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Hi everyone,

The PDSA launches their 10th pet slimming contest to fight the flab of nation’s pets. Having problems with your pet gaining weight despite best efforts? You may want to enter their contest! 😉 But hurry entries are accepted until Sunday 26th of April via this website.

Details from the PDSA:

Findings from the latest PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report say four out of five veterinary professionals have seen an increase in pet obesity cases in the last two years.

Obesity is the number one concern among vets when it comes to man’s best friend but worryingly, nearly half of people surveyed are not aware it’s a major issue. This is a huge concern given that 80% of vets and vet nurses believe there will be more overweight pets than healthy weight pets in five years time and PDSA is stressing the need for urgent action.

Obesity can contribute to pets developing deadly conditions that can cut their lifespan such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, as well as debilitating conditions including arthritis.

To help combat the pet obesity crisis PDSA launched its annual Pet Fit Club competition and is inviting owners of the UK’s biggest pets to apply for a chance to take part in the fat fighting contest.

Nicola Martin, PDSA Head of Pet Health and Welfare, said: “Over the past decade, Pet Fit Club has transformed the lives of some of the UK’s most obese pets, having helped nearly 100 animals shed over 60 stone so we are welcoming entries again and offering our expertise.”

Early entrants to the competition, which has been helping the nation’s pets to battle the bulge for the past ten years, includes a bulging black cat Boycus, who tips the scales at a whopping 10kg – double the size of your average moggie.

Sadly obesity isn’t confined to just people, cats and dogs as even rabbits and rodents like Spider the rat, who is almost double the size of an average rat, and struggles to squeeze into his sleeping quarters, are piling on the pounds.

Pet Fit Club participants will take part in a tailored diet and exercise programme, overseen by expert vets and nurses over a six month period.

Owners can enter their pets at; the deadline for entries is Sunday, 26 April, 2015.

Nicola Martin added: “PDSA’s research has shown that pet obesity is a growing problem and that too many people are continuing to feed their pets inappropriate foods including takeaways, cake, cheese and chips and sadly many pets aren’t getting enough exercise.

“Pet obesity is entirely preventable and we’re trying to help owners understand that while their pets may beg for food, and giving a treat is seen as a way of showing affection, ultimately it could be killing them with kindness.”

PDSA’s PAW Report, produced in conjunction with YouGov, provides the biggest annual insight into pet health and welfare and has highlighted some of the not-so-sweet home truths about our pets’ unhealthy habits when it comes to diet and exercise.

Pet obesity – The Facts

89% of owners are aware that pets can suffer from obesity-related issues such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis

88% of owners acknowledge that overweight  pets will have a shortened life span

Over 5.5 million pets get treats as part of their daily diet

Over 2 million owners give treats because their pets beg for them

In the dog house: Dog owners are significantly more likely than cat and rabbit owners to feed their pets unhealthy treats. And by quite a margin too – 83% of dog owners feed their pets at least one of these unhealthy things, compared to 38% of cat owners.

Dr Philippa Yam, leading animal obesity expert at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow, said: “It’s clear that pet obesity continues to be a major issue due to a lack of understanding about pets’ welfare needs. PDSA’s Pet Fit Club competition has successfully raised awareness of this serious, but entirely preventable condition and continues to help many pets year on year.”

Further information about PDSA Pet Fit Club

PDSA Pet Fit Club was launched in 2005 and has already helped 63 dogs, 26 cats and 6 rabbits lose a total 60stone 6lb. This weight loss is the equivalent of 384 bags of sugar, more than 6,700 sausages, 761 tins of dog food or over 500 blocks of lard.

Case studies


Rescue cat Boycus is one of several felines in the Denning household; all the others are a healthy weight, but this black cat has ballooned in the last couple of years and now weighs a whopping 10kg – more than double the size of an average cat.

He has a tendency to eat everything in sight and his owner Sam, from Sutton Coldfield, has tried everything to restrict his access to food to help him lose weight.

Boycus’ vet recently suggested upping the exercise levels, but with a fat, lazy cat, that’s easier said than done! Sam is desperate to help Boycus battle the bulge so has turned to PDSA for help.

Sam said: “We’ve had Boycus since he was a kitten and he’s seven-years-old now. The weight gain has happened in the past two years, despite our efforts.

“We’ve tried everything – we’ve built feeding stations, with cat carriers that are too small for him to try and stop him stealing our other cats’ food. But he always finds a way to break in.”


Guy is an eight-year-old white cat from Leicester who is loving, loyal and, according to his owner, has never been slim. Angie Barcock has had Guy since he was 12-weeks-old. She collected him on 5 November, so he was named after Guy Fawkes.

“He has always been a big cat,” said owner Angie Barcock. “He is the best cat ever, he’s so calm and placid, and he follows me everywhere. Guys is an indoor cat so perhaps doesn’t get as much exercise as outdoor cats. He eats normally although he does sometimes steal my other cats’ food, but he’s also very lazy!”

