A Day In The Life – 18 Months

Hi Friends!

Considering the fact that Squish will be 19 months on Sunday, I figured I better get my act together this week for our 18 month Day in the Life post. Can you believe it’s been 3 months since I shared our last Day in the Life post?? In case missed any of them, I’ve been writing one every 3 months since he was born. You can find the links below:

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I actually did something a little different this month and kept track of 3 days (Mon-Wednesday of this week). No two days are really the same around here…but things are a bit extra crazy since we’re right in the middle of moving/getting ready to put our house on the market, so we’ve had contractors etc messing up our typical schedule.

I’ll share photos from Monday, which was an atypical day and then at the end I’ll share a quick recap of Tuesday and Wednesday so you can get a sense of a bit more “normal” day.

Sooooo here we go:

6:15AM – Squish wakes up. This is actually a bit late for him. Lately he’s been waking up anywhere between 5:30 & 6. I consider any day I make it into the 6AM hour a major win.

{Baked pumpkin pancake, plain full-fat yogurt, raspberries}

6:30AM – Breakfast. I do my best to distract him with water and the TV for at least a few minutes when he wakes up so I can pull myself together and get my brain working but he’s like his mama and likes to eat pretty much immediately.

6:45 – 9:15AM– Playtime. Usually we watch TV, we read books, we play, we go outside, etc. Today we played with daddy for a little bit before he left for work, cooked in the play kitchen and made muffins in the real kitchen.  Of course we taste-tested one as soon as they came out of the oven. If he’s entertaining himself, I try to sneak in a little bit of work. Sometimes I can get some stuff done with him sitting on my lap watching TV when he first wakes up. I used to get up before him and work for a solid hour or so, but with him waking up earlier and earlier (it doesn’t matter if he goes to bed at 7 or 9pm, he still wakes up early) and me being pregnant (aka exhausted) those early morning work sessions just aren’t happening right now.

9:15-11:15AM – We head over to the new house. The locksmith is supposed to be coming at 9:30 for what’s supposed to be a 30-minute appointment. Of course he’s running late, doesn’t show up until 10:15 and then takes an hour. We play on the swingset, put together some new shelves and eat some raisins that I luckily find in the bottom of my purse bc I didn’t pack a snack! By the time we leave, Squish is hungry and cranky because he’s missed his nap.

{Pulled pork with hummus, pumpkin black bean dip & blueberries}

11:30AM – I try to put him straight down for a nap when we get home. No such luck. He’s up 5 minutes later screaming….so we eat lunch instead.

12:00 – 1:15PM – He’s still not in the mood to nap so he plays while I do a little work.

1:15 – 2:30PM – Squish naps and mom works furiously. This is a pretty short nap, but I”ve noticed if I don’t get him down for a morning nap, naptime doesn’t ever go very well later.

2:30-4:30PM – Snack (hard boiled egg & blueberries) & playtime. Typically we would leave for the gym around 3:45 but there are contractors replacing boards on our current house so I can’t leave. Today it’s hot so we play in the sprinkler, play with water on the deck and do lots of walking with our wagon.

4:30PM – Snack – I ate a muffin and he had a couple Sweet Potato Bites.

{Turkey & Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Squash yogurt dip}

5:30PM – By now our schedule is totally out of whack and he’s extra crabby because he only had one short nap. We play in the sprinkler again, I feed him dinner early and then stick him in bathtub for a while because I realize he hasn’t had a bath in several days.

7:00PM – Squish goes to bed.

7:00-10:00PM – Mom catches up on all the work she didn’t have time to do during the day and then goes to bed.

So that’s Monday. Here’s a quick summary of the next two days:


6:00AM– Wakeup & eat breakfast immediately
6:15-8:00AM – Playtime. We watch tv, do some puzzles, read a few books.
8:00AM – Snack.
9:15AM – Nap. I take photos of a new recipe for the blog that I made over the weekend and then since he’s still napping, I make some experimental Baked Pork Tacos. We taste test them for lunch and they’re a hit so I’ll re-make them soon and put them on the blog.
11:15AM – Lunch
11:30-1:15PM – Playtime. Typically we’d leave the house but we’re stuck here again because the contractors are here. We go for a walk with the wagon when daddy comes home for lunch and he pushes rocks around in his stroller for a while.
1:15PM – Snack and more playing. Another hot day so I strip him down and let him play in the sprinkler again. We bought a water table for the new house and I can’t wait to set it up over there!
2:15PM – A second nap!! He rarely takes two naps anymore, let alone two long ones. I guess he was making up for yesterday. I take advantage and get some extra work done and even take a few minutes to soak up the sun on the deck.
3:45PM – We head to the gym. He gets a snack (hard boiled egg and Cheerios) and hangs out while we workout.
6:15PM – Home from the gym and I make a quick dinner for us to eat.
7:00PM – Bedtime for Squish. I do some more work while hubby puts some tile up around the new fireplace we just had installed.
9:30PM – Bed.


6:30AM – Wakeup & eat.
7-9AM – Playtime.
9-10:30AM – We head to his weekly class at The Little Gym.
10:30AM – I fight to keep him awake on the drive home and then immediately put him down for a nap.
11:45AM – Lunch. We eat and watch daddy reattach the mantle.
12-1:00PM – We fold some laundry, ride our bike, generally make a mess and he throws an epic fit when I tell him he can’t have a snack 30 minutes after lunch.
1-2:00PM – We head to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for blog recipe & spend some time in the toy aisle because he’s in a MOOD and mom needs a break.
2:00PM – Home for a snack and some time rearranging things in the garage and pulling the wagon.
3:15PM – I put him in his crib, hoping he’ll nap but knowing he won’t. Putting him in there usually buys me 20-30 minutes before he starts screaming in protest. I use it to make a batch of ice cream for the blog and prep a few things for dinner.
3:45PM – He’s screaming so we get changed and head to the gym.
6:00PM – Home from the gym. I assemble the baked chicken and sweet potatoes I prepped earlier into a quick dinner.
7:00PM – Bed for squish. I work for a while and watch some TV with hubby.
9:00PM – Bedtime.

Have I mentioned this pregnancy is really kicking my butt? Before I was pregnant I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to bed at 9pm…now it’s pretty much a regular thing. I’m also battling spring allergies this week which are making things extra tough, especially when Squish wants to be outside ALL.THE.TIME.

Anyways, there’s a glimpse into a few days of our life! As you can see, it’s getting harder and harder for me to find time to work so I’m really focusing on being organized and being super-focused when I do have time, in order to accomplish as much as possible!





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