Crossfit 1803 – Months 1 and 2

Hi Friends!

Time to talk fitness. It’s been just over 2 months since we opened Crossfit 1803 so I figured it was about time to catch you up on some of the workouts I’ve been doing!

  • First wod back after about a month off while we got ready to open. Did my last 4 clean & squat complexes at 135#, then finished 5+2 Rx for the wod.
  • Brutal. 16:55 Rx 
  • New one rep max for push press:115#. Followed by some snatch work, then a wod of snatches and sprints – 8 min AMRAP: 50 m sprint, 2 snatches (+1 snatch each round). Finished the round of 7 snatches with 85#. 
  • Saturday morning partner wod.

  • Double wod today. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the class wod bc of squish so I did a modified version of Tommy Mac while he napped. I used 75#, did 24″ box jumps instead of burpees and for round 2 I dropped the reps to 12 for barbell stuff and 6 for box jumps. Then ended up being able to do the hero wod. I switched to 20 ring rows per round after round 1 cuz I ripped my hand and did 95# overhead walk
  • We got my mother-in-law in to try her first workout! So awesome! Crossfit can be modified for anyone! Hubby and I did her first wod with her- 3 RFT: 10 cal row, 10 dumbbell push press, 10 ring rows
  • Running and doubles. Hubby and I alternated pushing squish in the stroller every 400m. I finished in 21:21.

  • Sunday Funday at the gym with my wod squat. Bottom – Monday’s wod– made it through 4 rounds, then ripped my hands in 4 places and did ring press outs for the last round. Did all my 95# squats though!
  • Deadlifts, then a fast and furious wod. Add one rep after each round. I finished through the round of 11 box jumps and SDLHPs + the run of the next round.
  • All-time Grace PR! 4:15 Rx (previous PR 4:35 pre-baby)
  • Sweaty partner wod. Squish cheered us on as usual. We made it through all the rounds (4 seconds to spare in that last round)

  • Family time at the gym.
  • Sunday hero wod – 19:21
  • Crawls around like a maniac and gets into everything when I workout but stands there nicely and cheers for daddy during his wod
  • Harder than it sounds! Plus I did it twice! Hopped in to the 4:30 class to help out with an odd number, then did it again at 5:45. Plus some back squats.

  • If you wanna feel your forearms BURN, try this wod. 7 + 8 Rx.
  • First bar muscle up EVER!
  • Crushing a partner wod to kick off the weekend
  • File this under: hard. Did 85# squat snatches (Rx was 135/95). It’s been 2 years since I did any sort of hspu. I used an abmat on a 25# plate, but I did them all! Finished in 16:31.

  • Saturdaze
  • Our first gym outing! We went stand up paddle boarding – so much fun and perfect weather! I even managed a few headstands and pistols on the board (and took a few spills while trying!)
  • Wasn’t the prettiest but I tied my all-time split jerk PR today at 125#! 
  • Hit 145# for 10 on my last round of back squats. Finished one full round of the wod with about a minute to spare. Did 20 kipping ring dips, then added a band for the second 20. Ran my mile in 7:43!

  • 60 pull-ups for time. 3 wall balls EMOTM. Finished in 3:48.
  • When baby won’t nap, he joins the workout. Since squish was my partner, I had to do all the reps. Almost finished the second set of lunges in round 3. Switched to holding the weight in front instead of overhead after round 1.
  • Hangin with favs.

  • Hero wod Sunday. The Seven. Absolutely one of the hardest crossfit workouts. Did 95# thrusters, 165# deadlifts, 44# KB swings and hspu with a mat on a 25# plate.
  • Sweaty mess after this one.
  • 42 in box jump and then a miss with a goose egg on my shin to prove it. Then 3:22 Rx for the wod
  • Squish learns to use a selfie stick. And we wod. I used 85# for snatches.

  • Post-baby PR Friday! 125# push press (up from 115#). Then hit my previous deadlift PR (215#) for 3 and hit a new PR at 235#! Almost back to my all-time PR of 265#!
  • Played photographer during the community wod, then tackled today’s hero wod with @thepatjhess. Finished 10 rounds (75# push press, 35# KB, 20″ box)
  • Working on those ring dips and strict pull-ups.
  • 400 m run
    30 push-ups
    800 m run
    30 pull-ups

    Weight: (95/65)

  • Finished 5 rounds Rx.
  • Death by rowing. 145 calories total.
  • All-time front squat PR of 150#.
  • Friends that squat together get nice butts together.

  • It took me for-freaking-ever, but I did Elizabeth Rx for the first time!!! Finished in 13:48.
  • Smiling thru the post-wod pain. Today was a sweatfest! 20 min AMRAP – 50 double unders, 40 Russian KB swings, 30 sit-ups, 20 burpees. Finished 4+60 Rx.
  • Death by sprints. Goal was to make it to the round of 16 ten meter sprints in a minute and we did! Then a fast and furious wod – finished in 4:34 Rx.
  • Saturday morning wod! Wall balls, planks, wall ball thrusters and ring rows.

  • Finished 7 rounds with 10 unbroken pull-ups each round! Feeling pretty proud of my pull-up effort! 
  • Rx weight was 135/95. Finished in 8:15 Rx.
  • Tabata of KB swings (I got 85 swings), then this quick little wod. Weight was 115/75. Finished in 3:53 Rx.
  • Joined the 9:30 ladies for this Friday wod. Finished in 19:42 Rx.

  • Anniversary wod. Finished in 27:27
  • Squish’s favorite gym activity.
  • 3 RFT – 400m run/21 burpees – finished in 10:41 with Squish.
  • Rough on the forearms for me. Have to pick a weight you can do all the reps without dropping the bar. You can rest as long as you want between rounds. Did it with 85#.

  • Tonight’s wod was a doozy! Finished 6 full rounds plus the run & 7 thrusters of round 7.
  • Finished in 16:27. Sweaty mess.
  • Filthy 50 (finished in 24:24)

    50 box jumps
    50 jumping pull-ups
    50 kb swings
    50 walking lunges
    50 knees to elbow
    50 push press
    50 back extensions
    50 wall balls
    50 burpees
    50 double unders
  • Squish be cruisin’

  • Allergies are kicking my ass and this wod almost killed me. First wod in a while where I almost quit after one round. Finished in 9:56 with 85#. (plus 135# for 2 on the hang squat cleans)
  • Helen

    3 RFT
    400m run
    21 kb swings
    12 pull-ups
    Finished in 10:31 Rx
  • Ring dips with squish man.
  • Took the help of a lot of people tonight to entertain a very grumpy Squish so I could get a workout in, but got it done!

It’s been a busy couple months but the gym is doing well and I’m getting stronger so it’s all good! It can be a challenge to fit workouts in with Squish around but for the most part we do pretty well. Luckily he likes his jumper seat and we can usually get a solid half hour of workout done with him in there!

We had an owners meeting last weekend and talked about some marketing strategies and fun upcoming events at the gym! Looking forward to seeing what the next couple of months bring!



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