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Yarn Invasion! – Katzenworld

We have been strangled up with yarn the last couple of months. Mom started to crochet and it seems if you buy one skein of yarn you are lost.

If I compare it with catnip addiction then I would say it is worse: it cost more money, it takes up a lot of space with all those skeins of yarn. Being a catnip addict is less expensive because your servant provides you with free catnip and it takes less space. (Unless you have a gazillion catnip toys like us)

One thing we find a benefit of yarn: it makes a perfect sleeping spot. Mom doesn’t agree. It is  leaving fur behind on her crocheted items… Amy find them the perfect butt warmers…

Amy is most of the time lucky. Me on the other hand get all kind of stuff on me. Here mom put one big rainbow scarf around my neck. I look like a cat with tooth pain. Not funny at all!

Mom makes crochet mistakes ( A lot) Here is one of her mistakes that ended up on my head.  She takes pictures and puts it on my Facebook page. Then all those crazy cat ladies (Yes, like you) are: “You look dashing, handsome boy,…” Ladies, don’t you see that this is just yarn from a mistake my mom made? Don’t motivate her…

Sometimes the yarn is working on our nerves then the yarn hits the floor.  It upsets my mom always when we do it. We find it fun to do.

Living with a yarn addict is not an easy life for us cats. Sometimes it has benefits. Mom makes us the most beautiful and soft blankets:

Perfect to sleep on or in this case under. Every birthday, New Year we get new blankets and mom makes them also for cats who live in a local shelter. I know for certain that they are happy with some soft and warm blanket.

What strange addiction do your human haves? Are you allowed to play with it or is it paws off?  Tell us, we won’t tell anyone else…


Billy The Time Cat

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The paws that steal! – Katzenworld

My feline friends, my mom has an issue with one of my sisters. This time not the crazy one but the silly one. Fientje has stealing paws. Personally I find it funny and it is my moms own fault. Why it is my mom fault? Because she is not a morning human.  When she has to wake up early then my mom is a disaster on two legs.  Mom has a morning planning the only problem is that she doesn’t remember that in the morning. The first step in her planning: making herself coffee with milk. She always gets to the milk but forget the part about the coffee. Until she remember that there is milk in a mug but no coffee.

Between the milk and the realization there is a point where Fientje gets stealing paws. What happens? When mom is trying to remember her planning, Fientje her paws are getting into the action. She puts her paws in the mug and licks the milk from her paws.

She repeats that with her both front paws, first the left, then the right, then the left until the cup is dry, no drip left. If you would see the cup it would be like a fresh cup from the cupboard.

Mom comes back in the kitchen convinced that she put milk in the cup but there is nothing. Mom knows herself in the morning so she thinks she didn’t put anything in the cup. After this point it gets boring: “Mom makes coffee”. Fientje is washing her paws in the milk as we speak.

How long did this continued until mom realized that there was something fishy going on? Well I can tell you, a very long time… giggles. Mom even started to doubt her sanity until one day Fientje got caught with her paw in the cup. Mom found then who was the culprit. The fun is now gone. Fientje gets now every morning a tiny bit cat milk in a cup. Mom is watching her cup closely but at the end we had a lot of fun with mom.

Do you make jokes with your mom also my feline friends or are you all the sweetest angels that your mom is thinking that your are? Let me know maybe we find a new trick to have fun with mom.

Purs, love and kisses,
Billy The Time Cat

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A new beginning – Katzenworld

Kitchen paper

Why do I start article with a photo full with kitchen paper and not with a cat? That is because I want to talk you about “The Kattenbrigade”. The last time I wrote about them it wasn’t good news.  Now, I want to show you the love, the friendship and support Diny and Sab get from around the world. It is about the small and the bigs things that can bring good fortune after bad things that happen. Get ready with your kitchen paper for some great updates after the devastating fire.

