Move for 5

Hi Friends!

Today’s post is all about movement. When I first started working from home, I noticed that I’ve was doing an incredible amount of sitting. There were days when I was literally sitting in front of my computer for 4-5 hours at a time without moving once.


We all know the dangers of sitting too much. Have you heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking?” I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get up and move as much as you can throughout the day. I understand it can be hard if you have a desk job, but you have to make the effort.

Make it a goal to get up and move at least once an hour.

I started setting an hourly alarm to remind myself to get up and take a break. I try to move around for at least 5 minutes every hour. Sometimes it’s emptying the dishwasher or changing the laundry. Sometimes it’s doing a mini workout.  Here are some that I’ve been using to get myself moving during my breaks!

Use your desk chair (if it doesn’t have wheels), your desk or the edge of a table to do your dips!

If you don’t want to get down on the ground, do incline pushups using the edge of your desk or the wall.

You can pretty much stand in place to do this one! You only need a few square feet of space.

If you don’t have stairs, repeat the first three exercises three times through and go for a 2 minute walk.

  • For the shoulder rolls, do 10 forwards the first time and 10 backwards the second time.
  • For the forearm stretch, place your hands palms down on a desk or table with your fingers pointing towards you for 20 seconds.
  • For the back arch, place your hands on your hips, fingers pointing backwards, arch your back and try to get your elbows to touch for 20 seconds.
  • For the twists, stand up , put your hands on your hips and slows twist side to side for 20 seconds.
  • For the neck rolls, slowly roll your head in a complete circle. Do five each direction.

Let’s chat:
What’s your favorite way to make sure you get up and move throughout the day?



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Fitness Friday 61

Hi Friends!

Let’s catchup on my workouts lately shall we? We have to back up all the way to the night before Thanksgiving!

I partnered with my friend Jackie for a little mini competition. It moved quickly and only took about half an hour but it was fun!

Toes thru rings like a boss

1. Saturday morning tabata
2. 2:45 for the first wod, finished the round of 12 + 1 clean for wod 2, for wod 3 we had teams of 3 and each person had to do one of the benchmarks. I did my Karen and pr’d my time – 7:25!
3. Andrea Agar came to our gym to wod with us!
4. New nanos 🙂

I’ve finally gotten back into the habit of walking the dogs almost every day. They’re loving it!

Even when it’s cold out!

I even did my own little turkey trot (walk) with them on Thanksgiving.

Ok, back to WODS.

1. Hubby & I rowed a partner 10K, switching every 500m! Our splits were actually better than shown but our transitions were super slow!
2. 400 doubles and a partner wod to start the day! This was harder than it looked.
3. Getting the blood flowing!
4. Rough on the legs. Back squats 5@140, 3@155 & 3@175#, 3 sets of 6 Bulgarian split squats each leg at 95#, then 6+25 for the wod

1. Holy effing miserably heavy after leg day. 11:57 rx and some L sits and rope climbs
2. Upper body day and a wod to get the blood flowing through my sore legs!
3. Rough one. Wasn’t in the mood. 9:13 with 24 inch box jumps.
4. Got my ass kicked at Buckeye Crossfit with this Pearl Harbor #wod. 16 min cap – finished 3 rounds – man makers are a pushup on the bar into a squat clean thruster (95/65)

1. Yes this is as miserable as it sounds. 9:35 Rx
2. Holy effing legs! 11:23 – 20# ball for round 1, 14# ball for rounds 2&3
3. I subbed TTB for HSPU.
4. The Seven is easily one of the hardest #crossfit wods in my opinion. Subbed deficit push-ups for hspu, 85# thrusters, 165# deads & 53# kb swings. Took me 33:39 – 9 minutes faster than when I did it in May.

BOOM! Bench pressed 100# for the first time ever today! AND did Annie in 7:00 – with ALL my double unders unbroken!

1. This’ll get your heart rate up! 8+4 Rx
2. Short but brutal – 3:48 Rx for the wod, 2:18 for the sit-ups
3. Get it! 4:51 Rx + a 120# OHS PR!
4. Holy effing miserable. 12 days of Christmas- like the song. 1, 2-1, 3-2-1, Finished in 47:17. Started out with 115/75 but dropped down after 3 rounds. Haven’t sweat that much in a workout in a LONG time.

Hang squat snatches in action!

1. Sunday Funday with Jackie. Yes we made up this#wod and no I don’t know why we put thrusters and snatches in the same wod. Terrible idea. Finished in 20:49
2. WOD at Crossfit DUMBO while in NYC. Hubby & I did this together- he subbed ring rows for pullups. Finished in 12:52.

