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The best cats are often the bad ones. That is the premise behind Snarky Cats Stealing Quotes Coloring Book for Adults. Creative and funny, with a bit of bite this is not an activity book to be taken too seriously. Yet, that is purr-cisely one of it’s benefits.

Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

Colouring books for adults are often touted to be all about relaxation. They are a form of escapism which lets us tune out the world, channeling our creativity from the comfort of our own homes. Colouring focuses us in the moment, similar to mediation.

What else is know to help people overcome anxiety and provide relive stress? Cats, of course. From petting to purrs multiple studies have shown our feline masters to be furry, meowing relaxants. It might be a bridge too far to say colouring cat images multiplies the tranquil effects of colouring, rendering you completely Zen. However, colouring while sitting next to a cat… or 10?

Now add in the healthy benefits from laughter. Win, win, win!

Snarky Cats Coloring Book is packed full or quotes, from the ridiculous to the… well, more ridiculous, seeing the world through cat-centric eyes. From your favorite Crazy Cat Lady sayings, to kittens vandalizing famous quotes, Snarky Cats is made to be unapologetically irreverent. If it helps you to chill the fluff out, that’s just a bonus.

From Voltaire to Hellen Keller, Chinese proverbs to famous movie quotes, Snarky Cats pearls of wisdom include:

  • A Bird in the hand is worth two in the cat
  • Hell hath no fury like a Siamese scorned
  • It’s always darkest before the hairball
  • With great Bengals comes great responsibility

Let these and other life lessons wash over you like a gentle cloud of cat litter dust. Enjoy!


Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

Snarky Cats Stealing Quotes Coloring Book for Adults is available on all Amazon websites including:

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:

ISBN: 978-1957532189

Author: Nola Lee Kelsey

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Is one Kitten Ever Enough? Absolutely, purr-sitively not! – Katzenworld

Domestic felines are synonymous with love and fun. Who could ever get enough of that? While you should choose your own cats to love, there is a new, cat-centric activity book bringing that extra bit of fun to those who are impaired by a kitten addiction.

The Crazy Cat Lady Activity Book of puzzles for adults, published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

From the creator of The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults, comes the new, larger and even more hilarious title, The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book #2. Just like the original Crazy Cat Lady, this second puzzle book was designed with relaxation, humor and plenty of brain food in mind.

Yes, it’s packed full of all-original crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, cryptograms, spot-the-difference challenges, coloring pages, etc., but wait, there’s more. Whimsy abounds! The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book #2 has even more catastrophically silly cat art, designed to bring you maximum smiles per page. Remember, it’s all in good fun!

The Cat Lady’s Activity book #2 published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey The Cat Lady’s Activity book #2 published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey The Cat Lady’s Activity book #2 published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey The Cat Lady’s Activity book #2 published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

See The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults at:


Author and book designer Nola Lee Kelsey, creates our own Weekly Cat World Puzzle series here on Katzenworld. Kelsey, has also parlayed the success of her first Crazy Cat Lady Activity Book into a broader series which includes The Crazy Cat Lady’s Coloring Book and a Weekly Planner. Never underestimate the power of our maniacal feline overlords to inspire our creative spirits.

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Book Mews: The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book – Katzenworld

Lions and Toygers and British Shorthairs, Oh My!

There’s a new book in town that has the craziest among us ‘feline’ fine. It is no secret to the cat addicted that our fuzzy overlords improve our quality of life. Countless studies show the very presence of cats in our homes relieves anxiety, improves sleep and generally makes us happier. But, can they help our memory too? It’s quite purr-ssible.

Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults is the perfect storm of brain food, kittens and catty humor. Cat-themed crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms, mazes, colouring and more elicit both the relaxation and memory challenges activity books are known for, but the benefits don’t stop there. Every page of this delightful book is packed full of so much whimsical cat art it could even make a Persian smile.

Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

Crazy Cat Lady’s is no genetic publication. Producers of ordinary activity books often purchase simplistic themed word lists online. A generalized cat word list may be bundled up along with Caravans 101 and Tropical Fruit lists, all compiled by the same person. However, every puzzle in Crazy Cat Lady’s was curated one fluffy word at a time, by zoologist Nola Lee Kelsey, the owner of Soggy Nomad Press. A failed recovering cataholic, Kelsey’s love for felines and off-beat humor shows throughout her book. 

