Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

These Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas and quick and healthy, easy to prep ahead of time for busy mornings!

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Let’s talk about how to meal prep for breakfast. I’ve previously given you some Healthy Meal Prep Lunch Ideas as well as these Easy Meal Prep Cold Lunches for Work.

If the thought of meal prepping breakfasts and/or lunches appeals to you, you should definitely check out my Mastering Food Prep course where I teach you everything there is to know about meal prep including finding your focus area, adding variety, flexible meal prep and more!

For a lot of people, meal prep ideas for breakfast is a great place to start when learning how to meal prep, especially if you’re rushing around in the morning trying to get kids ready and everyone out the door. Here are some ideas:

Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas – Oats & Quinoa

  • 8 Overnight Oats Recipes via Fit Foodie Finds – Tons of great flavor combinations for jars of make-ahead overnight oats
  • 8 Healthy Instant Oatmeal Cups via Wholefully – Prep these ahead of time and just add milk or water and microwave!
  • Freezer Prep Oatmeal Cups via The Lean Green Bean – Fully make your oatmeal ahead of time and freeze it, then just heat a few cups in the microwave in the morning!
  • Berry Breakfast Quinoa via Sweet Peas and Saffron – Don’t like oats? Try turning quinoa into a breakfast option
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding via Bakerita – For a similar texture without oats or quinoa, try chia pudding!

Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas – Smoothies

  • Frozen Smoothie Packs via Real Food Dietitians – Prep your favorite flavor combos and freeze, then just pour them into the blender, add liquid, and blend.
  • Freezer Smoothies via Good Cheap Eats – Make a batch of smoothies, divide into glass jars and freeze. Microwave or thaw on the counter as needed.
  • Fruit Smoothie Popsicles via Lemon Tree Dwelling – Pour smoothies into popsicle molds and enjoy a treat for breakfasts!
  • 6 Freezer Smoothie Packs via Super Healthy Kids – More flavor combos to try for your smoothies!

Meal Prep Ideas For Breakfast – Eggs

  • Meal Prep Breakfast Sandwiches via Pinch of Yum – Make and freeze a batch of these sandwiches to enjoy all week long!
  • Healthy Egg Muffin Cups via Show Me The Yummy – Store these egg muffins in the fridge and microwave a few each morning.
  • Make-Ahead Breakfast Bowls via Iowa Girl Eats – Eat with a fork or scoop them up with chips!
  • Sheet Pan Eggs via Feel Good Foodie – Cook these ahead of time and then sandwich between two pieces of toast in the monring.
  • Country Breakfast Bowls via Budget Bytes – Another option for an egg-based breakfast bowl.

How To Meal Prep For Breakfast – Vegetables

  • Breakfast Meal Prep Bowls via Paleo Running Mama – Pre-portion sausage and veggies and just cook up a quick egg each morning to add on top.
  • Farmer’s Market Breakfast Bowls via Love & Lemons – Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast?
  • Healthy Breakfast Salad via The Endless Meal – Another salad where you can assemble the base ahead of time and top with your favorite egg in the morning.
  • Breakfast Salad via Fed and Fit – This salad uses hard-boiled eggs and can be made totally ahead of time for a quick meal.

Breakfast Meal Prep – Pancakes & Waffles

  • Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes via The Lean Green Bean – Pancakes keep well in the fridge so you can make a batch ahead of time.
  • Sheet Pan Pancakes via Real Food Dietitians – If you don’t want to flip individual pancakes, try making them in a sheet pan.
  • Protein Waffles via Eating Bird Food – Make a batch and freeze, then just pop them into the toaster!
  • How To Freeze Pancakes via Savor and Savvy – Pancakes also freeze well. Here’s how to do it for easy reheating.

Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas – Muffins & Bars

Muffins and bars are one of my favorite breakfast additions. Here are a few of our fav recipes, plus a link to a post that shares most of the healthy muffins and bars on the blog!

  • Sweet Potato Cookies via The Lean Green Bean
  • Lentil Banana Muffins via The Lean Green Bean
  • Sweet Potato White Bean Bars via The Lean Green Bean
  • Kid-Friendly Baking Recipes via The Lean Green Bean

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