Tasha, testing out the new baskets and toys

The best thing to start the healing process for the cats was going back to  their daily routine: “Washing the buts, putting diapers on, getting medicine, …” Now that is not easy when all your supplies are destroyed by the fire or the water used to kill the fire.
Fortunate there are cat lovers out there that helped a paw or two or more. Actions started to get the right stuff to the right place: diapers, shampoo, baskets, toys, food, heating pads, you name it and people donated it with love.

The new old nursery table

The cats are used to get their daily care on a baby nursery table. This was a big routine for them. Getting their own quality time on that table was the best thing that could happen in a day. The cats, Diny and Sab were pleasantly surprised when someone donated one to them almost the same they had before.

Pamuk & mom, The love

I can tell you that good fortune is coming their way. The cats still love each other, they still love their forever humans. They want to play and cuddle with each other or with the new toys they have.  Support is coming from around the world, donations are made money wise and even Whiskas donated 8 pallets of cat food for the cats. Now the most important thing is to find a new place where they can further rebuild their future.

It will be place with a bright new future. With love and peace where the cats will be together again the ones who made it and the ones who didn’t survive the fire. New cats will be welcomed. Whatever happened will never be forgotten.
I want to end this article with a quote:
“What appears to be an end is only the start of a new beginning”


Billy The Time Cat

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Kattenbrigade: Things are happening… – Katzenworld

Just before Christmas I wrote about that special place “The Katten brigade” A place for very special need cats. A place where they are loved, finding the care that they need. The past week we had some sad news about “The katten brigade”. I just wanted to share with you what happened. I know you care about them and they could use your prayers at this very moment.

RIP Chyna

There was a fire in the shelter. The fire started in the kitchen and spread around. The ladies who are running the shelter woke up from the smoke and were trapped at the second floor. Fortunate the fire departement was very fast and could save them. They were admitted to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

RIP Mimimus

Some paralyzed cats were trapped.  More then ten cats lost their lives in this horrible event. The forty other cats who survived are taking care off by friends and family. They will get their special care and love from them until Diny and Sab are back on their feet. Some  cats are really traumatized and all will get extra  care (medicine, Bach-Therapy,…)

The cat community in Belgium is “supporting” in anyway they can (benefits, moral support). It warms us to see how animal lovers care for each other in times of need.

We won’t forget the kitties that lost their live, they are now at The Rainbow Bridge, healed and healthy. They will find there new and old friends. Chyna, Moby, DaisyBoo, June, Toetie, Mimimuis, Célia, Sterre, Stacey, Beethoven, Clowntje, Kitty and Minou, you will be missed. The two dogs they had didn’t survive either.

Lets send some positive energy to Diny, Sab and the surviving kitties. They could use it, so they can rebuild their dream in the near future.

I want also to thank the fire departement, they went beyond to save as many possible cats they could, they were bitten & scratched by the cats who were afraid but that didn’t stop them to return in the burned house with extra oxygen and heat cameras.

I want to end this with following saying: “After bad luck, good fortune comes”. Lets hope that this is true for “The katten Brigade”.

For support you can contact me or visit their page here

Billy The Time Cat,

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A new sister… oh boy, here we go again! – Katzenworld

A while back I introduced you to my new sister “Amy Pond, The Cat who waited”. After all the trouble I had with Amy, I promised myself: “No more new sister”.

We had a stray cat wandering around here and he was badly wounded. Mom caught him and would take him in house to heal him and he would be my new brother.

Mom named him Rory Williams, The Last Centurion. Now, anyone who follows Doctor Who, know what happens: “Rory dies, Rory always dies”. Our Rory underwent the same faith.  The vet tested him to FIV,  Rory was infected in a bad way. While he was asleep, we decided to let him go.

Mom and I were devastated. We were hoping that our gang would have a new brother, it didn’t work out.  Mom feelings for a new feline friend didn’t stop and the search for a new member for the family started. It had to be a homeless kitty from a shelter.

I pointed to the male felines, mom started to look for female felines because my granny told then we would have 2 brothers and sisters. I heard it with horror. No, sister, don’t do that to me ever again.