Angie added that she wants her beloved cat to lose weight with PDSA’s help for Guy’s health, as she is worried about his heart, so she has entered him into PDSA Pet Fit Club for help to reduce his curves

Why am I on a dog scale?!?

More about the PDSA:

PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity, providing free veterinary care for the sick and injured pets of people in need and promoting responsible pet ownership. For further information about PDSA please visit or call 0800 731 2502.

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Mews: An unbearably cute donation – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

We got this amazing cute photo story from our friends over at Cats Protection and just had to share it with you!!!

Over 300 teddies donated by a cat lover to the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, will be sold to raise funds to help unwanted kitties across the UK. Pictures show curious cat, Donald, investigating the pile of stuffed toys.

So who is up to beat this collection of Teddies? 😀

And if you are not yet subscribed, why not subscribe to our Newsletter here to always find a bit of cuteness in your inbox. 😉



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Mews: Brighton cat Suki survives horrific road accident thanks to PDSA care! – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

Please find a very important rescue story of our friends over at the PDSA below. Without the important work of the PDSA we wouldn’t want to think what would happen to cats such as Suki in need of help!

A Brighton cat involved in a horrific road accident has lost the sight in both eyes but won the fight for life and is now enjoying life back home with her family and feline sister.

Two year-old Suki was at death’s door after being run over near her home. Mother-of-two Polly Phillips (30) had reported her missing when she didn’t return home one night, then received the call that all pet owners dread: Suki had been brought into PDSA after being run over.

PDSA vet nurse Karen Davis recalls Suki’s injuries were among the worst seen at the busy hospital in Preston Park, Brighton:

”Things weren’t looking good for little Suki when she came into us. Her left eye had been completely pushed out of its socket and it seemed as though she couldn’t see out of her right eye. Her face was very badly damaged and we had to operate on her as soon as we possibly could to give her as much chance as possible of surviving. We stabilised Suki with emergency care and rushed her to the operating theatre.

“We x-rayed Suki which showed that her jaw was broken as well as one of her teeth – fortunately there were no other major injuries to her body apart from a torn tongue where a tooth had ripped through it. We repaired the jaw with surgical wire but sadly couldn’t save her severely damaged eye, which had to be removed. We had to take out her broken tooth and we stitched her torn tongue. We knew that Suki would have difficulty eating so we put a tube into her throat so she could be fed directly.

“She was fed by us every few hours using the tube in her throat and given painkillers and antibiotics.”

Owner Polly recalls: “When I came into the vets they wouldn’t let me see Suki initially because she was in such a terrible state.” With regular visits from Polly, Suki began to show signs of improvement, though her eyesight remained a cause for concern and she found it difficult to eat by herself.

After 11 days staying at PDSA, the decision was then made to let Suki go home for a few hours in the day to see if being in familiar surroundings would encourage her to eat. This soon paid dividends, as she began eating for herself within hours.

“Everyone was so relieved when she started eating,” Polly recalls. “After that point, no one could’ve predicted how quick her recovery would be. I had bought a large dog cage to give her some peace from the kids and our other kitten, but we hardly needed it. She made the most amazing recovery.”

Sadly, Suki’s eyesight has not returned, though this has not stopped her regaining her zest for life: “Within days she was up and about and after a couple of weeks she had stopped bumping into things,” said Polly. “You honestly wouldn’t know she is totally blind as she copes so well with life.”

Suki’s cat sister Roxy was delighted to see her playmate return. And the understandable worries Polly had about her eyesight loss were quickly put at ease: “Suki’s got more life in her than the kitten now. People might feel sorry to look at her but she’s the happiest cat I know!

“Although it is no longer safe for her to be outdoors unattended she still uses her litter tray and only trips over the occasional shoe left around by the kids. She still waits for them at the bottom of the stairs every morning!”

It cost over £1,500 to treat Suki, which her owner simply couldn’t afford as a single mother in part-time work – however unbearable the alternative would’ve been. Thankfully, PDSA was there for her as it is for thousands of others.

“The service was absolutely fantastic,” she said, “We couldn’t have asked for better care. It was quite a shock the first time I saw Suki after the accident, but the nurses were so reassuring and warm, and I think they even fell in love with Suki themselves!”

Brighton is one of 51 busy PDSA pet hospitals across the UK providing free veterinary treatment to the sick and injured pets of local people in need. PDSA treats more than 470,000 pets every year – that’s 13 pets every minute! It costs around £60m to run PDSA’s vital services, all funded through generous public donations as the charity receives no Government or National Lottery funding. For more information on PDSA or to enquire about eligibility please visit or call 0800 7312502.

More about the PDSA:

PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity, providing free veterinary care for the sick and injured pets of people in need and promoting responsible pet ownership. For further information about PDSA please visit or call 0800 731 2502.

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Mews: D.E.L.T.A – Dedication & Everlasting Love to Animals – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special guest post from D.E.L.T.A. The largest “No Kill, Care for Life Sanctuary of it’s kind in the world.

