Fitness Friday 71 – Postpartum

Hi Friends!

Let’s talk fitness today shall we? I seem to only be able to get my act together to post these once every two months or so, but oh well!

In case you’re new here, I had my son at the end of October 2014. I did Crossfit all the way through my pregnancy and began my post-baby comeback Jan 1, 2015.

Here are the links to my past two Crossfit after baby recaps:

  • Crossfit After Baby – Month 1 (Jan 2015)
  • Crossfit After Baby – Months 2 & 3 (Feb & Mar 2015)

Today we’ll recap April & May. To be honest, I’ve been slacking on my workouts a bit lately. Maybe this post will help me get back on track. I could give you all the excuses- I’ve been traveling, baby’s teething, I’m tired, etc…but in all honestly, I just haven’t been making it as big of a priority as I should.

On the other hand, the reality of being a mom is that it’s harder to get to the gym. It just is. But instead of giving up completely, you’ll notice I’ve been doing some more garage wods- squeezing short workouts in when I can, and I’ve also been doing a fair number of workouts while wearing Squish in the Ergo. He usually does pretty well and doesn’t fuss too much as long as it’s not super long!

Anyways, let recap the past couple months:


1) Wanna know how to make Fran worse? Add running. Woof. 11:31 Rx
I did 95/95/85 but 85# snatches in a workout is a PR for me so I’ll take it!! Feeling good!
90# hang snatches like a boss, then as soon as I put 95# on…BAM! mental block! 5+11 rx for the wod. Holy ttb!
If you look closely you can see the sweat still dripping off my nose. 180 reps Rx- that’s through the round of 30/30

1) Baby naps, mom wods – no clock today, just me & the movements
Holy terrible. 16:48 with 75#
Back at it after several days off. 11:25 with 20# Turkish get ups
It wasn’t the prettiest but i deadlifted 225# tonight! Only 35# from my pre-baby PR!

1) Lots of 75# squat snatches! But the WOD was not my favorite. 7:15 Rx
Attempting a one rep max back squat for the first time post-baby. Hit 160# and SO close to 165#! That’s only 20# from my pre-baby PR!
Nice little Sunday partner wod with my girl Jackie. We finished in 17:35 with 65#
135# squat clean – up 5# from a few weeks ago! Then 5:21 for the wod


Gotta work on those weaknesses! Practicing strict pull-ups and longer strings of ttb and kipping pull-ups #crossfit #fitfluential @latgearrx

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1) New gym space, new PR! This girl is in triple digit snatch club: 100# snatch! That’s an all-time PR for me 🙂 2) Garage wod and a walk with the fam. Overall April was a good month. I was about 25# from my old back squat PR, 35# from my old deadlift and I hit an all-time snatch PR.


1) Nap wod complete! 25 push-ups – 10 min AMRAP: 8 front squats (75#), 16 KB swings (35#) – 25 push-ups
Timehop told me I did this wod a year ago. Redid it today in the garage during nap time. Finished in 20:59 this year with 25# dbs instead of 30# and a 20# med ball instead of 14#
Need a quick warmup? 5 minutes of 5 burpees, 10 KB swings will definitely get your heartrate up!
Took squish to the park for some swing time, then decided to run my first mile in about 2 years! 9:36 with a stroller- not too bad!


165# back squat- that’s a post-baby PR and I did it with no belt! #crossfit #itsagoodday #fitfluential #fitcolumbus

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1) Needed this today- I subbed push press for hspu and 75# for both. Finished the 14 ohs for 126 reps
Worked out at Crossfit Kingfield tonight with hubby & a friend from college! WOD: 60 power cleans (95/65), 200 double unders. 9 minute time cap. I finished in 7:37 with a way heavier gauge jump rope than I’m used to! Shoulder burner for sure!
Great wod at Crossfit Timeberwolf this morning!! 600 m run + 35 wall balls (14/10), 5 min rest, then 3 RFT – 400 m run, 20 wall balls, 60 foot bear crawl – finished the first part in 3:46 and part 2 in 9:54.
Holy humid! A good strength/skill session, then for the wod i got 46 cleans (95#) and subbed burpees for hspu

1) Tonight’s wod- 8 + 13 Rx
The only good thing about this one was that it was only 60 degrees out. 29:16 with man makers and push-ups on dumbbells so I could keep my wrist straight bc it’s been bothering me.
Quick wod to get the blood flowing today. Finished in 4:34.
Post Memorial Day “Murph”. Hubby did the real thing – 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run in 57:23. I did a modified workout- 1 mile run pushing Squish in the stroller, 50 stepups (24″), 100 ring rows, 150 squats while wearing squish in the Ergobaby and a 1 mile walk wearing him at the end in around 42 min.

1) Subbed hand release push-ups for hspu and finished in 5:59.
2) Garage wod 6:47
3 & 4) 
Great outdoor workout today! Squish was along for the wod as usual! Farmer carries, ring rows, stepups and wall balls. 

May was another good month. I’m still chasing some of my pre-baby PRs but I’m getting closer!



1) Lunchtime workout! I subbed 65# push press for hspu and finished in 3:25
Big news! I rx’d this wod. Finally figured out how to kip on ring dips! Even after no repping myself on about 8 of them, I still made it to the round of 12. (112# total reps)
Quick garage wod – I used 75# for the cleans and finished around 8 minutes- plus a 3 mile walk with the boys
4) A
nother great Saturday morning wod in the park! If you’re local, come join us Saturday mornings at 10 at Hoover! Kettlebell swings, squats, push-ups, lunges, stair running…lots of fun! I pushed squish in the stroller this week

June is off to a good start!

Let’s chat:

How have your workouts been lately? Trying anything new this summer?



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