WHEW! I think we’re all caught up now!

How have your workouts been lately?



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Fitness Friday 60

Hi Friends!

Somehow my Fitness Friday posts really seem to be getting away from me! It’s been almost a month since my last one! I promise I’ve still been working out. Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last Crossfit Competition:

1. Monday- Still recovering from the competition. Went light & used 125# for deadlifts, finished in 6:58
2. Tuesday- Strict Pullups and toes to bar,  then the #wod, 10:35 with 105# hang cleans and 14 Pullups per round instead of muscle ups
3. Wednesday- 30# Turkish getups, 135/150/128 for double unders, then finished the round of 9 for the WOD Rx
4. Thursday- Lots of heavy squats – 7x 4 at 150# then 12:12 Rx for the wod
*Friday- REST DAY*

1. Saturday- This will get your day off to a good start! I used 85# – rough!
2. Saturday- 12:00 Rx those lunges w/ 25# plate in each hand were killer at the end!
3. Sunday- Crazy heavy front squats in #wod 1 – finished 4 rounds + 6 wall balls. Every time we didn’t go unbroken, one of our box jumps for wod 3 turned into a burpee box jump. I broke once in rounds 2-4 on my front squats. Legs were jello for wod 2 but finished in 9:24 and went unbroken on everything. Then 3 burpee box jumps and 27 box jumps to finish it off!
4. Monday- 9:36 for the wod. Started at 85#, went down to 75# for the last 3. Legs were DEAD Sunday’s workout and front squats today. NOTE: Yes, I went down in weight during the middle of a WOD. I’ve never done that before, but I was compromising my form since my legs were so tired and it wasn’t worth it. There’s no point doing things heavier if you’re doing them wrong.
*Tuesday- REST DAY*

1. Wednesday- 11:43 rx+ (used a 20# wb)
2. Thursday- Boom! New Fran PR! 5:04!!! Previous was 6:17
*Friday- REST DAY*
3. Saturday- 18:46 with a 20# medball & 65# push press
4. Sunday- 5:34 for the first wod with a 35# dumbbell, 131 reps for the second wod, 11:21 for our team row.

1. Monday- PR’d my one rep max back squat! 185# 🙂 then 5+20 for the wod
2. Tuesday- Finished in 9:02. Actual wod was hand stand pushups but they’ve been bothering my neck/shoulder so I did hand release pushups- Modified to make things work for you! No point in hurting yourself further just to do a workout as prescribed.
3. Wednesday- Right up my alley! 9:39 Rx.
*Thursday- REST DAY*
4.Friday- PR’d my deadlift 255#! then 8:24 rx for the wod. Holy heavy front squats!

Love a new PR 🙂

1. Saturday- Just needed something with light weight that didn’t involve my back after deadlifts the day before to get the blood flowing! Used a 35# bar for thrusters
2.Sunday – 15:00 for the first wod, second wod was supposed to be hspu- modified for my neck & also supposed to have 30 shoulder to overhead and 90 ft walking lunge but I wasn’t feeling 100% so I stopped at 10. Listen to your body.
3. Monday- Squats, weighted step-ups, double unders (I did 4×50), plus strict Pullups – then 4+7 & 4+6 for the wod
*Tuesday- *REST DAY*
4. Wednesday- Loved this #wod – 6:16 Rx
*Thursday- REST DAY*

Whew! Now you’re all caught up! And now, taking a page from my friend Danielle’s book, I made a few of my favorites prettier and pinable for you!

Let’s chat:
How have your workouts been lately?



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WODtoberfest Crossfit Competition

Hi Friends!

As promised, I’m back with a recap of my second crossfit competition!

Wodtoberfest was a partner competition. I teamed up with my coach Pat and we competed in the scaled division (there were 34 teams competing). There was also an Rx division that had 27 teams.

We got there early, checked in and got our numbers. They posted the WODs earlier in the week, which was nice…so we already knew what we’d have to do and what the weights would be.

So here’s how it went down:

Wod #1

So, my weights were 10 clean and jerks at 75#, 10 at 95# and 10 at 115#. This wod is essentially a benchmark wod called “Grace” which is 30 clean and jerks for time, except instead of doing all 30 at one weight like we do in Grace (Rx is 95#), the weight ascended throughout the workout. On a good day, I can do Grace with 95# in 4:30. I can also clean and jerk 115#, but it’s definitely not easy. So, we decided Pat would go first. The scaled weights were pretty light for him and there was an 8 minute time cap, so we wanted him to get through as fast as he could so I would have more time to finish the 115# clean and jerks.

