Dear Alyssa – Month 7

Dear Alyssa –

It’s time for another update! In case you missed any, check out the previous months below. And just for fun, here’s the 7-monthth update for Squish:

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Hard to believe another month has passed already!

This was a pretty big month for you! You took your first trip. We went to Chicago to visit Mimi and Grandpa. You slept 6 hours straight on the way there and 4 hours on the way back. That’s about triple the length of time you sleep in one sitting at home. Can’t complain but you have mama considering hiring someone to just drive you around all night long.

You’ve officially started eating solids. You’re a bit behind your brother in this department, but that’s ok! He started solids around 5 months and you were closer to 6.5 months, but you let us know you were finally ready by helping yourself to whatever is on my plate. And I do mean whatever. You love lettuce, curry and more!

While you enjoy tasting almost anything, it took you a few weeks to actually swallow anything. You spent several days just shoving stuff in and then spitting it out. The first things you actually swallowed were naturally “pureed” type things like oatmeal, popsicles and applesauce. But lately you’re getting the hang of it and you’ve been enjoying noodles, curried vegetables and rice, chunks of egg, sweet potato and watermelon.

We’re slowly working our way through the top 8 allergens, just like we did with your brother. So far you’ve had wheat and egg. Peanut butter is on the agenda for this weekend.

You’re still nursing on demand and continue to be easily distracted during the day and prefer to eat at night.

Sleeping. Or more accurately not sleeping. You’re still in the pack and play in our room. Your brother is getting quite close to climbing out of his crib so I think by next month he’ll be in his big boy bed and we’ll officially have the crib set up in your room. Like I said, you like to eat at night and you still don’t like to sleep. Nothing new. You wake up multiple times per night and rarely nap. The rule seems to be, I hold you, you sleep. I put you down, you scream. Mama is tired.

In general, however, you’re fairly happy. You certainly have your days, one in particular a couple weeks ago that took me right back to months 1-5 of your life and boy I do not miss that. But most days you do pretty well. You’ve figured out how to sit up and that seems to make you happy. I can set you down and sometimes you’ll sit for 10-15 minutes without falling over. You’re not really making many attempts to crawl but do occasionally scoot and roll your way around the room.

You love your brother. Oh how you love him. Just hearing his voice makes you smile and you watch his every move. He alternates between ripping everything out of your hands while saying “mine” and gently kissing your head or bringing you a toy when you’re crying.

You’re wearing mostly 6-12 and 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You love your daddy and always react to the sound of his voice, which often distracts you from eating.

You almost always fuss when going in your carseat but also almost always fall asleep in the car. You also have your own sippy cup now and you occasionally drink water from it.

Now that you’ve started eating, Tucker loves cleaning up all the food you drop. Marcus loves sitting next to you but you’ve started to pull his fur so that might not last much longer.

You spend a lot of time in the Ergo so it’s a good thing you like it! You chew on everything and I’m guessing you’ll get a tooth in the next few weeks. You still don’t take a binky or suck your thumb or fingers but you do love chewing on your blankie and often fall asleep with it in your mouth when you’re in your carseat.

When you smile, you smile big and it’s just the sweetest sight.

Love you, baby girl!



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