Easy Meal Prep Cold Lunches for Work

These Easy Meal Prep Cold Lunches for Work mean no more boring lunch boxes! No microwave is required to enjoy these easy, healthy meals.

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Yesterday I shared 25 Healthy Meal Prep Lunch Ideas and I hope they were helpful. Today I wanted to focus on work lunches that taste delicious when eaten cold. Not everyone has access to a way to heat their lunch at work so I wanted to pull together some cold ideas if you’re tired of sandwiches and yogurt.

Meal Prep Lunch Box Ideas – Pasta

Pasta is easy to cook in big batches and use throughout the week. As long as you keep it separated from dressings and sauces it won’t get soggy. Plus there are lots of different shapes and types of pasta to add variety.

Cold Sesame Noodle Bowls

Spiralized Veggies with chickpeas and noodles served with spicy almond butter sauce. Store the sauce separate so you can prep sevearl ahead of time!

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Greek Orzo Salad in a Jar

An easy lunch idea! A simple lemon dressing, Greek veggies and whole wheat orzo. Keep the dressing at the bottom and pasta at the top to keep from getting soggy.

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Mexican Pasta Salad

Pasta salad with a Southwestern flair. Bowtie pasta, black beans, corn and more with a creamy Greek yogurt dressing. A fun twist on traditional pasta salad.

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Spicy Peanut Soba Noodle Salad

Soba noodles tossed in a spicy peanut noodle sauce and mixed with chicken, cabbage and red peppers. Easy to customize!

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Meal Prep Lunch Ideas – Salads

Salads are perfect for lunch but they don’t have to be boring! Prep them ahead of time in jars, vary the protein you add and consider that not all salads have to have lettuce!

Salad in a Jar

Learn how to prep all your salads for the week at once so they stay crisp and fresh in the fridge.

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Hummus Bowls with Chicken Shawarma

A quinoa bowl topped with hummus, chicken and lots of veggies. The flavor gets better as the week goes on!

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Crunchy Cashew Quinoa Salad

Gluten-free and vegan, this quinoa salad is topped with a cashew-butter and curry sauce you’ll love!

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Hoison Glazed Salmon

Flavor-packed salmon that tastes great warm or cold on a citrus salad.

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Edamame Black Bean Salad

Packed with protein and vegetables, this salad is great on it’s own or scooped with chips.

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High Protein Meal Prep Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch is a great time to pack in the protein. It’ll help you fight the afternoon slump by keeping you full and focused until dinner time. Consider vegetarian options along with your favorite meat, eggs and more!

Chicken Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps

Light, fresh and full of flavor. Perfect for lunch at work. Flavorful chicken topped with pickled veggies plus rice and wrapped in lettuce.

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Healthy Spring Roll Recipes

5 healthy spring roll recipes plus a dipping sauce for each one.

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DIY Starbucks Protein Bistro Box

Perfect for meal prep. You can make several of these boxes and grab one for lunch every day. Well balanced and full of protein and healthy fats.

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Adult Lunch Box Ideas

5 easy healthy lunch box ideas for adults. Prep a different one for lunch each day of the week so you don’t get bored!

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Meal Prep Lunch Ideas – Sandwiches and Wraps

Don’t get stuck in a sandwich wrap. They’re quick and easy to make and there are some many different varieties that lunch doesn’t have to be boring!

Easy Egg Wraps

High protein and low carb you can fill these wraps with whatever you want for a quick and easy lunch.

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Turkey Ranch Tortilla Rollups

Quick and easy to make and you can customize the meat and add whatever vegetables you want!

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Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Ready in just 5 minutes this is a great way to repurpose leftover chicken tenders.

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Granola Crunch Apple Peanut Butter Wrap

An easy eay to change things up from the usual pb & j. These come together quickly and are the perfect blend of crunchy and sweet!

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Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos

Ready in under 20 minutes, topped with slaw and spicy jalapenos, tacos for lunch sounds like a great idea!

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So tell me, which of these ideas will you try first? If you want to learn more about meal prep, I can help! With 10+ years of experience, I share all my best tips and tricks in my Mastering Food Prep course!

And if you need breakfast ideas, here are some Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas.



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