So the search for a new sister began to my horror. I heard my mom and granny talk about “candidates”. Then it went silent, no more searches. I was thinking that “They gave up”. Oh boy, I was wrong. One day mom went with her dad on a road trip. When they returned they had a “Big Surprise” for me: “Fientje, my new sister”

You know, it was the day before Halloween, it was the worst Halloween in my life… A new sister, how could my mom betray me in such a way. Knowing the nightmare Amy was. I still can’t believe it. She looks like a witch, don’t you think?

This is her second day, what a catitude! The look on her face: “This is my place, bow for your queen or you will regret the day we first saw each other”.

I know what she is thinking here: “Look, I’m a good looking girl, that is why I’m in charge now…” You know Fientje & Amy both attitudes give a lot of firework in the house…

She even got her own sleeping basket from my granny! We are not allowed to touch it, although when she is not looking I eat the white stuff from her basket it helps me with hairballs.

Mom installed a new game on her Ipad for us, Paint For Cats, it is awesome. I have to admit Fientje has a great talent for painting. I should take her to Picasso, to get her some lessons.

This is my favorite artwork from Fientje, do you see the purple kitty in the painting? I think she has some hidden talent.

I have to admit, she is nicer then Amy when she started to live with us (Don’t tell my mom or even Amy). She is a bit silly, she has mom and granny at the paws. Who can be mad at such a silly face?

I hope you all liked the introduction of my new sisfur. At the end she is awesome!

Billy The Time Cat
visit my site:

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“Kattenbrigade”: A Very Special place – part 1 – Katzenworld

There is a house in a street. The house is not big but it is a very special place. The cats who live there are very special, they are all special needs cats. Cats that would have been put asleep. Cats abounded by their owners because they became a special need cat. No more wanted, not loved anymore. Left behind.
Most of them are paralyzed on their bladder , one of the outcomes is that they can not empty their bladder and that they have to be emptied manually. They all wear diapers and they crawl around like toddlers do. Mom said they are cuter then toddlers.
We will show you some of the cats mom met there and tell you some of their story.

Moby: FIV, Paralyzed tail and bladder


Moby was wandering around on the streets for months, when they got a call from a lady that he was losing urine. They did check him out but he didn’t only lose urine but also blood. He smelled intens and everything down below was infected. Time for a visit to the vet and after an very intens treatment he got better. He found is new forever home with the “Kattenbrigade”.


Chyna, Paralized bladder and amputated tail

This lovely cat is from Rumania. A story with adoption problems, brought her to Belgium. She is now living the happy live. She is losing urine but a diaper is helping her coming through the day. She is a real love bug and is jumped straight in my grannies arms when they were visiting there. No diaper will hold this lady to be loved.


June: blind


June, found on the streets, nowhere wanted. Animal shelters denied all the help. URI destroyed her eyes. She found a forever home with the Kattenbrigade.  She is purring  because she is happy to feel love again, have a good meal and the necessary care. Ain’t she a beauty? Who can throw such an animal on the streets?

Chippie: old and hard hearing




This old grumpy looking cat is 16 years old. His former owner moved and he could not move along. So lived his live in his garden. The daughter of the former owner contacted them and Chippie found a new forever home.. Living his old days in a warm house with food and friendship from other cats. My granny became a sugar-aunt for Chippie, she donate every month a small amount of money for him. Now, he is a spoiled old cat. Bad things that happen can turn into good things.


Jailo; Diabetic cat, bad eyes and disformed tail


This is Jailo, a diabetic cat like myself. Mom told me she fell in love when she saw Jailo. Jailo was diagnosed with diabetes and her owner looked for her for a new place. A lot of vets advised to put her a sleep. (Oh, why?) Oh, boy that makes me so sad. She is a very shy lady with a lot of issues but a beauty that should get every chance in the universe. Mom and I decided that we will become a sugar aunt for Jailo.



