Fitness Friday 63

Hi Friends!

It’s been about a month since my last Fitness Friday, so let’s catch up shall we? As I like to do every so often, I took a couple of weeks to rest and reset my body, did some lighter weights during the wods, took a few extra rest days and did lots stretching and mobility to work out some kinks that have been building up after a few months of heavy lifting…I feel rested and refreshed now that I’m back at it and ready for the Open!

1. Miserable. 6:50 Rx
2. Probably the coldest walk of my life. My forehead was getting frostbite so I had to get creative with my scarf!
3. Tough one. 9:05 Rx
4.  8:16 with a 26# kb

1. Wod + max reps in 2 minutes of: double unders (154), push-ups (41) & sit-ups (70)
2. Opted for an at home workout tonight. Still one of my favs!
3.  Shoulder burner
4. Partner wod. Both do the reps but can’t move on to the next movement until both partners finish.

1. Front squats and a wod! 7+5 with 85#
2. BOOM! Finally hit a sub-5 minute Fran!!! I’ve been chasing that for months!
3. The Chief. Partial rounds don’t count except the last round. 5-5-4-4-5+1 Rx
4. Sunday funday. Holy effing legs! 15:47 Rx

1. Legs on fire! 3:41 Rx
2. EMOM push jerks, then the #wod. 12:19 with pull-ups instead of hspu. If you couldn’t do double unders, you had to do burpees and lemme just say, I’m glad I can do doubles 🙂
3. So in love with my custom nanos!
4. Our home gym is growing thanks to @bgliving – the Craigslist guru. He got us a brand new @roguefitness bar, plus a full set of bumper plates (230#) for 25% cheaper than retail!!

And some videos of hubby and I for your enjoyment:

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Post by The Lean Green Bean.

Post by The Lean Green Bean.


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