A Day In The Life – 2.75 Years + 9 Months

Hi friends!

Considering Little Miss is almost 10 months old, I figured it was time to sneak in our latest day in the life post.

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 Per usual, no two days are the same, but we’ve gotten into a pretty good routine and the overall structure of most days is pretty similar. Here’s what life looks like lately. This was Monday, August, 26th:Sleep is probably the most inconsistent part of our days. Since my last day in the life post, Little Miss has finally figured out how to sleep. Right around 7 months she FINALLY started sleeping decently at night and this mama was so relieved. For the past two months, she’s been sleeping 8-8 most nights, with one wake up around 4:30 to eat. There were also a handful of nights where she slept straight through without waking up to eat – heavenly!Last week, she hit a rough patch and was up 3-4 times per night for several nights in a row. I thought maybe some teeth were coming in, but they haven’t shown up yet. Luckily, she seems to be back to normal this week so she was only up once, around 4.6:30AM – Squish wakes up. This is pretty typical for him lately. Gone are the days where he slept into the 7 or 8 o’clock hour. He’s up and ready to go (and oh so loud) by 6:30 every day. He comes to get me and we head downstairs where I make us breakfast – fruit, pb&j toast and a fried egg for him and toast with avocado and egg and lots of coffee for me.7:00AM – Squish finally finishes eating. He can turn eating a slice of toast into a half hour process. I grab my computer and we head downstairs. He watches PBS and I send emails, read blogs, work on blog posts of my own, etc.8:00AM – Squish gets a snack – usually Love Grown Sea Stars and baby girl wakes up. Daddy gets her up and changed and brings her down while I make them some eggs.8:00AM – Baby girl eats a fried egg, avocado and blueberries. Then it’s playtime with daddy before he goes to work while I run around like crazy starting laundry, calling to schedule appointments, pay bills etc.8:30AM – Daddy leaves for work. I nurse the baby. TV goes off and we play. This mostly consists of Little Miss trying to steal all of Squish’s toys, me running interference, some tears and finally each of them settling on something to entertain them.9:30AM – Little Miss goes down for a nap and it’s Mommy and Squish time. The hardest part of the first 6-7 months after baby was born is that there was literally never a time when I was without her. She was either screaming, or I was holding her, or I was feeding her. Once she finally turned the corner around 7 months, she started napping (IN HER CRIB) and it gave Squish and I some alone time together which has been so nice. We do all sorts of fun things – projects, crafts, playing outside, trains, swings etc. And we almost always spend some time in the kitchen. On this day we made banana baked oatmeal and texas sheet cake and then headed outside to the swingset until she woke up.10:30AM – Little Miss is up after a one hour nap, which is pretty typical. I get her dressed, give her a snack, negotiate a diaper change with Squish, pack them into the car and we head to the library.11:00AM – Library time. Squish loves playing new games on the iPad and they have Little Miss loves all the toys they have.12:00PM – Home for lunch. They shared a Peach Zucchini Smoothie.12:30PM – Naptime. This consists of getting Squish into bed and reading him a few books while Little Miss either entertains herself on the floor or stands next to the bed and screams. Once he’s down, I nurse her and put her down as well.12:30PM – Hubby comes home for lunch and I get to work. This is pretty much my only uninterrupted time all day so if I need to take pictures for a blog post, this is when I try to get it done. I also test recipes, write blog posts, do work for Regan, do laundry, empty the dishwasher and once in a blue moon, actually take a nap.1:30PM – Baby is up after 45 minutes. She’s still not a a great napper but at least she’s taking some now so I try to embrace that. I can typically distract her with toys and snacks for another half hour or so after she gets up so I can get a little more work done before giving up. Then we usually head downstairs and play.3:00PM – Squish is up and it’s snack time. On this day I was testing a recipe so I made some Baked Oatmeal French Toast Sticks that they both enjoyed. Then we play some more….both inside and outside.4:15PM – I squeeze in a quick workout. The timing of my workout varies day to day based on their moods. Sometimes I’m able to sneak it in during naptime. Sometimes I wait until hubby gets home. Sometimes I do it while both kids are screaming out in the garage with me. My workouts rarely last longer than 30 minutes.4:45PM – Little Miss goes down for another nap. I turn on Disney Channel for Squish and immediately start dinner. I work on dinner and play outside with Squish. Hubby comes home around 5 and starts his workout around 5:30.6:00PM – Dinner is served. Some nights all 4 of us eat together. Some nights I feed the kids and eat with them and hubby eats later. I also deal with a ridiculously anxious dog every night while hubby works out (he hates the sounds of the gym).7:00PM – Family hangout time. We watch tv, play etc.8:00PM – Bedtime. We put Squish to bed first and then get Little Miss ready. I nurse her and then put her to bed as well. Then I take a shower.9:00PM – Time for more work and Ninja Warrior with hubby.11:00PM – Reading and bed.Enjoy!

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