Bird Catching! – Houdini Style – Katzenworld


As a house cat I don’t get to go outside on my own, unless I’m on a leash. This is due to killings of kitties in such a nasty way. Mum wants me very much alive.

I window watch mostly and mum2 build a catio for me!!!

Mum2 was building the catio and mum1 told her to put the parts of the catio on the grass, instead of holding the parts of the catio up and putting it together that way. Mum1 was right, as it fell on mum2 head. Much to the delight of mum1 who was laughing. I simply had my paws over my eyes shaking my head.

So, my catio is great but it has mesh so, I cant get out! I have the pleasure of having some magpies stalking me and tormenting me regularly. Just wish I had one chance with them!

Its been 2 years since I last caught a bird! I’ve been marking it off in the calendar in my head!

One day, I was in the catio watching the birds eating and thinking to myself how lovely it’ll be just to play with them! When all of a sudden a little bird flew into the hole in the mesh on my catio!! BINGO!

I jumped into action! I climbed the mesh, I’m sure it was like climbing mount Everest! Mum1 heard a racket, which was me attempting to catch this bird. I only wanted it to play with me!

Both mum1 and mum2 were desperately trying to find the keys to the catio to rescue the bird, but I thought they were their to help me not the bird! Mum2 told mum1 to get the catio key, so mum1 brings out the shed key (haha).

Eventually with my agility I caught the bird! I jumped through the window into the kitchen with the bird in my mouth. Mum1 pounced on me, I am sure shes been watching me on ‘how to pounce’!

She prized my mouth open and the bird was not moving. Mum1 gave the bird to mum2 and then mum1 checked me over as, apparently I was like a spiderman in the catio.

Mum2 checked the bird over, she gave it time to rest, gave it some water which it helped itself too and it flew away unharmed.

I was their thinking ‘there goes my prized toy’! It took 2 years for this to happen and it just didn’t go to plan. I was gentle so didn’t hurt the bird, I was just wanting to play…

So, maybe I wont get the opportunity ever again but I’ve learnt a few things from this:

  1. I have still got the moves of a panther!
  2. Mum1 cant find keys
  3. I’m gentle
  4. Birds are out of bounds

Maybe window watching isn’t so bad after all! Ill never see the bird again!

Us kitties will do what we do, which is our primal hunting instinct. That’s why I wasn’t told off, you cant tell a kitty off for simply doing what they are meant to do. Its in our genetics!


I’ve gone back to hunting my cat nip toys and mums feet! It’s simply a safer way of hunting.

Twitter = @HoudiniDancing

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Getting High With the 4catsnip Special Catnip mix! – Katzenworld

The day came where we were delivered a box with goodies in it! I was so excited. I smelt the box straight away!

Mum, got her special knife, opened the box and oh boy, it was like Christmas! I was surrounded by toys that smelt so good and treats! The box is amazing too, it actually has a cat on it!!

Needless to say mum was so slow at opening the toys out their packets, I had to give her a nudge with my paw and a few meows! She did quicken up eventually! I can’t get the staff at times but she’s getting the hang of it.

When we opened the goodies from 4cats (which are available here on Katzenworld), we noticed that they are extremely well-made goodies, they put up with my playing, biting and amazing wrestling moves (WWE has nothing on me, ha, ha).

They smelt so, so good I got super excited!

I even picked the goodies up and moved them to my private area! Obviously I need my private time, however, I don’t seem to get that with mum. I can’t even lick myself in peace without mum thinking I’m doing yoga moves!

The tassels on the toys are just pure delight! Mum plays with me, but I’m super quick and always manage to catch the tassels when mum plays with me.

The treats, well, as you all know I am super fussy so, when mum gave me them I used some of them as footballs rather than eating them. Mum has used them to feed the stray kitties, they adore the treats! The treats are a winner with the kitties!

I thought I had a clear favorite in the selection of toys however, they are all equally great. They are soft, cuddly, made well, smelt amazing (so much so they made me extremely merry!).

That’s all down to 4cats special formula which is all 100% organic and high-quality catnip or 4catsnip!

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing these toys! So, much so, it wore me out, its amazing stuff!

The important question while reviewing these toys is, ‘would I recommend these products to my anipals’ and ‘Yes, I would!’

Special thanks go to Katzenworld and 4cats for giving me this opportunity to review these products!