We are happy that we can do something for those cats. We had two big bags filled with diapers, food, shampoo,…
The kattenbrigade have more then 30 cats with disabilities. They wash every 2 days 16 cats, diapers are used at the speed of lightening. The laundry machines is working continues throughout the day. Diny & Sab, who owning the animal shelter are day and night ready for the special need cats. Diny & Sab thank you for all the hard work you do for them.

They have a dream: “A bigger place for their cats to live the happy life” The place they are living now is in fact to small. At this point they can’t help anymore cats because the house is getting crowed. We hope their dream can come true one day. We keep thumbs and paws crossed for a tiny miracle so they can keep going with their good work.

Visit their site(Dutch):
Visit their Facebook page:

If you have an animal shelter in your neighborhood, don’t forget them with this year ender that is coming. A small donation can make the difference for those cats. Don’t forget the volunteers behind the animal shelter, a card with a small thank you keeps the spirit up.

Wishing you and all your fur friends a fantastic Christmas and a great Year Ender.
Don’t forget: “We are all stories at the end, make it a good one”


Billy The Time Cat

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Amy Pond – The Cat Who Waited – Katzenworld

Hello, me again. A while back I introduced you to my nephew Silvertje. Now it’s time to introduce you to my sister “Amy Pond- The Cat Who waited”. Does the name rings a bell? Yes, then you are definitely a Doctor Who fan. If not “Google is your friend”.  I know it’s not nice of me not to explain but I have to much to tell about this crazy lady cat.


One of the lessons I learned for being a time cat, I learned through Amy.  The lesson is “Ignore the cracks in your wall, special when you are hearing a faint miauw behind it”.

Ignore it!

‘Curiosity killed the cat’ they say. For me it looked liked a long slow kill. Let me explain. After we rescued her from New Earth, she came and started to live with me. Mom adopted her as her own cat.  Amy was feeling at home straight away, let me rewrite that: “It was her home and no other cat was tolerated, not even me her saver”. It got really worse with her she kicked me out of my favorite sleeping spots. I couldn’t move a paw or Amy was there to put me back on my place.

The worst thing and most embarrassing thing happened one night when she kept me hostile in moms room. Now I will tell you something that I hope you won’t tell anyone else: “I had to pee, I warned mom that its was urgent but she did not understand, so I peed on moms bed”. Mom was instantly awake.

It was not funny and I had to teach her who was the boss in the house. She is learned slowly the rules and after 6 months training we can say that it’s starting to work out fine between us two. We play and fight for fun. I can sleep again on my favorite sleeping spot. I don’t have to pee anymore in moms bed.

She is still misbehaving but it are all small things like: “Biting in the most expensive cables, throwing stuff on the floor, running around like crazy, jumps in mom neck,…”

She is in love with one of my other travel companions named “Rupurrt”. Amy asked to write this otherwise it was a no go for this article.

She loves pole-dancing. The picture left is “I sit on my belly on my pole pose”. I didn’t find this name out, Amy came up with the name. Altough the first time she named it: “OMC, this pole is to high can someone rescue me?” I washed my paws in innocent and this time I ignored her, learned my lesson well.

She is also a travel companion and her rescue story can be found on my website and she is a Facebook celebrity.

Top Secret Dalek destroying device!

Last picture that is Amy and me or me and Amy playing on our grannies her tablet. I installed a top-secret game with mousses you can catch them but actually it are Daleks that we track in time and space. If we hit one we destroy one Dalek.

I hope you enjoyed this article and next time we cook something special for you my friends.


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Guest Star: Silvertje “Felis Lamia” – Katzenworld

Hello, I want to introduce you to my nephew ‘Silvertje’ because he will shows up in my future posts. He comes from the planet “Terra Lamia”.  It’s a planet where vampire cats live. He uses his fangs to bite humans. Fortunate you don’t turn into a “blood sucking vampire” the only symptoms you can have after a bite is you are craving for milk, lots of milk! I don’t know if that’s bad or good, that is up to you to decide.

He is addicted to catnip. I know his mom and dad should have talked about catnip to him when he was young. Unfortunate his parents where also catnip addicts. We send him to Catnip Anonymous but he was kicked out.
Strangely enough when he is catnip high his legs are getting liquid which make him really look silly .


