Meow-some Adventures: Japan for Cat Lovers! – Katzenworld

Calling all cat lovers! If you’re looking for a meow-some adventure, look no further than Japan. From cat cafes to feline shrines and temples, Japan is a purrfect destination for every cat enthusiast. Not to mention, the country is home to some of the coolest cats in the world. And if you’re looking for souvenirs, Japan has got you covered with its cat-themed shopping. So pack your bags and let’s embark on a kitty-filled journey through Japan!

Discovering Japan’s Cat Cafes

One of the most popular attractions for cat lovers in Japan is its cat cafes, where visitors can sip on coffee or tea while petting and playing with adorable feline friends. These cafes are scattered throughout Tokyo and other major cities, and some even have specific themes like black cats or exotic breeds. The cats are well-socialized and often wear cute outfits, making for the perfect photo opportunity. It’s important to note that some cafes may have strict rules and regulations, such as no flash photography or limited time with the cats, so be sure to check before visiting.

Exploring Feline Shrines and Temples

In Japan, cats are considered sacred animals and are often revered in religious settings. Visitors can explore the many feline shrines and temples throughout the country, such as the famous Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo, which is said to be the birthplace of the maneki-neko (the lucky waving cat). Other notable shrines include Imado Shrine in Asakusa and Nekonomiya Shrine in Fukushima, where visitors can write wishes on wooden plaques shaped like cats. These shrines and temples offer a unique glimpse into Japan’s cultural appreciation for cats.

Meeting the Coolest Cats in Tokyo

Japan is home to some of the coolest cats in the world, from the famous cat stationmaster of Kishi Station to the adorable cats of the Yanaka neighbourhood in Tokyo. Visitors can even take a cat-themed walking tour of the city, led by a guide who is also a cat enthusiast. The tour stops at various cat cafes, shrines, and other cat-related spots throughout the city, and even includes a visit to Cat Street, a trendy shopping district that’s home to many cat-themed stores.

Purrfect Souvenirs: Cat-themed Shopping

Last but not least, no trip to Japan would be complete without some cat-themed shopping. From cute plushies to cat-shaped snacks, Japan has it all. Visitors can browse stores like Kiddy Land, which has an entire floor dedicated to cat merchandise, or visit the famous Tokyu Hands department store for unique cat-inspired items. And don’t forget to pick up some maneki-neko figurines for good luck!

Japan truly is a meow-some destination for cat lovers. With its cat cafes, feline shrines and temples, cool cats, and cat-themed shopping, there’s something for every cat enthusiast. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Japan and get ready for a purrfect adventure!

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The Cats of Lanzarote, Canary Islands Part 1 – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

Today I’ve got to pick up on an important topic… The poor stray cats of a small island called Lanzarote.

The island itself is part of the Canary Islands which is part of Spain and a popular holiday destination with many of the British and Continental European tourists due to the fact that the island is warm and dry (SUNSHINE) all year around!

For years the hotels and many restaurants kept cats in order to keep the vermin under control so many cats found a home in these places.

The island sounds like a dream come true right? Unfortunately it does have a dark side to it when it comes to the feral cat population…

Many of the cats on the island were and still are not neutered causing huge amount of kittens every year… We took a look at one of the feral cat colonies in a small village on the island and there alone we found hundreds of cats on a field living of the scraps that the nearby restaurant gave them. 🙁

These were the kittens that we spotted originally all of which looked stunning but if you looked closely you could tell that their health wasn’t in the best condition. 🙁

A lot of the feral cats seem to have some Siamese mixed into their gene pool and one could find many stunning, friendly cats that really should be re-homed to a forever home…

The most heart breaking thing was to see the little kittens. (What you can’t tell from the photos is that some of them had poor eye conditions… possibly infections)

But the mothers are hard at work to keep their kittens safe!

But where is it going to end? How many more cats will be born on this island that is seemingly already over-populated by stray cats?

This is there the work of charities such as our partner charity International Cat Care, they have a whole page on neutering advice and it would be great if everyone could share this.

Of course there are also local charities hard at work with their spay/neuter programme to reduce the amount of unwanted kittens on the island. 9 Lives is run by a dedicated cat loving woman who has put her passion at the base of what she does.