He killed it…finished in about 3:20. I flew through the 75# reps because that’s light for me. I also moved quickly through the 95# reps because I’m used to doing that weight. Then I moved on to the 115# reps. Doing 30 clean and jerks as fast as you can is not easy. Increasing the weight as you go along is TOUGH. I failed at 3 or 4 reps but did get 4 reps at 115# before time ran out.

At first I was frustrated, because I knew I could clean and jerk 115# and I felt like I should have been able to get more reps than that…but then I realized I’d never tried to do that weight when I was already tired from 20 previous reps and that’s a lot different than just picking up a bar when you’re fresh and doing some reps at 115. So overall, I felt pretty good about my effort.

Wod #2:

This wod was short and sweet. For the scaled division, they loaded the sled with two 45# plates. Guys went first, pushed the sled about 100m, stopped to take one of the 45# plates off, then pushed it back to the starting line. Then the girl pushed it with one plate, took the plate off and pushed the empty sled back.

The sled wasn’t heavy, so this was just a matter of sprinting as fast as you could. It wasn’t so bad going down, but the hamstring burn really kicked in about halfway back!

Wod #3

Fran is one of the best known benchmark wods in crossfit. It’s 21-15-9 thrusters and pullups. A thruster is basically a front squat straight into a push press. In Fran, you do the whole workout with either 95# for guys or 65# for girls.

For this wod, it was the same two movements, but broken up a little differently. Each partner had 8 minutes to get through as many rounds as as possible. While partner 1 was doing their pullups, partner 2 added 10# to their bar each round. Pat went first and crushed it. He made it through 5 of 21 thrusters at 155#! Then I went. I finished the entire round of 15 reps…so I should have completed 3 thrusters/pullups at 45#, 6 at 55#, 9 at 65#, 12 at 75# and 15 at 85#.

What actually happened was that my partner messed up and accidentally went straight from 65# to 85#!!! So I did the round of 12 thrusters AND the round of 15 thrusters at 85#! I knew the bar was too heavy as soon as I picked it up for my round of 12…but I didn’t want to stop and count the weight so I just kept moving. I could hear my hubby and friend standing on the sidelines questioning the weight, but by the time they talked about it, confirmed it, etc…I was almost done.

Although this wasn’t a huge deal, it definitely slowed me down. 85# thrusters are not light and if I had had the correct weight, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten through 5-6 thrusters at 95# before time ran out. Oh well!

Wod #4:

This wasn’t really a wod per say, but an event….and it didn’t go well for us. When I threw mine, it landed it a bad patch of grass and basically stopped dead. Since the total distance included the distance the ball rolled after landing, this really hurt us. I think we finished 29th/34 teams in this event!

Wod #5

We were in 6th place going into this final WOD. The top 6 teams after 5 wods made it to the finals and had to do another wod. Since we were right on the edge, we knew we had to do well if we wanted a chance to compete in the finals!

This was by far the worst wod for me. 155# deadlifts are heavy…but I can do 5 of them unbroken and burpees over bar are actually better for me than regular burpees because you don’t have to stand all the way up. You can basically kind of do a sideways leapfrog over the bar from a crouch position and then go straight into your next burpee.

The hard part about this one was the time. 10 minutes is a long time to do this wod. Even though you’re alternating back and forth, you really don’t get much rest time.

I was so.freakin.tired by the time we finished. We each did 8 rounds and Pat did his 5 deadlifts of the 9th round before the 10 minutes were up.


We waited around for the final standings to be posted and even though I felt like we did really well at the last wod, the standings showed we were in 7th place. Although we were a bit disappointed, we were also pretty tired so I was happy with 7th place. We packed up all our stuff and started to head home. But I just had this weird nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something wasn’t right….so I went back into the gym to say bye to the organizers while hubby took my stuff to the car and they told me that we were actually in 6th place!! Which meant we were supposed to be competing in the finals!

So I frantically called Pat, who was in his car about to leave, and we headed back to the gym.

Wod #6 

So, one partner had to be rowing and the other partner was doing overhead squats and rope climbs. Theoretically, one partner could row the whole time (ie if one person couldn’t do rope climbs) or you could switch any time one partner finished a round of OHS and rope climbs.

I rowed in college and I’m actually pretty good on the erg (plus Pat hates rowing) so we decided I would start rowing, he would do two rounds and then we’d start switching back and forth. Guys, my legs were so exhausted at this point that even 65# OHS, which are usually super light for me, were tough…and after squatting and rowing, I was basically doing my rope climbs with all arms.

Even though we did pretty well at this wod, I think we were too far behind in points from the next team so we didn’t end up moving up any spots.