So if you’re not relaxed enough just having cats in your life, double down on the tranquility. Check out The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults today and laugh along while you exercise your memory and put your cat-savvy wisdom to the test. It’s all in good fun!


The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults:

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An Epic Cat Novel for Christmas – Katzenworld

2022 saw the publication of ‘Mykonos and Athena – A Furry Tale’, a heart-warming adventure that the author, Gary Stolkin, dedicates to anyone who has loved a pet more than people. That’s a lot of us!

Inspired by actual events, Harry Parkman is a high-flying management consultant with an apartment in London’s fashionable Chelsea and a beautiful girlfriend who wants to marry him. His life is turned upside down when he finds two desperately sick kittens whilst holidaying in the Greek Islands. Having spent a lifetime avoiding cats because of a childhood allergy, he cannot leave them for dead. Harry saves the kittens and in so doing, saves himself.

‘Mykonos and Athena – A Furry Tale’ is available in English from leading booksellers globally and Amazon.

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I’m not sure how it happened, but this year I ended up releasing the sequels to both my cozy cat series at just about the same time. Ghost Cat on the Midway, book 2 of the Tenth Life series, came out at the end of August, and Cat’s Play, the Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries #9, will launch on National Cat Day, October 29, 2022. If you enjoy reading cat cozies (by a nice autumn fire with a cat on your lap), you’re in luck.

Ghost Cat on the Midway, a Tenth Life Cozy Paranormal #2

There’s trouble brewing at the Cove County Fair.

Camelia Collins, Ocean Cove’s most recent resident over seventy years of age, is all set to go to the fair! The smell of the popcorn, the roar of the crowd, the Ferris wheel and the pony shows—things she remembers from childhood and looks forward to experiencing again.

But something’s up at the Cove County Fair. Camelia’s new friend Alice, keeper of an aging tiger, is murdered, and the tiger goes missing. Who did it? A rogue band of aggressive animal activists seem like the obvious culprits, but they deny the act.

Only one entity knows the truth—the ghost cat Soji, but will the capricious spirit decide to come forward before someone else dies?

Available for Kindle or in Paperback. Sales Link:

5-Star Review for Ghost Cat on the Midway 

“Very awesome 2nd story in the Tenth Life series. I can’t for the next one. I will be waiting breathlessly for it.”  —Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Ghost Cat on the Midway has it all; memorable characters, an interesting and fun setting, a ghost cat, pie, and a mystery that will get you guessing! I highly recommend this book to all cozy mystery lovers!” —Christy’s Cozy Corners

Cat’s Play, a Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery #9

Lynley faces ghosts when she moves into a dead millionaire’s mansion to care for his clairvoyant cat.

Eccentric recluse Roderick Payne has bequeathed his vast estate to little Friends of Felines cat shelter, but the gift comes with a catch. The first stipulation, to care for the dead man’s cat Winnie, is simple for Lynley Cannon, cat shelter volunteer and self-appointed cat lady. The second, however, proves more difficult.

Friends of Felines must “find Payne’s killer,” but since he died of natural causes, that will be a trick.

Lynley, charged with unraveling the enigma, discovers an unlikely ally in Winnie. The cat’s clairvoyant insights guide Lynley toward the truth, but will her findings threaten both their lives?

Preorder Cat’s Play for kindle: Paperback versions will also be available.

About Mollie Hunt:

Cat Writer Mollie Hunt is the award-winning author of two cozy series, the Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and the Tenth Life Mysteries. Her Cat Seasons Sci-Fantasy Tetralogy features extraordinary cats saving the world. Mollie also pens a bit of cat poetry.

You can find Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer on her blogsite:

Follow Mollie’s Amazon Page:

Facebook Author Page:


Twitter: @MollieHuntCats


Sign up for Mollie’s newsletter to receive a download link for “Cat’s Cradle, a Crazy Cat Lady short story” as a welcome gift.