4cats toys are available in the Katzenworld Shop:

My Twitter = @HoudiniDancing

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Live TV for Cats! – Katzenworld

I have been waiting for the day when my mum’s actually get a bird feeder!

They don’t understand the needs of a cat furry well!! I meow and meow when they are watching their TV, as what they watch is boring!

Mum’s finally assembled the bird feeder! Wow, I knew this would then change my viewing opportunities!!

Not only now I have LIVE TV but when I go outside those birds sit on the fences. It’s amazing, except mum’s say I’m not to catch the birds, which is highly unfair. I’m trying to learn about the different types of birds. My only issue is, the book doesn’t give you information on the meat to bone ratio!

I have noticed the pigeons and blackbirds are super greedy!! But not as greedy as me! I am sure these birds taste so nice!! Mum’s say I’m only able to window shop! How bad is that! They get a bird feeder and I’m not able to play!

I’m always watching out the window meow, ever used to but I just relax and look out the window.

I would love to catch a bird, last time I caught a bird my mum’s got it out of my mouth!! How rude they were!

Birds are just amazing, do you like birds? I feel like I am now able to enjoy my garden more. This bird feeder is for cats everywhere, I’m happy to share! The mornings are pawsome! All the Starlings feeding! They look like chicken legs in my eyes moving and saying ‘eat me, eat me’.

I’ll happily eat them but my mum’s just ruin it all for me! They ensure I don’t eat them, it’s so unfair!

Do your humans prevent you from having fun?

Thank you for reading the latest edition of my fun!

Twitter and Instagram @houdinidancing

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Reality of a Homeless Cat, Spud! – Katzenworld

We all know life for some kitties is difficult, some are born homeless, others were thrown into it by previous owners and then there’s some that have run away and became homeless.

When my mums moved into the house they are in they, realised there was a few homeless kitties around! As they have been homeless themselves they understand the struggle. Except for cats, there’s really not much that can help them if they are in

The reality of a homeless cat is bleak. Kitties do not choose to be homeless! Sometimes it’s down to humans and sometimes by accident.

My mums have been feeding a few homeless kitties for years!

They have named them appropriately either by their looks or personality. Unfortunately, there are some kitties with homes that eat their food. We have tried to stop this but we cannot.

The kitties that are homeless are scared of humans! They run at the sight of one, even if that means running into the main road without looking.

The good thing is, is that these kitties will have water and a full tummy. Food is out 24/7.

We had a shock a few weeks ago, it upset us all!

A kitty my mum feeds turned up at our door and didn’t move. It wanted help

Mum1, quickly realised this kitty had severe skin injuries and the kitty was limping.

My mum’s got my crate, rang the vets and rang the RSPCA and got the kitty the help it desperately needed

The RSPCA has since called him Spud. He was such a beauty and still is, but he’s got a long way to go to get his wounds healed.

He didn’t mew or hiss, it would have hurt him so furry much

He is 100% re-homeable, he is so lovely and he came to mums door knowing they will help him.

But we know this isn’t the case for all of my fur friends that are homeless. They die a painful death or go around with severe wounds and are in extreme pain.

We can only wish that one day no fur will EVER be homeless.

Spud will now have a life he deserves with love and care.

We found out that Spud is about 4/5 years old. We found him in a bad state on Tuesday but on Monday an elderly woman who used to let him into her house had died that day.

Then Spud turned up at our doorstep!

Mum1 promised Spud that she’d help him.

I want to raise awareness of homeless kitties and the reality of it.

I’m furry grateful I have a forever home with my mum’s. Others are not lucky.

Some good mews is Spud is doing well, mums also feeding a fox which came with a kitty mums feed (they have named the kitty Scatty). They also feed a few hedgehogs. Mums do get shocked when looking out their window in the middle of the night to find anipals eating that are not kitties.

Thank mew for reading!!

Twitter and Instagram @houdinidancing

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Birthday bumps for my 4th! – Katzenworld

I cannot believe I’m now 4 years young!!

It was my birthday on the 23rd April, and oh boy did I get spoilt.

I expected chicken, which I got but a chicken with a candle in it OMC! 🕯️🍗

Of course, I expected to be treated like a king. However, my mum’s say I’m always treated like a king! 😹😹

Mums had a dilemma for my presents, basically what to get me. So, the asked my fur friends and humans.

I have so many toys my mums also found some they managed to donate to a fur that needed them and deserved them.