So, we finished in 6th place out of 34 teams! Considering we were just doing this for fun and had no expectations going into it, we were thrilled!

After we were done for real this time, we packed up (again) and headed out to EAT and hang out with friends!



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Fitness Friday 59

Hi Friends!

It’s been a few week since we had a fitness friday so I thought we’d play catchup today! Here are some of the workouts I’ve been doing lately:

1. Holy legs. Squat cleans killed me. 5+15 Rx+ (used a 24″ box) plus a 40 inch box jump PR before the wod
2. Sunday funday! 19:15 for the first wod with 53# kb swings and ttb instead of hspu. 95# snatch PR! 8:56 for the second wod
3. Warmup: 2 x 500m row (sub 2 min) 4 x 250m row (sub 1 min) – last one was my fastest!
4. Strength day

1. Last open wod redo. In march I got thru 26 reps with my hands in reverse grip for the ctb pull ups. This time I got 46 reps and all my pull ups were forward grip!
2. Squat cleans and a triple wod – 6+5, 5+5, 5+5
3. Not my favorite. 13:53 with burpees instead of hspu
4. Set your rower to 500m intervals w/ 3 min rest. Row, then do 15 pushups & 20 weighted lunges during the rest period…rest remainder of 3 min. Complete 4 times. Rowing interval split has to improve or stay the same each time or you repeat the round.

1. This is how we do Sunday Funday crossfit style. Wod 1- got thru all but the pullups of round 3, Wod 2- 3:21, Wod 3- 13:41
2. Cut 4+ minutes off my Angie time. I think I did my pullups about 5 minutes faster than last time. Now I just gotta work on those pushups! 22:17 Rx
3. Seriously terrible #wod today. 26:58 Rx
4. PR’d my grace time at the beginning of this (4:30)!! then it went downhill from there. 22:16 Rx

1. 4×5 front squats (105,115,125,135) then 5+15 for the wod
2. Tabata sprints, then two 5 min amraps – 6 rounds for wod 1, 43 reps for wod 2

In other news:

I’m competing in my second crossfit competition tomorrow! It’s at a local box (actually the one I worked out at for a while when mine was closed). This one is a little different than my first one. While that one included some running, dumbbells, etc…this one is more focused on lifting heavy weights. It’s also a partner competition. I’m competing with my coach and it should be a lot of fun! There are a lot of ascending weight wods…meaning the weight gets heavier as the workout goes on, which is always a challenge!

I’ll let you guys know how it goes!



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Fitness Friday 58

Hi Friends!

Whelp, somehow it’s been almost a month since we talked fitness and boy do we have a lot to talk about. First I’ll recap some of my wods from the past month…and then at the end we’ll talk a little bit about progress! Soooo, let’s go way back to the beginning of September and recap shall we?

1. Saturday morning partner WOD
2. Sunday morning WOD – 8 rounds completed!
3. 40 squats, then 5:32 with 85# for the snatches
4. Saturday morning partner WOD – 4 min of tabata, then 27:47 for parts B & C

Getting better at snatches!

1. A new deadlift PR! 230# plus 5+7 for the wod
2. This wod is called – Lindsay in her element! Crushed it! 7:22 rx
3. We redid open #wod 13.2- in march I got 230 reps. Today I finished 266!
4. Holy effing shoulders! 17:25 Rx plus dead lifts, snatch balance and box squats

1. Lots of clean & jerks at 115#, then 9:32 Rx for the wod
2. Team training – wod 1- 6:05 w/ banded ring dips, wod 2- 9:02 w/ hand release pushups instead of hspu bc my neck is bothering me, then 14:27 for the team wod.
3. Redid open #wod 13.4- in March I got 25 reps. Today i got thru 63 reps!
4. PR’d my Nancy time my 90 seconds! 13:39

1. Harder than it looks! First time using a 53# kb! 7:21 with a 53# kettlebell
2. PR’d my overhead squat before class – 115 x 2! Then a shitload of snatches…then 6 + 12 for the wod
3. 2×400, 3×300, 3×200 sprints, then 11:32 for the wod
4. Redid open wod 13.3 – in march I finished the wall balls in 8:11 and got thru 56 double unders. Today I PR’d my Karen time- 7:43 and finished all my double unders with 2:29 left!

Lots of walk with the dogs!

Then & Now 

I just want to take a second to chat about progress. If you were reading carefully, you may have noticed I mentioned that we’ve been redoing the Open WOD. If you’ve been reading long enough, you’ll remember way back in March when The Crossfit Open started there were 5 weeks of workouts and you complete them with a judge to count your reps/record your times…then the people from all over the world with the best times in the open qualify for regionals. Since it’s been about 6 months since we did the workouts, our box is going back through and doing the exact same workouts again to track our progress.

