Egg Waffles

These Egg Waffles are ready in one minute and easy to customize. Such a fun twist on an omelet and after trying an egg waffle you’ll never want to cook eggs in a pan again! A quick & easy, healthy breakfast!

**Originally published Feb 2015. Updated Aug 2023**

Hi friends!

I first shared these Egg Waffles almost 10 years ago and they’re still just as fun and clever as they were back then. It’s like all the goodness of an omelet, in a form of an egg waffle that you could eat with your hands if you really wanted to….and you don’t have to fight the never-ending battle with eggs sticking to a pan. 

I mean, does it get much better?

When I make mine I usually include:

  • Chicken sausage – but any kind of breakfast sausage will do. 
  • Chopped veggies – peppers and onions are my go-to.
  • Cheese – totally optional

I may never cook eggs in a pan again. I have a new best friend. My (egg) waffle maker. (Affiliate link to the one I have!)

Egg Waffles

How To Make Cheese and Egg Waffles Easy

These egg waffles are SO easy. They’re ready in under a minute. Just quickly spray your waffle maker with oil or rub a stick of butter across the top and bottom and there’s no messy pan to clean up!

Here’s how you make them:

  • Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl until well mixed.
  • Heat your waffle iron and grease with spray or butter.
  • Pour eggs onto waffle iron.
  • Add any toppings – sausage, chopped veggies, pepperoni, cheese etc.
  • Close the waffle iron. Cook 1 minute and remove.

Egg Waffle Recipe


Egg Waffles

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Ready in under a minute and easy to customize, you’ll never want to cook eggs in a pan again.

  • Author: Author: Lindsay L


  • Eggs
  • Sausage (pre-cooked)
  • Peppers, onions or other veggies
  • Cheese, if desired
  • Oil


  1. Grease waffle iron and heat to medium setting.
  2. Crack 2 eggs in a bowl and whisk to combine.
  3. Pour eggs into waffle iron.
  4. Top with sausage, veggies and cheese.
  5. Shut waffle iron and hold firmly closed for about 15 seconds.
  6. Let go and let cook for another 30-45 seconds.
  7. Open and remove with a fork.
  8. Repeat as many times as desired.

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I didn’t include quantities because you can make as many as you’d like. Just use two eggs per “waffle”, add whatever mix-ins you want and cook for a minute or so.

Make sure your waffle iron is clean so there aren’t crumbs for the eggs to stick to and make sure to oil it beforehand like you would if you were making regular waffles.

As long as I lightly oiled the waffle maker beforehand, these didn’t stick at all, making cleanup a breeze!

Can you make egg waffles ahead of time?

If you don’t mind reheated eggs – ie if you’re someone who could make an egg casserole and eat it all week long, you could change things up and make a big batch of these and reheat all week long for breakfast!

Egg Waffles/Eggs Cooked in a Waffle Iron FAQs

What is an egg waffle vs regular waffle? {Aka What are egg waffles?}

Traditional waffles are usually made with some type of flour. Similar to pancakes, they are made with batter but instead of being cooked on a flat griddle, they are cooked in a waffle iron to give them their traditional shape, size and texture.

Egg waffles are made using a waffle iron to cook eggs instead of cooking them in a pan or in the oven. This transforms eggs into a traditional waffle shape without requiring any hands on cooking time (ie when you scramble eggs or cook an omelet in a pan.

What are egg waffles made of?

Egg waffles are naturally gluten-free because they are made with just eggs. The batter is not made with flour, etc like traditional waffles. Using eggs as your base, you can add additional mix-ins, similar to the way you add things to an omelet.

What do egg waffles taste like?

To me, egg waffles taste similar to an omelet, especially if you add things like cheese, sausage and vegetables like you would traditionally see in an omelet.

What is the difference between egg and Belgian waffles?

Egg waffles are made with just eggs. Belgian waffles are a type of traditional waffle made with extra deep pockets. They often require a specific Belgian waffle maker to make.

What kind of waffle maker do you need for this egg waffle recipe?

For egg waffles, I would not recommend a Belgian waffle maker. Any standard waffle maker should be fine for making egg waffles.

What is the best temperature for making this waffle?

I typically set my waffle iron to a 3 or 4 (out of 5) on the temperature options. You don’t want to set it on the very highest heat as it will make the eggs too crispy and they may burn, especially if you add cheese.

Can I use egg waffles for baby led weaning?

Yes! These would be a great option for baby led weaning. Pair them with my Sweet Potato Banana Muffins or my Carrot Oat Bars for an easy, baby-friendly meal.

Traditional waffles

Looking for more traditional waffles? I’ve got you covered. Try some of these:

  • Whole Wheat Yogurt Waffles
  • Sweet Potato Waffles
  • Banana Flax Waffles
  • Apple Cinnamon Blender Waffles

Or try these Tater Tot Waffles for a fun way to change things up!

And if you don’t have time to make your own, here are the Best Frozen Waffles!

What does adding egg to waffles do? {AKA Should I add an egg to my waffle mix?}

Adding egg to waffle mix adds a bit more protein, imparts a chewier texture and helps with browning.

What is the secret of making good waffles/crispy waffles?

Try adding some cornstarch! This can help you get waffles that are crispier on the outside and soft on the inside. You can also try whipping egg whites with a hand mixer and adding those to the batter. This adds extra air and helps make them fluffy!

Let’s chat:
Have you tried these? Are you going to? What mix-ins will you add to yours?



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