Can you guess my present out of the above picture 🙀🙀🙀

I was so furry excited!!

It arrived in a huge box!! I enjoyed that box so, much! Then I enjoyed this cardboard relaxer. I adore it!

It’s replaced my smaller one which has been moved to another part of my kingdom.

My humans say I’m getting to be a big boy but a good boy too. The older I’m getting my behaviour is getting better too.

I’m not attacking my mum’s as much meow.

I do have a new habit which is watching birds 🐦🐦 on mums mobiles before I go to sleep. It’s an impawtant part of my sleep.

It’s my mum’s birthdays in May, with mum1 being 30! She now says she’s halfway to 60! 😹😹

Also, it’s my mum’s wedding anniversary too, May is a busy month!

Mum1 bought a Chinese Elm bonsai tree near my birthday, I seem to like brushing up against it. It’s funny when the leaves come off due to me doing that. 😹

While I’m 4, it still will not change my humour 😹!

Thank mew to all for sharing my birthday. 🎂🐾

Some more impawtant mews, the neighbours with the dog have moved. I’m now fully in charge of the back gardens! That dog was a silly dog after all!

I have to be the king of my kingdom after all!

Now it’s getting summer I’m out on my leash a lot more. I love it! I eat the grass a lot and roll around.

It’s furry exciting when I see a bird or flies!

Thank mew for reading!

Twitter and Instagram @houdinidancing

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A Cats Mission to Save his Home in Walsall Road Allotments – Katzenworld

I never thought how much impact a cat called Robert and his gang would have on the Twitter cat community! Well, its amazing how much I have learned over the past few months.

Walsall Road Allotments (Allotments are a plot of land that is rented to grow flowers, fruit, and veg on)  are a multi-cultural community with 22 nationalities and over 100 gardeners. They are home to the following kitties:

Top row we have: Janet, Dorothy, Gloria Glover, and ET. Bottom row: Red Fred, Robert (star of the allotment) and Barbara.

All these kitties live on the allotments along with other wildlife and chickens. Walsall Road Allotments are their home and has been for years. These allotments are also rather famous and have featured in a number of TV programmes.

Unfortunately, they were under threat of being bulldozed due to the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Birmingham Council were looking at a ‘master plan’ for the site and thought it was a good idea to close the allotments.

This would mean all the kitties would be homeless, the wildlife destroyed and those living off the land would effectively be without food.

Robert was having none (Twitter = @AllotmentCat) of this, so, he meowed to his helper to set up a campaign. Oh boy, did this take off!!! Due to the powers of Twitter it then appeared on other social media platforms, it gathered momentum! All Twitter kitties were not happy that Robert and his gang plus others, were going to be greatly affected by this awful decision.

Over 13600 people have signed this petition to stop Birmingham Council from closing these allotments that mean so much to the community.

Robert fought, his helpers fought, Twitter kitties and Twitter humans fought all to save these kitties from becoming homeless. Robert lead the charge!

He greeted MP’s, the Media, Leader of the Council and people who popped by with purrs and mews. Robert was sure to make an entrance to let people know what they would be doing wrong if the site closed.

The thing that struck me is, that Twitter is a community while it is bad there is more good. We all know what was unfair and certainly, Robert and his helpers knew that, and lead that charge.  They campaigned really well! We all were behind Robert and his gang in helping save the allotments.

Their petition alone one twitter got thousands and thousands of interactions. Like after like and retweet after retweet. This isn’t including any other social media.

Robert and his gang who campaigned long and hard. Birmingham Council informed them that the allotments were safe and would not be closed. What a huge win for Robert and his gang plus all the humans.

It goes to show the power of one cat and his mission to save the home he lives in. The power of social media is strong, but the power of Robert and his helper is even stronger. They campaigned so hard that surely is a credit to themselves for this win.

Without their hard work, these allotments would close and the loss to the community would have immense, not to mention the kitties being made homeless and the cost to the wildlife.

Twitter Robert is @AllotmentCat

Twitter Houdini is @HoudiniDancing


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Love is in the fur! – Katzenworld

I’ve got some pawsome mews to share with everyfur!

I’ve been single my whole entire life so far! Yes, i’ll be 4 on the 23rd April, I’ve told my mum’s that I’d like a girlfriend. I’ve had plenty of furs asking but I wanted a special girl in my life. She was one of the first to put her paw forward.

