Zelda: My first artwork! – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

Apologies for those expecting Purrsday Poetry today (This will resume the week of the 18th of May) Instead we have a quick message from Zelda and my sister!

They both got super excited the other day as Bea has finished drawing Zelda.

Big thanks again goes to Bea from Bea Gifted for the amazing work she is doing on the artwork.

So here she is our little naughty but cute Zelda haha.

So what are your thoughts on the latest artwork? 😀 2 More to go! One you know. One will be a surprise. 🙂

As mentioned before all of these amazing drawings will be added to our Online Shop as keyrings and other merchandise. And remember purchasing from our online store sees much of the profit go to charity! 🙂 (We have also managed to reduce shipping costs to all locations so worth checking it out if you thought costs were too much before.)

We will be posting more artwork soon. Take a guess who will be next!

Oh and don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter here (if you haven’t done so already. :D)



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Zelda: Cat toilet “Poo Poo Pee Do” by SinDesign – Katzenworld

Hello everyone!

(This post is also available in German on Katenworld Deutschland by clicking here)

It is your favourite kitten Zelda here for a fun product review today!

I had a great week and a GIANT parcel arrived the other day 😀 This meant a lot of fun for me of course as I LOVE boxes. Who would have guessed? 😉

Unfortunately daddy didn’t want to open it right away… but hey I only had to wait on my mum for it to be finally opened. 😀 Mummy was a bit silly when she got home and had to look twice to find the box… Come on how could you miss this huge box?!? And it says SinDesign on it… I wonder what it is. 😀

What made even less sense was that she now wanted to wait on daddy to actually open it!!! Haven’t we been through this already once today_? Humannnnns….

I had to wait FOREVER but what was actually in the box? I quickly snuck in to catvestigate but got stuck in between the item and box!

You’d think daddy and mummy would start rescuing me? Nope photo time… *sigh* humans

Finally they helped me out of this situation… Humans so slow sometimes!!!


But what is it??? :O

Most bizarre… Kind of round and holes in it? Time to check this out…

What is this a new sleeping cave? But I already have one o.O

Great… Flash! Watch that camera humans!!! :O

Oh! The roof dissappeared!!! :O

Now why did mummy and daddy put the new cave next to my toilet in the bathroom… Why would I want to sleep next to my loo? Are they trying to say I am too smelly…

And that was when they filled it up with litter! That’s when I realized that it was a new toilet. 😀

And this was much more like it!!! Perfect for me to rummage in and have a private space to complete my business… Much much better than the old toilet!!! 😀

I adapted to it very quickly and started using it right away! D:

Ah and this is what the things inside were all about! On the left you can see the integrated shovel that is connected to the lid for easy storage. Mummy loved this the most! No more having shovels lying around. On the right hand side behind my tail you can also see a holder for anti smell tablets! (Are they trying to say again that I am smelly????)

I love my new toilet and would recommend you convince your humans to get one for you too! You may want to use some of these details in your persuasion of human servants!:

  • Poopoopeedo is a high quality designed item that should last you a life time
  • The toilet is manufactured using high quality thermoplastic of approx 3 to 4 mm thickness which is the reason for Poopoopeedo’s unique durability as most litter boxes are made of cheap plastic.
  • 1 shovel and 2 anti-smell tablets (1 month use for each tablet) are included as accessories with each Poopoopeedo.
  • Their product is 100% Made in France, and its unique design is patented

Your human can find their product on their website below:

Please also check out the additional gallery from our friends over at sindesign below:

Any questions let me know and I shall personally get back to you or of course order my human servants to do so! 🙂

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Zelda: Let me introduce HER and the new German Blog :) – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

My name is Ann-Kristin and for those of you that don’t know I am Marc’s sister. For those of you that speak German you can also read Zelda’s posts on “Katzenworld Deutschland“. But don’t worry there will be English versions on here. 🙂

Our little darling Zelda moved in on the 17th November 2014. At just nine weeks she was a fluffy bundle and actually too small to leave her family. Unluckily for her she was abandoned by her mother and so needed to be re-homed. Even though I’ve always wanted a cat, I’ve never had the     chance.

But one day I heard about this cute kitten who needed a new home and tried everything to persuade my partner to take her in. This involved a long weekend full of arguments and tearful, begging requests. Eventually, a resolute “No“ became a “Yes“. We used what was left of the weekend to make our home safe for a kitten.

The following morning Zelda’s “God mother“, Christina, helped me with last minute shopping for kitten items before collecting Zelda. The kitten was so tiny and pretty with her white whiskers and her cute melancholic eyes. My friend Katharina was waiting for me at our home to help me with all the stuff. She is, of course, another of Zeldas many aunts. At home Zelda took some time to come out of the cat carrier and we watched how she explored her new home. It was not long before Zelda drew closer to me and started to purring loudly. She even began to react to my voice and her name.

In the evening when my partner came home from work his first question was “where is the kitten?“ At that moment she came out next to the sofa and he fell in love with her. And Zelda likes her new „daddy“ just as much and was soon lying on his lap and purring.

Zelda settled in so quickly and she loves to play with us, as much she loves to sleep next to our heads. But she is not shy about waking us up with her soft paws on our cheeks early in the morning.
Sometimes she can be a little brat.
A brat we nonetheless love.

For a German version of this post please click here.

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