Just for fun, I went back to my previous Fitness Friday posts to see what I wrote about the workouts right after I did them. I’ll share what I wrote back in March, and then how I felt in September after the redo:

Open 13.1

March: My goal was to get through the first 40 burpees, the 30 snatches at 45 pounds, the next 30 burpees and then to at least get a few snatches at 75#. I knew that would be a PR for me. The most I’d ever snatched was 60#. I got through the first set of burpees, the first set of snatches and then second set of burpees. Then we had to change our own weight. By the time I got the bar set up for the 75# snatches, we were 11 minutes into the workout. That meant I had six minutes left to get as many snatches as I could. In those six minutes I got 7 snatches at 75#. I also had about 20 failed reps.  My form wasn’t pretty, but I’m proud of the ones I got!

September: Repeated #crossfit open 13.1- five months ago I got 107 reps and spent 11 minutes struggling to get 7 snatches at 75#. Today I finished all 30 reps at 75# + 20 more burpees with 1:45 left in the workout! 150 total reps! Now I just gotta work on that 100# snatch!

Progress: Then I could barely snatch 60 pounds. Now I can do 30 snatches in a row at 85 pounds. 

Open 13.2

March: My goal was 210 reps (7 full rounds). I got 230 reps! I was proud of myself. I really struggled with the very last shoulder to overhead I did and had to try 3 times to get it up, which cost me time…otherwise I think I could have finished that 8th round. I also hit myself in the teeth with the bar as I was moving from shoulder to overhead to deadlift. It hurt like crazy and I spent most of the workout hoping I didn’t chip a tooth!

September: We redid open #wod 13.2- in march I got 230 reps. Today I finished 266!

Progress: Then I struggled to get 75# over my head. Now I can get 125# over my head and 75# feels LIGHT!

Open 13.3

March: My goal was to finish the double unders. I’m pretty good at double unders, but I’m not good at them when I’m gasping for breath after doing 150 wall balls. So I got through all the wall balls and 56 of the 90 double unders for a total score of 206 reps. This workout was BRUTAL. 

September: Redid open wod 13.3 – in march I finished the wall balls in 8:11 and got thru 56 double unders. Today I PR’d my Karen time- 7:43 and finished all my double unders with 2:29 left!

Progress: I remember this workout completely destroyed me back in March. I was gasping for breath…I couldn’t get my legs to move…it was miserable. I left thinking “I want to die.” Now, I finished my wallballs almost 30 seconds faster (even after a heavy leg day the day before) AND I easily finished all my double unders. I left thinking “well that wasn’t so bad”. Still working on getting a muscleup though!

Open WOD 13.4

March: First of all…anyone that does crossfit with me knows how much i hate toes to bar. I can do them, I just can’t string them together. And a 95# clean and jerk is 20# more than i’ve ever put over my head…so I knew that’d be tough. My goal going in was 20 reps. I was able to do 25! I got through 7 of the clean and jerks out of the set of 9 and then it just got too heavy and I could clean it but I couldn’t push it up over my head anymore. I knew this one would be tough for me though so I was happy with my 25!

September: BOOM! Redid open #wod 13.4- in March I got 25 reps. Today I got thru 63 reps!

Progress: Then 75# was a lot of weight for me to put over my head. Now, I regularly use 95# in workouts. I still am not great at stringing TTB together but I’ve gotten better! Felt so good about this workout after redoing it.


Open WOD 13.5 is the last one we have to redo and we’ll be tackling it next week so I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Although I’m pretty proud of myself, I’m not sharing these comparisons with you guys to brag. I’m sharing because I want to show you guys that if you stick with something, work hard, push yourself and believe in yourself, you WILL improve. You’ll get better at your weaknesses, you’ll get stronger, you’ll get more efficient…and there’s no better feeling than crushing a workout you previously struggled with!

Let’s chat:

Do you ever re-do workouts to see if you’ve improved?!



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Fitness Friday 57

Hi Friends!

