A Month of Packed Lunch Ideas For Kids

Need kids packed lunch ideas? I’ve got you covered in this guide with a month of packed lunch ideas for kids(with photos). I also include lunchbox recommendations, a lunch packing cheat sheet and nut-free snack ideas if needed.

Hi friends!

I am so excited to share my newest resource with you! For years you’ve been asking me for packed lunch ideas and I never really felt qualified because I wasn’t packing lunches every day when my kids were younger. 

Well, now my oldest is in first grade and we’re fully into lunch packing territory so I wanted to help! I put together this PDF to give you lots of ideas and help you quickly and easily pack balanced lunches your kids will love!

Kids Packed Lunch Ideas

Here’s what’s included:

  • Product recommendations – I share my favorite lunch boxes.
  • Prep ahead tips – A few tips for things you can prep ahead of time in the fridge and freezer to make lunch packing easier.
  • Lunch Packing Cheat Sheet – lunch ideas divided into protein, carbs, vegetables, fruits and snacks so you can mix and match from each category to pack a balanced lunch quickly.
  • 24 lunch box photos – full-color photos of bento-style lunch boxes showcasing different lunch item ideas
  • Nut-free product recommendations – If your school is nut-free, here are some peanut/tree nut-free snacks you can pack for your kiddos.

If recipes included are on the blog I’ve included clickable links and we designed this so it could be easily viewed on mobile phones that you can pull it out while you’re packing lunch if you need some inspiration. 

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!!

Click here for a month of easy packed lunches for kids

As an update, I’ve added a bonus PDF that’s available to all purchasers! With your purchase, you now receive a PDF that shows real-life photos and descriptions of the first 30 lunches I packed for my first grader this year!

Be sure to pin it for later to help spread the word!

Let me know what you think!


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