Fitness Friday 65

Hi Friends!

It’s been a hot minute since we had a Fitness Friday post so let’s catch up shall we? When we left off, I’d just completed the second workout of the Crossfit Open….so here’s how the next three weeks of Open workouts went down:

14.3 was the only Open workout where I was a little bit worried about how heavy the weights were. At this point I was still pretty early in my first trimester so I was being careful but still lifting some heavier weights. I knew i’d be fine up to 155 but I didn’t really want to do many at 185…so I took it slow and when I got to the 185# deadlifts I just did 5 of them. Just enough to get me ahead of the people who couldn’t physically lift the weight…but not enough to really tax myself.

14.4 was terribly hard. Getting off the rower means your legs are jello and then having to go straight into toes to bar, which are one of my weaknesses was super rough. I actually put this one off until about 3 hours before the submission deadline because i was dreading it so much. I finished 160 reps which was through 10 of the power cleans I think.

14.5 was just miserable. Burpees and thrusters are on no one’s list of favorite movements…and there was a lot of them. To make it worse, there was no time cap…so you had to do every single rep or you couldn’t submit a score. I just took this one slow and steady. The thruster weight wasn’t super heavy but I was pretty much crawling through the burpees. But I finished! Took me 20:52.

I think I ended up in the top 40% when the open was over!

I love the Open, but I was really glad to get back to regular workouts this year. Here are some of the workouts I’ve been doing over the past several weeks:

1. I scaled this one to 75# squat cleans and used a 35# kettlebell. Finished in 7:32.
2. 5 min row – 1230 meters, 3/3 pistols 10 min EMOM, then the wod. I paced myself terribly so my rounds were not consistent at all and I ended up getting a ton the first round and hardly any by the last round.
3. 131 doubles. 6:31 for the wod with a red band for ring dips and 95# for cleans.
4. Left: Class was doing some wod I can’t remember but that wouldn’t have been good for me so I did this one instead in  7:54
Right: Made up my own wod for a quick Friday workout.

1. Hubby & I did a garage wod- I did push-ups and they took me FOREVER…can tell I haven’t been doing them much lately. Finished in 8:42. Hubby ran and finished in 11:45.
2. Class was doing 20 burpees, 20 TTB with a 15 minute cap. Last time I did TTB they didn’t feel great so I skipped those and did 20 cal row to get my heartrate up and then 20 pushpress for 5 rounds. Finished in 11:54.
3. I did step ups instead of box jumps and scaled my power cleans from 95# to 75#. Finished in 12:27.
4. Wasn’t feeling well but was hoping moving around would help. Did 10 reps of each movement for 4 rounds and used 55#.. Finished in 11:41 

This week so far:
1. 25 min descending EMOTM clean ladder, then mean Cindy. 7+2 Rx. Pumped I was able to do all chest to bar pullups
2. Class was doing a wod with lots of heavy deadlifts and ring dips so I made up my own and squeezed it in before a night of pricing garage sale items. Finished in 9:55.

As you can see, I’m just taking it day by day, workout by workout. If there are things in the programmed wod that don’t feel great or are to heavy, I just modify to make them work for me!

Let’s chat:

How have your workouts been lately?



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