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CatsEssentials CEO Debuts New Book – For the Love of Cats – Katzenworld


CatsEssentials’ CEO Melissa Mezzalira Debuts Book Chronicling Journey as

Luxury Organic “Catpreneur” and Devoted Cat Parent

Conversational publication will be unveiled during CatCon 2022 on October 1, 2022

WEST PALM BEACH, FL 2022 – Melissa Mezzalira, CEO of CatsEssentials, is pleased to announce the release of her debut publication, For the Love of Cats: A Modern Cat Lady’s Journey Into Cat Parenthood and Entrepreneurship, which is now available for sale on Amazon. On the brink of making her first appearance as a featured presenter during CatCon 2022 in Pasadena, California, the founder of the South Florida-based modern organic cat furniture company chronicles her journey from northern Italy as the daughter of artisanal shoemakers, to the creative director of her Italian-inspired luxury designs.

“I honestly think cat-loving is just a trait that some of us have inside of us; some lucky tweak of our DNA that gives us a true appreciation for the feline species,” said Mezzalira. “We have this thrill every time we hear a cat meow. Each time we see a cat, our fingers itch to sweep a line from her soft head down to her twitching tail. The purring fills our hearts with pure joy.”

Along with a heart-warming tale illustrating her personal background and affinity for felines, Mezzalira delves into the reasoning behind cat parents’ inherent respect for cats as independent sentient beings. She also reframes the age-old connotation of the “Crazy Cat Lady” archetype with a Modern Cat Lady perspective, which is characterized by an unapologetic spirit to love and adore cat children with curiosity, intelligence, and style to match.

‘“This book leads cat parents on a quest to understand why we love our felines so much. What is it about the essence of these magnificent creatures that captivates us to the point that we become irrational and will do anything for them? I will also discuss the emerging Modern Cat Lady movement and the social shift from “cat owner” to “cat parent.” But, most importantly, I will share my story with you and describe what I’ve learned through my journey, from Italy to the USA, about caring for our furry babies in the best possible way. My love for cats is so deep that I even chose to start a business, CatsEssentials, that caters to both cats and their parents,”’ said Mezzalira.

The CatsEssentials team will be selling hard copies of this book at the Pasadena Convention Center– Booth #515– during CatCon 2022, which will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2022 and Sunday, October 2, 2022, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (PT). CatCon participants who stop by the booth can get their limited-edition autographed copy of the new book and meet the author. Attendees will also be able to purchase the brand’s signature items such as plush cat beds, designer mattresses, specialty toys, and elevated furnishings from the company’s Veneto Collection. To learn more about CatsEssentials and Mezzalira’s new book, visit the company website.

About CatsEssentials:

Founded by social entrepreneur and modern cat furniture designer Melissa Mezzalira, CatsEssentials is reinventing the way in which the world provides quality, comfortable, and luxurious experiences for our beloved feline companions. A “Catpreneur” inspired by a tenacious drive to change the world, her contemporary Italian design roots and appreciation for an elevated decor aesthetic are reflective in her furnishings, comprising eco-friendly materials and organic bedding. Her sophisticated cat furniture line presents small-scale replicas of high-end product models commonly enjoyed by conscious cat parents, which are accessorized and customizable to their needs, preferences, and design choices.

CatsEssentials’ identity is defined by treating cats like integral members of the family, or as children. As our Founder shares, “Our love for our cats– and for the environment at large– inspired us to cultivate a community of cat parents who create healthy lifestyles for our companions each day, without compromising the affinity for luxury or style. The company is governed by the philosophy of all living things being interconnected, and respecting the world in which we live while encouraging others to do the same.” For more information, visit CatsEssentials here.

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Single With Cat, a Sweet Romantic Comedy – Katzenworld

Can she save the Happy Endings Bookstore and have the happy ending she deserves?

Olivia is back in her hometown to reopen the bookstore her grandmother left her. She has a whole plan mapped out for the Happy Endings Bookstore. Just one problem – she finds out the bank is ready to foreclose on the bookstore’s mortgage.
Gabriel, the bank manager, is as drop dead gorgeous as he is grouchy. Olivia hates the guy, but her cat Chili seems to love him. Now Olivia has three months to save the bookstore and rub it in Gabriel’s face.

Olivia tries everything to save the bookstore, but with a quest to find out the identity of an anonymous romance writer, her mother wanting to find her a husband, and her grandmother’s grouchy neighbor making her life hell, Olivia has a lot on her plate.