It’s once again been a hot minute since I did a Fitness Friday post. Not quite sure how that happens…but rest assured that I have indeed been sweating up a storm! Here are some of the workouts I’ve done over the past few weeks:

1. First workout back after competing at the Fit Club Summer Games! New 3RM back squat at 165#, then 13:27 for the wod with 65#
2. A sweaty one! 6:16 Rx
3. Not my favorite. 14:12 with 1 abmat for hspu – plus 3 sets of 3 push press at 105#
4. A little strength session

My happy hour

1. Open gym wod:  22:15. This is a modified version of the Lumberjack 20 workout.
2. Loved this one! Did 20# wall balls unbroken for the buyin, then 10+9 rx for the wod
3. 12:54 Rx
4. Ladder work, suicide sprints then a wod- 19:50 Rx

How I feel immediately after a workout vs. 30 minutes after 🙂

1. Saturday morning partner #wod and then a quick oly session!
2. Hotshots19 hero wod- 43:02 with 95# cleans and strict pullups with the smallest band
3. Holy hard workout. Rope climbs and 175# DLs, then the wod – 22:17 Rx
4. Repeated #crossfit open 13.1- five months ago I got 107 reps and spent 11 minutes struggling to get 7 snatches at 75#. This time I finished all 30 reps at 75# + 20 more burpees with 1:45 left in the workout! 150 total reps! Now I just gotta work on that 100# snatch. CRUSHED IT!

Fun with photo editing apps 🙂

Ok friends, that’s all!

Let’s chat:

What’s the best workout you’ve done lately? Leave me a link!



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My First Crossfit Competition

Hi Friends!

As promised, I’m back with a recap of my first Crossfit competition! On Saturday, I competed in the Fit Club Summer Games.

There was an Elite division with about 10 women and 20 men and an Open division. I competed in the Women’s Open division and finished 17th out of 76 competitors!

They told us a little bit about the first WOD on Friday, but we didn’t find out about the other WODS until about an hour before we did them.

Here’s how it went down. We carpooled with some friends of ours (There were about 15 of us competing from my gym) and arrived around 7:30. We unloaded our car, set up our tent, etc.

There was an athlete’s meeting at 8:15 where they gave us the details of the first WOD and then we had some stretch and get ready before the heats started at 9. They had guys and girls heats running simultaneously during the events. The Elite heats went first, then the Open heats.

Wod #1:

2 min AMRAP squats.
1200 m run

For the open division the weight was 165# for the guys/ 105# for the girls. You could do any kind of squat you wanted (back, front, overhead). 99% of us chose to clean the bar up, put it over our head and do back squats with the bar resting on our shoulders. There were 1-2 girls that did front squats but that’s about it. Luckily, 105# is not that heavy for me so I was able to get it on my back no problem. I did 34 squats in 2 min. Looking back, I probably could have gotten a few more, but I was focusing on making sure I went down low enough each time so I wouldn’t get no-repped and waste a rep. I tend to squat REALLY low anyways and I never really have to worry about it….so I probably should have focused on going a little faster, but oh well.

*Photo note: I’m one of those people that always looks absolutely miserable while working out. Some people look like they’re having fun…I usually look like I’m about to die 🙂

I wore my running shoes for this wod instead of my nanos because they didn’t tell us how far the run was ahead of time. Since I get shin splints easily, I didn’t want to be running a long way in my nanos. After the squats you had 2 minutes to walk across the road to the starting line of the run. We had to run out 600m, pick up a brick and run back carrying the brick.

The run was hard after doing all of those squats. The brick wasn’t heavy, but it had sharp edges and was just kind of annoying to carry. I finished the run in 6:27.

The second WOD took place in a field and involved dumbbells. Open guys used 35# dbs, girls used 25# dbs.

Wod #2:

10 DB Deadlift Burpees
Walk/run 50 yards
10 DB Hang Squat Cleans
Walk/run 50 yards
20 DB Push Press
Turn around
Walk/run 50 yards
10 DB Hang Squat Cleans
Walk/run 50 yards
10 DB Deadlift Burpees

Here’s a little interview with hubby where he shares his thoughts on how he thought I’d do with this WOD:

The deadlift burpees were by far the easiest part of this wod. The hang squat cleans were hard because our legs were already tired. Mine ended up being more of a db clean and then squat.

The push presses were hard as well because I’m used to doing them with a bar, not with dumbbells.

The hardest part was probably just carrying the dbs. They were heavy and awkward and I was definitely feeling the burn in my forearms. I tried resting them on my shoulders as I ran/walked to the next marker but they were bouncing around so I gave up and ended up just kind of lumbering along. I started off kinda slow on this event but once I did the push presses and turned around and came back for round 2 of hang squat cleans I made up a lot of ground.

I finished this WOD in 4:40.

Here’s a video of me doing WOD 2.

After WOD 2 we had about a 2 hour break. They made the announcement about what the final WOD was going to be and then we had a while to just sit around and think about how awful it was going to be!

And we were right. It was terrible.

