UZOO: Play with REAL Cats Online to Promote Cat Adoption – Katzenworld

Yes, that’s right, for all of you that don’t know – you can control toys online and watch real cats play with them via webcam. MEOW.

Welcome to the online pet shelter where you can help keep abandoned animals entertained. Thanks to welfare organisations, animal enthusiasts can log on and watch the cats play with toys that are wired to respond to your controls! Check out iPetcompanion here.

Whilst it is great for us cat enthusiasts to watch these felines respond to our electronic controls – we must not forget that these cats have been abandoned, and they still need a loving home.

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UZOO: Wildcats and Kittens: A Beginners Guide – Katzenworld

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t your ordinary tabby cats!

Watch our video above for a more in-depth explanation into these cat characteristics.

Fishing Cat

Wild cat of South and South East Asia, endangered since 2008

Pallas’s Cat

Also called manul of Central Asia, near threatened since 2002


Also known as the dwarf leopard from South America, endangered species until 1996


Ok, so not strictly a true wildcat but the Ashera or the Savannah cat is a hybrid between a serval African cat and domestic cat.

Which is your favourite kitty?

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