Shes called Tlitha shes a beauty! She understands the impawtant jobs I have!

Our first date was to Paris!

We had a pawsome time, drinking pawsecco and living the high life with catnip! I first met her on Twitter, she is stunning. Her green eyes, her fur is amazing!

She has told me she will be faithful and love conditionally. I of course asked her out infront of all our friends.

She said ‘yes’, it made me super happy! I wiggled my tail for a furry long time after! Of course, I decided not to make any corny comments. She is to be treated with respect!

Of course, my mum’s remain my best mum’s but my number one will be Tlitha. I have to say we’re taking it slow. Plenty of dates and first and foremost its friendship and laughs, your best friend should be your partner.

I’ll have to use my banana phone to ring her however, I have forgotten if she has a banana phone.

If any fur has and relationship advice please let me know. Id like to take her somewhere lease but unsure of the destination. We wont visit places that eat cats, I may go all panther on them!

For the moment I’m furry happy, new experience.

Thank mew for reading


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When 1 cat became Several – Katzenworld

Alot of humans ask my my mums feed the kitties in my street (they try to feed the homeless kitties but sometimes others are greedy!).

It all started with a kitty which my mums named ‘Blacky’, as the word states, hes a beautiful black kitty just like me, except I’m more handsome!

He is skinnier than me with a few war wounds and a broken tail that’s healed bent. My mums started to feed him when she noticed he was a bit worse for wear and he would only come out at night to feed. We never see him during the day.

So, then came the rest, Scrappy was next except shes just greedy and does have a home. She follows my mums! Except I dont like her nor any other kitty.

Then now, we have many many kitties. My mum says they must talk about it in the alleyways to where they can get meals 24/7.

The latest is Scatty, my mums named her this for a reason. She started coming here as a kitten, must be about 6-8 months old. Yet, she runs away at the sight of my mums and any other human near. She’ll run under cars and dart across the road just to get away. That worries my mums in case she gets hit by a car. My mum1 talks to her like she talks to me to ensure she knows that mums a good person.

Scatty will wait at the gate for my mum to put the food down. Mum1 ill then close the front door and Scatty will run down the path to go and eat the food. A few weeks ago Scatty actually left the gate, and stood behind mum1 meowing!!! Shes not done this since but its still a win for my mum.  Scatty ran away when mum turned to go back inside.

I do think no fur should be without someone to love, food and shelter. Unfortunately, I’m super territorial so, mum’s cannot get another kitty. Mum feeds alot of other furs, it does cost but the cost is worth it as their bellies are full. Mum is known in the winter to put hot water bottles out to stop the food from freezing.

This year my mums are planning to overhaul the feeding station with better facilities for the kitties.

My mums with they could rescue but knowing they are making an impact is good enough.

After all, my mum1 has been made homeless twice and mum2 once. They know the feeling of having no money or home. No fur helped them they had it the hard way, but they got out of the situation. Therefore, my mums want these kitties to know they are their and they are loved just like I am.

Thank mew for reading!

Twitter and instagram @houdinidancing

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The PANTHER in me! – Katzenworld

Every kitty has a secret. My secret will now be published on here furever!! It’s one I choose not to reveal however, it apart of me and feel it could help others.

As a kitty I was rather feisty and as I got older it got worse. A lot of humans told my mum’s to get rid of me. They didn’t and never dreamt of it, they kept me and I love them, as they love me.

So, I don’t scratch I bite. I bite hard to draw blood and leave a lines or holes, then run away and hide under the bed. I know I’ve done wrong and stay their for a little while before I come out to say sorry.

I have scared my mum’s arm so, much so, people think she self harms. But she just uses that arm to protect her face from me.

I can attack when my mum’s are in bed, if, I mew and they don’t listen to me then I attack. Sometimes I just attack for no reason! Mum1 thinks maybe, I think I am playing when I just jump and bite when mum’s are on the sofa.

Once I put mum1 in hospital. Everyfur in the street knows about my temper. So, one person who my mum’s do not know knocked on our front door with a kitty in her hands. WELL!!!! I went nuts! I caught mum1’s hand and ripped it open.

When Im out on my lead with mum2, I play up. She has to carry me back into the house with oven gloves. The neighbours think its funny! Mum1 takes no messing so, I’m good with her.

My mum’s think it’s the panther in me, it comes alive sometimes. After all we are kitties that will have the hunter instinct in us.

