Fitness Friday 14

Hi Friends!

My parents are in town so I’m off spending the day with them, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging without a Fitness Friday post!

I’ve decided to go back and redo some of the workouts I posted back in December and January, before I learned how to make them look pretty! So some of these might look familiar to some of you…but I know I have a lot of new readers too, so hopefully you’ll still enjoy them! Several of them left me a hot, sweaty mess.

Let’s get right to it!

March 9th– I did one of my all-time favorite workouts- The  100 workout- legs. Use heavy dumbbells and push yourself to finish as fast as you can and it’ll leave you sore for days!

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March 10th– rest day

March 11th– I put together a new workout to do for a warmup, but it can also be repeated a couple of times for a full workout! I paired it with a 20 min full body circuit that I put together a few months ago for a nice 30 min workout!


March 12th– rest day

March 13th– Went back an re-did an old workout. I used heavy dumbbells and really pushed myself on this one and it left me sore the next day!

March 14th- 3 mile walk in the sunshine with the pups!

Fitness at it’s finest 🙂

March 15th- I decided I needed to tackle a treadmill workout. However, once I got started I could tell it wasn’t going to go well. I was super ADD yesterday. I had a lot to do, my parents were coming…but, instead of giving up, I remembered Samantha’s post from Tuesday about refocusing. I completed the first half of the pyramid, then I hopped off, took the dogs for a quick one mile walk, and then hopped back on to do the second half when I got back. It worked! Splitting it up helped me stay focused during the 15 minute segments I was running, with time to clear my head in the middle.

So, tackle this workout as is if you’re in the mood. If you’re not, make it work for you. Take a break at the top to walk for a few minutes or do a quick chore and then do the rest.

I covered 3 miles on the treadmill and a mile outside. I call that a win.

Happy Friday friends!



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