A few years ago I took him away from his parents because  I knew that there is good in him. I made him my traveling companion.

I  found him a new mom. He lives now with my moms mom. He loves his mom. He even buys her flowers for Valentine. Isn’t that sweet? Look how shy Silvertje  is when he is doing something good.



We discovered that he is a real good bookkeeper.
Everything concerning money goes through him. He keeps the budget in control. Silvertje decides what we spend on food, grooming, toys and catnip that last budget has never been so high. As long as he shares his nip with me I’m fine with it.

And don’ t you dare to tell it to my mom  but I love catnip. (I have it under control, I really do)

Look another photo where he is on the nip. He is really funny when he is ‘high’ on the catnip. I think that is enough for one article, I don’t want to overdose you or your feline friends with cats on nip.

I promise you I will tell you later more about Silvertje but if you can’t get enough of him then I urge you to visit his Facebook page.


Next time I will introduce you to my sister “Amy Pond”.  Now that is an other kind of trouble!

Visit us at our own website “”

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Billy The Time Cat: The food in my bowl! – Katzenworld

Stealing food, hungry!

In my first post of this year I told you about my diabetes and our rituals mom and I have. An other aspect of getting the diabetes under control was food. One thing I can tell you I ate amounts of food you could not believe, mom filled up my dry food and a few hours later it was empty. If mom left a bag with food open I was stealing food. A place with food was not save for me! That had to change in the future.

Not only the amount of food had to change, the food itself had to change. Not only did my mom left the VET with insulin, needles but she had new food with her special for diabetic cats. She had a bag of dry food and tins with wet food.


Now, as a cat or cat owner you can guess what happens next… me decided that I didn’t like it, now mom was standing there with her insulin and a cat that refused to eat the food.

Moms plan: Back to the old food and adding a small amount of the new food and every day more and more new food until all was new food. My plan: “Eating the old food, leaving the new food behind” I’m smarter then you mom.

Waiting for my box with food to open

Mom was getting desperate with me. Research on the internet got us to a Dutch site that is specialized in “diabetic cats”. Mom found there answers on food questions and diabetes. They advised her to give me “grain free” food, food with no or a minimum of carbohydrates. They have more proteins and fat. Mom found it logic because humans with diabetes need also less carbohydrates. She ordered it online and a miracle happened… I liked the food! They had also very tasty wet food, so a double win.

My mom learned also that she have to feed me this way: 2 big meals a day when I get my insulin and a smaller meal after four hours when the insulin is working at its best. The effect was impressive, insulin dropped after 2 months from 5 units to 3.5 units. Mom liked that a lot because how less insulin how smaller the chance to get a  to low sugar level. The pré-insulin level was lower, that was good news. My fur got shinier, I started to look better.

Duck arrived at my house!

The above made her thinking what if she could cut all the carbohydrates out of my food? What would happen then? She found the answer in “BARF”. “BARF” stands for “Bones and Raw Food”. That means I had to learn to eat raw meat, bones, liver and other strange stuff. Mom learned her lesson well about me and new food. She took it slowly, first she changed the small meal in the afternoon. She learned to eat me chicken, liver, beef, chicken stomach (I love these), quail legs (Bones part), turkey.

OMC, first I wasn’t enthusiastic but I learned to love the meat, special when lamb was served for me. Mom got my also exotic meat like kangaroo, deer and once I got reindeer. All that meat has to be saved somewhere, so it started with one slide in the freezer, then a second slide and now I have the whole freezer. If my mom is lucky I allow her a slide in the summer to put some ice-cream in it.

Silvertje is eager to get his portion of raw food

Not only did I learn to eat raw food, my mom had also a bad influence on Silvertje my nephew. She learned him to eat raw. Now he only wants to eat raw meat, he refuses any kind of dry or wet food.