 WOD #3

5 min AMRAP of Fran
5 min break
5 min 115# sled pull

If you know anything about Crossfit, you’ve probably heard of Fran. It’s a benchmark workout: 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pullups. A thruster is basically a front squat straight up into a push press. Fran is hard on a good day when you have fresh legs. It’s pretty much the worst when you’ve already done two other WODs already. The elite athletes can do Fran in 2-3 minutes so many of them got through the whole WOD and then started over at 21 again since they were still under the 5 minute timecap. My Fran PR is 6:40…so I knew going into it that I wasn’t going to finish in 5 minutes.

I finished 21 thrusters, 21 pullups, 15 thrusters and 15 pullups before the time ran out. What’s crazy is, that I’m pretty sure I could have PR’d my Fran time if we’d had to just do Fran without a time cap. It probably would have taken me less than 1:40 to do that last round of 9 thrusters and pullups…but I was happy to be able to stop at 5 minutes!

Here’s the video. I did my set of 21 thrusters unbroken for the first time ever. Usually I split it up into 11 and 10. My hands were way too close together on the pullups….which usually happens when I’m tired and stop thinking about it. During the 21 pullups I was able to string 5-6 together at a time. Not so much on the round of 15. When I get out of breath, I can’t string more that 2-3 pullups together.

After Fran, we had 5 minutes to walk down the hill and back to the field to do a 5 minute sled pull.

I’d never actually done a sled pull before. Turns out I kinda like them. I don’t, however, like them after Fran and two other wods. That combination was one of the hardest things ever.

We got points for every flag we passed. I made it down to the other end of the field, turned around and came back and then went about 1/2 way back again. I think I got 66 points. I was exhausted by the end!

Our car decided to not stay for the finals. The top 10 men and women in the open division made it to the finals. Going into WOD 3 I was in 34th place so I knew I didn’t to well enough to make it into the top 10….plus we were hot, sweaty, tired and ready for a shower so we packed up and headed home.

Overall it was a fun competition! I’m glad I did it, even though I was nervous. Big thanks to the hubby for cheering me on all day and taking all the amazing pictures and videos! He’s the best and he captured lots of great pics and videos of me and our friends!

I woke up Sunday feeling much sorer in my upper body than I expected. My legs got a bit sorer as the day went on, but even by Monday they were still feeling better than expected, so that was good!

A few other things to note:


We packed a giant cooler with our friends and filled it with food and water for the 4 of us. We brought:

  • Chicken
  • Tortillas
  • Avocado
  • Fruit- strawberries, grapes, apples, bananas
  • Bread
  • Peanut butter
  • PB Banana cookies
  • Jerky
  • Quinoa breakfast bars
  • Water

My best advice is to bring stuff you know you’ll want to eat. You know your body and how you feel after workouts. If you think you’ll have trouble eating, consider bringing some protein powder or pre-made smoothies you can drink. I opted for most fruit and breakfast bars until our large break and then I ate some chicken and a pb sandwich.

I packed a TON of stuff…and didn’t end up needing all of it….but I was glad I had it to be prepared. Depending on the competition, you might need more or less stuff. I brought:

  • Extra shorts
  • Extra tank tops
  • Extra sports bra
  • Oly Shoes
  • Nanos
  • Running shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Compression sleeves
  • Wrist wraps
  • Weight belt
  • Jump Ropes
  • Tape
  • Change of clothes for afterwards
  • Long sleeve shirt

Other stuff to consider

  • Blanket
  • Chairs to sit in
  • Tent/canopy (our friend brought one and it was great to have shade)
  • Cooler
  • Warm-up equipment: foam roller, lacrosse ball, bands, pvc pipes
  • Extra hair ties!

I ended up staying in the same clothes all day, but if I had gotten any sweatier, I probably would have changed between wods and would have been very glad to have the extra clothes!

That’s all I’ve got 🙂




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Fitness Friday 56

Hi Friends!

Just popping in with a quick Fitness Friday update for you! Here are some of my workouts from the past couple of weeks:

1. Grace is one of my favorite crossfit benchmarks. A couple months ago I did it with the RX weight for the first time and did it in 5:08. This time I was determined to do it in under 5 minutes and I did. 4:34 Rx. New PR and it just about killed me!
2. Saturday open gym WOD- 23:31 with a 35# kb and a 24 inch box
3. Did a little bonus wod with hubby afterwards- 7:48 for me. He did it in 7:32 with weighted stepups instead of box jumps.
4. This was a good one. Hit a 115# push press PR and then finished the WOD in 17:16. My legs were definitely feeling the burn on that last row.