Dedication & Everlasting Love to Animals, also known as D.E.L.T.A. Rescue is the largest “No Kill, Care-for-Life,” Sanctuary of its kind in the world. Founded by Leo Grillo in 1979, D.E.L.T.A. Rescue incorporated as a non-profit animal rescue organization in 1981 and that same year became a tax-exempt 501 [c] 3 organization. The D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Super Sanctuary is home to more than 1500 animals that have all been abandoned in the wilderness.

Located in the high desert area of Los Angeles, this 115-acre mountain top ranch is surrounded by rolling hills and is beautifully landscaped. It is truly a haven for the animals lucky enough to have crossed paths with its founder. Rescuing animals who are either abandoned or born in the wilderness.

The dog and cat residents of the Super Sanctuary, were all personally rescued in the wild by Leo Grillo, founder and president of D.E.L.T.A. Rescue. Abandoned, sick and slowly starving, they were days away from certain death.

But at the Super Sanctuary, it is the joy of a rich and happy new life that greets the rescued animals . . . days filled with the safety of good food, plenty of play, and lots of love.

More than 800 dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes live in huge yards that feature straw bale houses and a wading pool for those hot summer months. The insulating quality of the straw bale houses keep the dogs cozy warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.

Specially trained attendants who look after the dogs, feed them the finest quality dog foods and provide them with fresh water, healthy food, treats, toys and affection. Since the dogs are spayed and neutered when they are rescued, males and females are “married”, sharing their happy new lives of frolic and play without fear of hunger, thirst or abandonment.

The over 600 cats at D.E.L.T.A. Rescue live in houses with indoor/outdoor play areas. While outdoors they travel from perched “condo” to perched “condo” on a series of suspended walkways, able to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without the threat of predators.

We have two veterinary hospitals and a full time veterinary staff on the premises. We have state of the art equipment and are able to give the finest care possible to all the residents of theSuper Sanctuary.

“Animals are people to me” says founder, Leo Grillo. “And as such, we will not condone the disposing of pets any more than the disposing of children.” And thus, D.E.L.T.A. Rescue is the only organization that absolutely refuses to accept animals from the public when they want to give them up. Instead, D.E.L.T.A. Rescue became the first no-kill, care-for-life organization in the world, and rescues only animals who are abandoned in the wilderness.

Being the first care-for-life facility, D.E.L.T.A. Rescue does not adopt out its rescued animals to the public. “I’d rather not be a hero, adopting out our animals and STEALING homes away from animals in the pound – wonderful animals who will be killed only because they can’t find new homes”, says Leo Grillo.

“National statistics are that Americans on average only keep their pets 2 1/2 years! Shocking! I wrote the first book on adopting animals, and I made a star studded video about it. Then I discovered that lifetime adoptions are rare. My animals have been victimized already and I promise them that I will not risk their lives ever again, so I do not adopt them out. Better to give a 2 1/2 year life extension to a poor pound animal who is about to be killed in a system that does not work.”

D.E.L.T.A. Rescue receives no help from the government and relies solely on donor contributions. Supporters may tour the Sanctuary at our scheduled members only tours.

Find out more and how you can help by visiting

Also check our one of their videos showing their amazing work here:



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Mews: 5 Cats Reunited for the Good of All Cat and Humankind – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

We just came across this fantastic video with some of our favorite Social Media cats : Grumpy Cat, Hamilton the Hispter Cat, Nala Cat and Oskar the Blind Cat! 😀

They have teamed up for the below Cats Summer Music Video

For every video view, Friskies is donating one meal to cats in need around the country (up to 1 MILLION meals). Share this video and help shelter and rescue cats this summer! So share this with your friends. 😀


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Charity Appeal: Trooper the Handicapped Kitten & Bandit – Katzenworld

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is for two of our very special feline friends Trooper the Handicapped Kitten & Bandit. We read about them a few days ago and their story sure touched our hearts. We lso believe it is very important to help out cats in need and therefore decided to put up this post for them!

Trooper was born without hips and fused elbows which prevent him from mobilizing normally.  He requires regular care and treatment.  Trooper’s twin sister Bandit is gravely ill with previously undiagnosed Feline Severe Stomatitis brought on by Feline Calicivirus.  Bandit’s mouth is severely ulcerated, inflammed & bleeding with uncontrolled mucus discharge.  She cries when trying to eat due to the intense pain in her mouth and throat.

They have finally found a wonderful, caring vet near them to help Bandit using traditional medicine as well as homeopathic care for her debilitating disease. Bandit will require continual long-term care as this disease is extremely difficut & lengthy to cure.  She deserves to enjoy the life of a 2 yr old kitten without fear or pain.

They are asking for everyones help as they can’t do this on their own due to the large medical costs :(. To donate and read more about their story please click here.

Here is a picture of cute little Trooper:

And this is Bandit:

Please share this with your friends and get the word out about them and help their owners to provide them with the medical care they need <3.

You can find more info on their own facebook page and also ask them for more details before making up your mind.

Thanks for reading from the team @Katzenworld Blog

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