It sound so bad, and I don’t like talking about it but feel maybe there’s people out their with kitties like myself.

I have improved, my behaviour has became more manageable. I used to attack daily when now it maybe once a week or once every two weeks. My mums use scents for kitties. She uses Feliway or Pet Remedy which works for me.

Most importantly they treat me like a cat and not like a child. They play with me a lot and I have a catio to ensure I get all my energy out. They know my movements and know that if I swish my tail in a certain way that I am not to be touched.

While I am not the lap cat my mum1 wanted I am always her fur baby and she loves me unconditionally. With mum2, I’m her lap cat! They both adore me and treat me well.

They get offended by people telling them to get rid of me. They say I’m a living creature and I have a home with them furever. I am their responsibility and that’s that. They love me for me.

Everyfur isn’t purfect and I certainly am not. I hope I continue to improve and my mum1 has said that when I stop attacking them she will get a tattoo to cover the bite scars.

If, you have a problem with your kitty please do not give up. Time and patients is needed! Kittys are wild by nature however, humans domesticated them but some will always be more ‘wild’ than some. Please learn your kitties body language and your own. Provide plenty of playful opportunities.

Remember its ok not to have that lap cat that’s portrayed on TV and in social media. We’re all different and unique.

I don’t want to portray me as a bad, bad kitty. My start out in life wasn’t great and I’m learning.

Purrs and hugs to all

Twitter and Instagram @houdinidancing

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Black Cat Myths and Facts (BUSTED) – Katzenworld

We all know that there are many, many myths about us black kitties, this causes a negative effect on us getting adopted! I would like to debunk these and prove that actually we are just mini panthers who are loving just like any other kitty.

We have done some research on the myths that are out there in the world. We want to prove how pawsome and special we actually are and that no black kitty should ever be seen in a negative light.


Seeing a black cat from behind gives you bad luck – How ridiculous, who would want to look at my fluffy butt! Although I have to say I have a beautiful rear end! Bad luck is mainly created by yourself or other humans not us black cats!

  1. Black cats don’t show well selfies – Well, we do. Its humans who cannot take a good picture! Its all about the light and treats (mainly treats!).
  2. Black cat crossing your path is bad luck (in certain countries) – No, I have only provided pawsitive and amazing luck to my human. Actually she created her own luck herself! This was done through hard work and dedication! I’d like to say I had a paw in her success!
  3. We are Satanic – Last time I looked, I wasn’t. The only thing satanic about me, is the smell I leave in my litter tray with the present I leave for my mum to pick up!
  4. If you were seen with a Black Cat you were a Witch – So, this is what my mum must be! She puts chicken in her cauldron and when it comes out its super warm and extra tasty! She calls this ‘an oven’! On the serious note, my mum’s are not witches! You were deemed a witch if you had a black cat (which started in the middle ages), you were burned at the stake.
  5. We are sacrificed on Halloween – Unfortunately, this still happens and people hurt us, this is why on Halloween people need to keep their kitties inside! This leads back to the above numbers 4 and 5.

Unfortunately, with many of these myths, it’s caused many of my mini panther brothers and sisters to be killed and even humans! Still to this day black cats are killed due to myths, especially on Halloween.


  1. There are 22 different black cat breeds (Cat Fanciers’ Association)
  2. A lot of black cats have golden eyes, which is the result of high melanin pigment.
  3. A Panther is actually 2 cats. Panthers in the Americas are melanistic (black-coated) jaguars, while panthers in Africa are melanistic leopards.
  4. Black cats can go grey with age
  5. For a cat to be solid black, both of its parents need to have the ‘black’ colour gene. This gene is called Allele.
  6. Some black cats are tabbies in disguise. If a cat has the black Allele but the expression of a tabby gene isn’t completely represented. You might be able to see faint tabby stripes on the black cat. You maybe able to see this in the bright sunlight.
  7. Black Cat Appreciation Day is 17th August.

There’s a number of us on Twitter trying to change the way people perceive us and do this by raising awareness to dispel these myths that people still believe in. Such as PushkinPanfur (@PushkinPanther), who is one of many trying to change the world for us mini panthers. He’s also furry fashionable and handsome too!

Black cats are least to be adopted, so, let us all change the world together and be the change we want to see in the world.

Thank mew for reading!

Twitter @houdinidancing

Instagram @houdinidancing

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