Here are some of my favorite Kid-Friendly Baking Recipes. Most of them use a food processor which is easy for kids to use and they’re all healthy muffins and bars that will help your kids make nutritious snacks they love!

Kids Cooking Tools

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Learning Tower

Once kids can stand comfortably for a while, a learning tower is great to have! They can stand right at the counter to help but are a bit more secure than being on just a chair or barstool. Just watch the younger ones closely though because if they sit or fall down they can definitely fall out through the sides or back. You can buy add-ons as well. We bought the easel to add to the back of ours. It not only makes the back solid, it also adds a magnetic dry erase board and a felt board. Little Partners also makes activity boards for the back!

  • Little Partners Learning Tower
  • Learning Tower Easel
  • Explore and Store Learning Tower (smaller option)



I get asked all the time about what knives my kids use. We have used three different types and liked all of them. I start all my kids with Curious Chef. Next, we moved to the smaller serrated ones. I love Foost. It’s basically like a pumpkin carving knife and is smaller and I think it’s easier for them to handle as they start to cut firmer fruits and vegetables. The last one we use is Opinel. It’s basically a real chef knife but the right size for kid hands. Around this same time, I also started letting my oldest use paring knives and some of our normal kitchen knives.

  • Curious Chef
  • Foost
  • Opinel

Kitchen Gift Set

If they’re really excited about cooking and you’re looking to get several tools all at once, a gift set might be a great solution.

  • Tovla Kitchen and Baking Kids Set


My son started out using a regular peeler and never had any issues but some people like the palm peeler better because it fits better in little hands. It’s up to you!

  • Regular Peeler
  • Palm Peeler

Measuring Cups

There are lots of fun sets out there, stainless steel or plastic, at a variety of price points but my kids have always enjoyed having their own measuring cups and spoons! Fun colors are an added bonus. 

  • Measuring Cups 


Cookie Scoop

Definitely one of our most used tools. Cookie baking is a great way to introduce kids to the kitchen. This tool also helps them work on their coordination and grip strength. You can also use it to scoop batter into muffin tins.

  • OXO Cookie Scoop

Mixing Bowls with Non-Slip Base

Having bowls with a non-slip bottom is crucial! This set actually has accompanying lids which is nice because some kitchen projects may need to get put on hold for tantrums, naps, etc. I actually prefer a glass mixing bowl but it took me a while to work up the courage to trust my kids with my favorite. However once they’re a little older, a glass mixing bowl with a handle it my favorite!

  • Metal mixing bowls
  • Plastic mixing bowls
  • Glass mixing bowl


Mixing Utensils

Things like stirring, whisking and brushing are perfect beginner kitchen tasks.

  • Silicone kitchen utensils



A spiralizer is a fun way to get kids exciting about veggies! Let them pick the veggie and choose what thickness to cut them. The Inspiralzer brand is my favorite because it suctions really well to the counter so the kiddos can focus on spinning the handle. However I don’t think it’s being made anymore so you could try this OXO one!

  • OXO Spiralizer


These are fairly sharp so watch kids closely when using them. Ones like this with a built-in box can help minimize the mess. It also has non-slip feet which is nice!

  • OXO Box Grater

Small Non-Slip Cutting Board

Are you sensing a theme here with the non-slip idea? Get them their own small cutting board so they can chop right alongside you!

  • Cutting Board

Veggie Scrubber

Another great tool for simple kitchen task that even young toddlers can handle!

  • Veggie Scrubber

Salad Spinner 

Making salads is a great task for kids. They can tear the lettuce, spin it dry, and peel and chop some veggies all by themselves

  • Large Salad Spinner
  • Small Salad Spinner

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters make baking more fun and are good to have on hand for rainy days, holiday baking, etc!

  • Cookie Cutters

Salad dressing shaker

If you like to make your own sauces or dressings, these are handy to have! Let the kids help add all the ingredients and then have fun shaking them up!

  • Salad Dressing Maker

Ziploc Bag Holder

If you make freezer meals, especially chop and dump style meals to stock your freezer for the slow cooker, these are handy. They hold a ziploc bag upright and open so kids can help add stuff to the bag.

  • Ziploc Bag Holder


These are great for baking but can also be great to use on the counter when rolling out various doughs, kneading bread dough etc.

  • Silpat

Mini Rolling Pin

Full-size rolling pins can be tough for kids to manage. Get them a mini one and give them their own section of dough to work with.

  • Mini Rolling Pin

Crinkle Cutter

Anything to make veggies more fun! Let kids cut veggies like potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and carrots into fun crinkle strips.

  • Crinkle Cutter


Silicone Muffin Tins

I also love these silicone muffin tins for easy, no-stick baking!


That’s all for now! I’m sure there are some things I forgot.

Any of these would make a great gift! Want more gift ideas? Check out my Gift Guide for Toddlers (Ages 1-3) or Kid Gift Ideas {Ages 4-7}.

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Do you cook with your kids? What are your favorite tools?



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