The tension between Olivia and Gabriel escalates as the deadline to save the bookstore approaches, but as the two slowly begin to let their guard down, they might learn that sometimes stepping outside one’s comfort zone can lead to the greatest reward.

Single with Cat is a feel-good romantic comedy perfect for readers who love cats, books, and happy endings.

You can find more info about my book on my author website: or Amazon:

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From Poets Wear Prada, Meowku by Patricia Carragon – Katzenworld

From Poets Wear Prada, Meowku by Patricia Carragon

Photo Credit: Marc-Andre

Patricia Carragon. author of Urban Haiku and More, returns with more Haiku, this time inspired by her favorite muse, our sphinx-like companion, the CAT. This book is also filled with Ms. Carragon’s photography as well. Attached are a few samples of feline delight.

Excerpts from Meowku:

topaz sunlight

the storefront cat

makes eye contact


Kerouac kitty

poems unravel

like toilet paper


eyes of the cat witch

hypnotize her devotees

cuteness wins more treats


like cat’s eyes

doors to inner space

open and shut


the singing bowl

cannot compete

with the purring cat



cat whiskers brushing

the human on the mat

Praise for Meowku:

Aaron Fisher, author of Black Stars of Blood: The Weegee Poems (Main Street Rag Press), says,“Patricia Carragon has done something notable, writing and assembling some 30 pages of haiku about cats (hence, meowku) that are neither cute nor cloying. What they are is smart, funny, and satisfyingly complex — quite an accomplishment in seventeen syllables.”

David Dephy, a Georgian/American award-winning poet, novelist, and performer, sums it up: “These poems themselves are warm and mystical like kittens. They crawl from page to page with catlike grace as you caress them with your eyes and breath, as you stare them in the eye you become cautious like them and don’t want your silence to be disturbed by anyone while reading.”

Judy Kamilhor, author of Before the Big Bang and Cat Dreams, notes, “Enjoy a delightful romp of word play through a New York filled with mischievous cats and kittens. Accompanied by lovely photos, Patricia Carragon’s poems capture moments of city life with feline friends and sometimes foes. Who knew that this ancient Japanese forms fit modern New York life with cats so purrfectly?” And lastly, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Editor of Bear Creek Haiku, says, “Patricia Carragon is known throughout our creative and feline worlds as “that Brooklyn girl.” The humor, noblesse, and yes, loveliness of her nationwide nurturing presence are aptly, beautifully encapsulated within these thirty-five pages of photos, haiku, and micro (yet mighty) poems. Meowku is nurturing “cattitude” we all need.

About Patricia Carragon:

Patricia Carragon loves cupcakes, chocolate, cats, and haiku. She is an avid writer of short stories, prose, and poetry. She has been widely published online and in print. Her most recent publications include Arriving at a Shoreline Anthology (great weather for MEDIA, 2022), Bear Creek Haiku, Beat Generation Anthology 2022, First Literary Review-East, I Wanna Be Loved by You: Poems on Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Jazz Musician, Moonstone Press, MER VOX Quarterly, Muddy River Poetry Review, Out Loud, an LGBTQA Literary Arts Anthology (Red or Green Books), The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow anthology, et al. Her fiction piece “What Has to Happen Next” has been nominated for Sundress Publications Annual Best of the Net Anthology. Her poem “Paris the Beautiful” won Poem of the Week from great weather for MEDIA. She was nominated by Bear Creek Haiku for a Pushcart Prize. Her debut novel, Angel Fire, is from Alien Buddha Press. Her books from Poets Wear Prada are Meowku and The Cupcake Chronicles. She hosts Brownstone Poets and is the editor-in-chief of its annual anthology.

Follow Patricia on:

Like Her Page on FaceBook

About Poets Wear Prada:

Publishing beautifully designed volumes of well-crafted poetry — and now fiction — you want to read, since October 2006 from Hoboken, New Jersey, birthplace of Frank Sinatra and professional baseball.

