All-Time Favorite Gifts {For Babies, Toddlers & Mom}

After three kids, here are my all-time favorite gifts for Babies, Toddlers and Moms! These are my most used items for every day life and would make great choices for gifts, baby registries and more.

Hi friends!

I wanted to share my all-time favorite gifts with you guys. This will be my last gift guide for the year. In case you missed any of the others, you can check them out below:

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Some of you have asked what my absolute favorites are. I tried to make my previous guides very robust with lots of options at different price points but if I was really going to boil it down to my very favorite things, I could pretty easily pick my top 10 favorites in a few categories. So, I rounded up my favorites for baby’s first year, the toddler years (mostly ages 2-4) and my current mama favs that I use almost daily. So here are my all-time favorite gifts for babies, toddlers and moms.

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All-Time Favorite Gifts

Year 1

  1. Ergo Adapt – Hands down my favorite baby carrier. I have three of them and used with all three kids. I love the adapt bc you don’t need an infant insert.
  2. UpSimples Swaddle Blankets – These are THE softest blankets. Great for swaddling, spit up, lovies, cold weather covering, etc.
  3. Lectrofan Sound Machine – A good sound machine is a must-have. I have this one in several rooms.
  4. Newborn to Toddler Rocker – I used the rock and play with all three, but this is my next most-used chair. It got plenty of use with all three as well.
  5. Boogin’ Head Pacifier Clip & Zutano Booties – If baby takes a pacifier, boogin’ head is a must to keep from loosing them. But only one of mine really took a paci so I’d also recommend the booties. 
  6. Gootensil – The perfect first utensil. Easy to load and great for them to practice with or just chew on when teething.
  7. B’apron Baby – The best bib. It goes over the shoulders and ties in the back so they can’t yank it off their neck.
  8. Summer Infant Popup Playyard – We used this ALL the time when we owned a gym while my oldest was a baby. Even now we use it in our living room to keep the baby away from the big kids when they’re building, doing train tracks etc. They have a newer model with a sun shade which is great for outside.
  9. Laugh and Learn Table – All my kids have loved this. You can put it on the floor without the legs when they’re little and it’s great when they start to stand. Even my big kid still play with it!
  10. Sit to stand walker – Another one that’s been highly used with all three kids when learning to walk!

Years 2-4

  1. Wooden train tracks – My oldest was non-stop trains from ages 1-3. Most of the brands work together so snag them on sale and build your collection.
  2. Open-ended play: trucks/cars +babies/stuffed animals – great for any age. They don’t have to be fancy…the simpler the better so they can use their imaginnation
  3. Play tools and doctor kit – our two most used “pretend” sets
  4. Play kitchen – all my kids have loved this from age 1 and up
  5. Duplos – skip the megablocks big builders and just get Duplos. Big enough for 1 year olds and my 5 year old still uses them even though he’s also starting to get into the smaller sets
  6. Nugget – great pretty much as soon as they start crawling but i’d say 2.5 or so is about the time mine started using on their own without needed parent help to set it up and move it around. Ages 3&5 are loving it right now
  7. Magnatiles and/or wooden blocks – we’ve had blocks from the very beginning. Added magnatiles when my middle just under 2. She played with them at that age making simple boxes and stuff but around age 2.5 is when she started getting good enough to build vertical towers without knocking them over. Get the 100 pack. Just trust me.
  8. Scooter – Tricycles are great but if you only want to buy one, I’d go with a scooter for ages 2+. My daughter mastered it around 2.5 and with practice probably could have been good at it even younger. We have both the y glider xl and the y glider deluxe
  9. Ultimate fort builder – easy to snap together but if you want to build some of the designs they suggest, you have to position the connectors a certain way so ages 3-4 might be a better age to start if no older siblings
  10. Art supplies/playdough/water table/sensory bins – check this post for a list of our most used supplies



Mom Favs

  1. Able purse – Hands down my favorite crossbody purse. They don’t have the size of the one I bought last year but I love them all. 
  2. Yeti – To keep your coffee hot and also minimize spills and potential burns from little hands grabbing mugs.
  3. Stitch Fix  or Trunk Club gift card – Since going shopping is hard! I also love my Lululemon Dance Studio Pants.
  4. Slippers – On my feet every day for fall, winter and spring.
  5. Pop Socket- A must-have for your phone.
  6. Kindle Unlimited – When I have the time and energy to read for fun, this comes in handy for access to a lot of books.
  7. Food processor & Instant Pot – My two most used kitchen appliances.
  8. Heating Pad – For all your mom aches and pains and also to make your bed warm and cozy.
  9. Birkenstock Mayari – My go-to shoe all summer long. I asked for All Birds for Xmas for colder months but can’t vouch for them yet.
  10. Dumbbells – You can get a great workout, even in your living room, with a good pair of dumbbells. 

So there you go! I’m sure I forgot something but this should get you started!



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