1. My friend Scott & I tackled this hero wod. It was rough. I finished in 20:05 and used 105# for the front squats and jerks and 155# for the deadlifts.
2. Another super tough one. Finished in 34:50 with only 90 sec rest between rounds instead of 3 min.
3. Another saturday wod- 11:36 rx
4. Sunday morning Sealfit class! Finished 5 rounds + 14 reps of round 6

1. Sweaty mess after this one! 4×8 one and a quarter back squats at 115#, 11:54 rx for the first wod and 2:12 for the second
2. Finished this one in 10:20. I subbed v-ups for toes to bar because I didn’t want my hands to rip…

And here’s why:

I’m competing in my first Crossfit competition this weekend! Quite honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up. First of all, it’s a bigger comp than I thought it was. There are two divisions- Elite & Open. The Elite group is about 10 women and 20 men. Then there are about 65 women and 80 men in the Open division, which is what I’m doing. Second of all, you don’t find out the WODs until the morning before…which is this morning…so I’ll try to update this post after they announce them!

I’m going in with absolutely no expectations and just kinda hoping I can do all the movements in the WODS 🙂 I guess we’ll see! All in all, it should be fun. A lot of my friends are competing as well and it’s a local competition so we don’t have to stress about travel or anything. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

Have a great weekend, friends!



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Fitness Friday 55

Hi Friends!

I’m back! We got home from vacation late Tuesday night and I’ve spent the past two days trying to control my overflowing inbox and get my life back in order. I think i’m almost there 🙂

Huge thank you to all my guest post-ers who helped me out while I was gone. You guys seemed to really like all of their posts, which is no surprise…because I loved them all!

I figured it was about time to do another Fitness Friday recap, as well as share some pics of The Crossfit Games. When we left off, I was supposed to be taking a rest day….

1. Instead, my coach called me up and asked me to run stairs with her. The stairs were too busy so we ran the hill with a 40 pound sandbag.
2. Double wod on Saturday morning. Partner wod, 15 min rest, then wod two individually.
3 & 4. Sunday morning wod at the stairs at the dam with my friend Jackie. We used 25 pound dumbbells for the rows and the squats. 1 stair run was all the way up the steps and back down.

Hubby joined us. He did his own stair wod with a 42 pound backpack (we put a bag of cat (clean) cat litter in there) on one shoulder. Beast mode.

1. Monday: This WOD was the worst. For real. I did 95# thrusters and almost died.
2. Tuesday: Brutal – I did 175# deadlifts and banded ring dips – finished in 18:03
3. Wednesday: Another tough one! 16:16 Rx! I did all 30 of my chest to bar pullups baby! Reverse grip…but still counts 🙂 plus 24 inch box jumps
4. Saturday: Open gym wod- 95# squat cleans, 24 in box, finished in 15:00 – then 100 DU in 1:34

1. Sunday: Holy legs!!! Quads on fire. Finished 7 rounds Rx
2. Monday: Sweaty #wod complete! 6:45 Rx
3. Tuesday: Last wod before we left on vacation. It killed my wrists, even with wraps! 11:34 Rx
4. I’ve also been mowing the lawn which is a workout in itself.

While we were in Cali, we dropped in at two different boxes, one of them twice! It’s always fun to see what different boxes do with their space and how they run things.
1. Wednesday: We went to Crossfit Belmont Heights and did Nancy. My time was about 30 seconds slower than my PR but still a great workout.
3. Thursday: We went back to Belmont Heights and did another wod. I did a 19# weighted pullup and then 148 reps for the wod- did 45# kb swings and banded ring dips
2. Friday: We checked out Crossfit Long Beach- Did 5 OHS at 85#, then 8 at 90#, 20 back squats at 115# and then 12+5 rounds for the wod with 24 inch box jumps!
4. Wednesday: First wod back after vacation. We did 4×400 m sprints and then I did 3 rounds + 2 for the wod with 24 in box jumps


And now, here are some pics from the games. I’m not going to recap the events for you because it would take forever and I’m to tired for that. Plus, I  know many of you don’t really care 🙂 But, hopefully most of you will enjoy the pictures! Lots of good looking people! And if you’re into Crossfit and want to read a   recap, check out Anne’s post about The 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games. She did a great job recapping everything!

The men doing “Naughty Nancy”- our boy Josh Bridges won this event!
Clean and Jerk Ladder- the top guys did 355#, crazy heavy!
We loved seeing all the CrossFit celebs and rapper “Tyga” performed. Bob Harber still owes us a picture 🙂
The final 2 events: The Cinco.
Super heavy deadlifts, weighted pistol squats, handstand walks, muscle ups, deficit handstand pushups and overhead walking lunges.

The guys were deadlifting 405 pounds!

Happy Friday!



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