C/O Roxanne Hoffman
533 Bloomfield Street – 2nd Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Meowku is available on Amazon:


In the UK:


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Dr. Oozy by Jona Gorra, M.D.,FACP and Annie Gorra – Katzenworld

My love for cats goes all the way back when I was growing up in the Philippines. We were struggling

financially so we cannot afford to indulge them. I promised myself that when I finish school and find work, I will pamper them.

When I migrated to the US and put up a medical practice, I adopted two cats. One was Buki and the other one was Oozy. Buki was regal, well-behaved, and had royal manners. Oozy was the opposite. He was quite rough and was not concerned about how he behaved. In the human world, Buki would be the well-mannered socialite while Oozy would be the one who came from the wrong side of the tracks.

Their contrasting personalities brought so much amusement and joy to me and my husband. True to my promise, now that I can afford, we pampered them.

Sadly, they both passed away. Buki passed first and a few years later, Oozy followed. Before he died, Oozy caressed my face and the face of my husband with his paws to wipe our tears. Until now, I become teary-eyed when I remember this loving gesture.

In memory of Buki and Oozy, I co-wrote a children’s book with my sister, Annie Gorra, called “Dr. Oozy.” It’s about a cat (Oozy), who wants to become a doctor like his human companions, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Joy. But he has one problem. He does not have arms and hands. How can he become a doctor?

The question of whether a cat can become a doctor bothered him so much that he could not sleep. He wanted to quit school but his sister, Buki, encouraged him to continue learning. Oozy listened to Buki’s counsel, and opportunities opened up for him that he never expected.

The book combines both my love for cats and passion for education. A pediatrician in Delaware said that “the book conveys a very important message about the need for personal interaction between children and animals.” An elementary school teacher in the Philippines said that the book is a “heartwarming story about patience, love, and charity.”

She is an avid supporter of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and a great believer in education. The book, “Dr Oozy,” based on her two former cats, “Oozy,” and “Buki,” combines her passion for animals and education.

She is married to Dr. Ody Claravall, a fellow internist, and a major contributor to the making of this book.

Annie Gorra has written two books: “City of Gold: People Who Made their Home and History in Cagayan de Oro” and “The Mystery on 17th Street.” “The Mystery on 17th Street” was a finalist in the “Gintong Aklat Awards” in 2018 in the Philippines and was included in the online catalogue of the New Westminster Public Library, New Westminster, BC.

She used to work for the City of Vancouver in Vancouver, B.C. She is married to Benny Rago. She and her sister, Dr Jona Gorra both hail from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

She likes to tell stories that entertain and hopes that “Dr Oozy” will be fun for children.

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Book Mews: Purr – The Science of Making Your Cat Happy – Katzenworld


Cat people, rejoice! Finally, a fun-to-read yet science-based book about cat behaviour that explains how to keep your cat healthy and happy.

In Purr, animal behaviour expert Zazie Todd addresses every stage of a cat’s life and offers surprising and effective advice for even the most experienced cat owner, all with the science to back it up:

“cat lovers learn the science behind cats’ petting preferences; the multiple meanings of purrs, chirrups, and meows; how to best satisfy the scratching and stalking desires for indoor cats; and even how to keep both cats and wildlife safe if your felines spend time outside” Cat Warren, New York Times-bestselling author

Cat lovers will also discover how to:

  • Enrich your cat’s life through play and exercise
  • Reduce anxiety and fear around your absence, visitors, and trips to the vet
  • Train your kitten or cat without causing harm (ie. don’t use a spray bottle!)
  • Provide for special needs like asthma
  • Make senior cats comfortable

In Purr, Zazie Todd demystifies the feline-human relationship and shares her scientific knowledge in an easily accessible way which will appeal to everyone who owns a cat – 24% of the UK population according to the PDSA.

ZAZIE TODD has made a career out of helping people with their pets. She is the creator of award-winning blog, Companion Animal Psychology, has a PhD in Psychology and an Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour from International Cat Care.

Her award-winning book about dog behavior, Wag, was featured in The Daily Telegraph, The iPaper, The Sun, The Psychologist and The Sunday Post plus The New York Times and People Magazine. She’s originally from Yorkshire but currently lives in Canada.


The Science of Making Your Cat Happy

By Zazie Todd

ISBN: 978-1-77164-814-1

Pub date: May 2022

Hardcover £18.99

288 pages

eBook available

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