Now 3 cats are eating raw meat here. The results are amazing: my sugar level dropped more, my pré-insulin number is now under the levels where it can damage the kidneys. Everyone is amazed how shiny my fur is. The same goes for Amy (my sister) and Silvertje. I have to go less to the VET. So all good things. Mom did good to change the food. I hope you have questions about “BARF” after reading this article. If you have feel free to post them in the comments, we will answer them but mom and I will write article about BARF where we will go into the details.

Now I have to leave you it’s time for my exercise to keep me healthy.

Doing my workout!

You can follow me on:

My webblog or Facebook. I tweet and pinterest is funny.

See you next time,

Billy The Time Cat

P.S: There is a new Katzenworld Newsletter (Delivered every Tuesday) sign up here!

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Billy The Time Cat Wishes you a healty 2015 – Katzenworld

Hello my friends, it’s been a while but I’m back.  First I want to wish you all a healty 2015.  Health is very important not only for humans but also for cats.  On my time travels I learned being in good health can be life saving. Being hunted down by all kind of crazy aliens and sneezing your whiskers out, I can tell you: “not a good idea”. It’s better to stay home then with mom, a blanket and some hot catnip tea.

Some illness cannot be cured, in my introduction I told you that I have diabetes, it something that rarely can be cured. In those 3 years I have diabetes I learned that I always need certain things with me. Fortunate my TARDIS is big enough so I can always take them with me.

Mom made me a checklist of what I need to take with me:

  • Insulin if I go on a field trip for more then one day
  • A sterile syringe with needle
  • A big machine that measures my glucose level
  • A sterile needle
  • Glucose test stripes to put in the machine
  • Catisfactions (In case of emergency)
Survival kit for diabetic cat

Fortunate most of the time I’m home or I return home so mom can give me my insulin. She is doing that every 12 hours.  She is doing that through some rituals we  are performing  to keep my sugar levels under control.

The first ritual is “The Ritual of Insulin”. It goes this way: ” Mom give me my fresh meat. After I eat more then half of it she gives me my insulin in my neck or my side and 3 kisses, with the words “I love you , my sweetie”. That is the best ritual and most lovely ritual you can have.

The Second ritual is “The Ritual of Blood” this is not my favorite ritual and always happens four hours after the “The Ritual of Insulin” once in a week. My mom picks me up and puts a towel around me. She warms my little ears up and then she takes a very big needle and stick me in the ear. If I’m lucky my ear bleeds at once, if not a second attack with the needle is needed. She has that machine ready and she puts it on my ear and takes a drip of my precious blood. If my sugar level is good then I get 1000 kisses. If I’m to low on my sugar levels  then I get a bunch of satisfactions, I love when that happens. If I go to high then my mom is not happy with me. No catisfactions, less kisses and the day afterwards “The ritual of blood” will be done again. If my blood sugar is ok, then I’m done for a week but if not then I need more or less insulin, depends on the situation. Then ritual will repeat after 5 days.

Mom, What are you doing?
Can I get a Catisfaction?
Sugar is very low..

The third ritual is “Bleeding Billy To Death Ritual”, when my sugar is going “Wibbly Wobbly” it’s time to check my sugar level for a few hours, that means every hour or sometimes half our mom perform “The ritual of Blood”, she start before my insulin shot and ends 6 hours after my insulin. That is a lot of needle sticking in my ears, yes she uses my both ears. Mom always tells me: “I’m so sorry my sweetie”. I know she is doing it because mom loves me but hey, I won’t make it easy on her.

You see a life with diabetes is not easy but after 3 years I handle it perfect unless I manage to open the box with treats or I’m upset with  the aliens invasion taking place. Now I have to leave you all because the  “The Ritual of Insulin”, is going to start and  I don’t want to miss my noms and the kisses of my mom. Will talk to you later my friends.

With sweet love and kisses,

Billy The Time Cat or visit me on Facebook

Pawnote from mom: We use the tinniest needle in the universe to get blood out of Billy’s ear. We don’t attack his ears, we do it soft and gently. Just remind you that this is how Billy see the things and as a time cat his fantasy has no limits.

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