Dear Chase – Months 17 and 18

Dear Chase,

Here we are! You’re officially 18 months old today! How did that even happen?!

The past two months have been a bit of a whirlwind. The weather has turned warm for the most part and you LOVE being outside. From the time you wake up until the minute you go to bed you’re asking to go outside.

You’re constantly on the move. Sitting still definitely isn’t your thing and I’d say you easily walk 1-2 miles per day on your little legs!

Since daylight savings time, you’ve been waking up like clockwork at 6:45 every day. You’ve also started going to be earlier and are typically in bed by 7:30 at the latest. You’re still sleeping like a champ at night and really don’t wake up once you go down. Nap time is another story. While we’re not quite officially down to one nap per day, I think we’re pretty close. Most days you take a morning nap for an hour to an hour and a half. Afternoons you’ll occasionally take a short nap but it’s rare. I’m working to get your morning nap a bit later and longer but it’s been a battle!

You had your 18-month checkup on Wednesday. You’re 31 pounds and 34 1/4 inches tall which means you’re still in the 98th percentile for height and weight. You still love to eat. I’ll be sharing a post this weekend with a full day of eats so everyone can see just how much food you can put in that little body, but in general, you pretty much eat something – a meal or a small snack- about every 2 hours.

You’ve discovered water and you absolutely adore it- sprinklers, tubs, buckets of water, bottles of water….all forms…you don’t discriminate.

You’re very vocal and pretty much babble all day long. While you haven’t really started saying more actual words besides mama and dada, we think you’re pretty close. I’d say within the next month or two you’ll perfect that handful of words you’re oh so close to mastering. In the meantime, you’re still a very effective communicator with your pointing and sounds.

Over the past few months you’ve:

  • Continued to spend time at the gym. You love cheering people on, playing with your barbell, throwing balls around the gym and hanging from the rings.
  • Attended Little Gym classes weekly. You love exploring your own little gym and it’s a great chance for you to interact with other kids your age. I’ve also been taking you to story time at the library on Thursday mornings, which you like.
  • Started climbing on EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe. You climb up on anything you can pull yourself up on including benches, chairs, your toy box etc. You also like jumping so we got you a mini trampoline. You’re also getting much better at going down stairs, especially the ones on the deck.
  • Worn through your shoes because you walk so much. You run almost everywhere you go and you also love pushing things. Everything from your stroller to  your bike to the neighbor’s recycling bin. Your feet also grew so you’re wearing size 6/6.5 shoes.
  • Went on your first egg hunt at Easter.
  • Gotten better at throwing the ball for Tucker. He loves that we’re spending so much time outside now.
  • Got your haircut again. You did about as well as you did the first time. Not great, but well enough that they could cut it!
  • Had your first froyo date with mommy.

It’s so fun and exciting to watch you learn and grow. I think we have a great summer ahead of us!

Love you, little man!




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