And don’t forget if you live in Europe, go on holiday to Lanzarote it is possible to work with local charities and plane operators to help re-home these cats to your home in your own country!



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Cat Travel: Neko no Jikan – Osaka, Japan – Katzenworld

Ya-ho, Katzenworld readers!

Recently, on a trip to Osaka, I managed to sneak a visit to Japan’s first ever cat café!

Neko no Jikan was opened in 2004.

I popped into the main branch for a snack and an hour with some cute kitties. Photos below!

Can you guess who was my favourite?!

When you approach the café, along the shopping street you can hear a recorded, super cute meow, beckoning you into the store! It really lets you know exactly where you need to go. ^^

When you enter, there are 3 different sets you can purchase – 1 hour with the kitties, 1 hour + a drink and 1 hour + a drink and a sweet! I purchased the 1 hour + drink and sweet option. The bracelet you can see on my wrist is how they mark your choice! There were some cats relaxing at the cash register, too. You need to wash your hands before you head into the main kitty committee area, for hygiene purposes, and again as you exit. 🙂

There was some beautiful furniture here, too, including a real cat “tree”! The cat room is beautifully decorated with two low tables, for easy kitty access, and plenty of climbing/napping spots away from people. They even had a little escape door if the day proved too much through a sliding door.

Once your hour is up, you can head over to the café section! The menu was really cute, and had lots of yummy sounding drinks (hot and cold) and snacks. I ordered an Earl Grey tea and an Affogado for dessert. Both were delicious. <3

If you’re in Osaka, and you love cats, please visit Neko no Jikan! They currently have 2 branches – their main branch, and the Amerikamura branch. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, taking a break from the big city bustle with these cuties.


Laura – Japan Kitty Correspondent

P.S: You want to stay up to date with our stories but are not on WordPress? No worries! Follow us on Bloglovin by clicking here.

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6 Great Cat-Friendly Cities in the World – Katzenworld

Did you know that purring serves no vital purpose for your cat other than they know we like it? It’s true. So, with a biological weapon like that over us, it should come as no surprise that many of us out there are completely obsessed with our feline friends.

And if you count yourself as among the number of the cat-obsessed, or maybe you’re simply cat curious, have no fear there are cities across the globe that love and dote on their kittens like they deserve just as you do.

But what if you don’t know where to go to get your kitty time fix? Luckily, there are a variety of cat cafes and shelters across the world that not only help create a space for cats and cat lovers to come together and bond as a community, but they help do the important work of educating the public on how to best feed and shelter their cats.

Please read on for our list of the top six cat destinations in the world:

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

1) Albuquerque, NM

Also known as Kitty City, New Mexico, Albuquerque is a fantastic place to visit if you are hoping to catch a cat taking a sunbath. You have a pretty good chance of seeing some adorable cats out and about because the city has a large feral cat population. Stray neighborhood cats are often found roaming outdoors and some residents feed and care for them, though doing this is discouraged.

The city closely monitors and maintains the cat population through a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program. So, this is obviously one city that cares a great deal about the welfare of all of its animals, it even has a website setup that is dedicated singularly to that cause. This level of care can also be seen in the city’s many pet friendly boutiques, daycares and spas that make Albuquerque a unique place to visit or live for both pet and owner.

2) Louisville, KY

While you may be most familiar with the fictional cat cafe that is featured in the FOX TV sitcom Call Me Kat, Louisville is actually a very cat friendly city in real life as well and has many feline forward features.

One cat cafe that you can visit while in Louisville, though again no guarantee you’ll run into Mayim Bialik, is Purrfect Day Cafe, which is a cat cafe that allows patrons to enjoy their favorite caffeinated beverages or cocktails in the company of some adorable local cats. The best part is that all the cats are adoptable and in need of a good home, which is good to know if you happen to fall in love with any of the cats you see.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

3) Rome, Italy

Not just one of the most popular tourist cities in the world for humans, cats find Rome irresistible too, there are a reported 300,000 street cats in the Eternal City. They are officially designated as a public nuisance by the city government, which has tried with little success to curb their population for the last thirty years and yet continues to do so today. In the meantime, however, there are plenty of cats to be ogled in the ancient city and few better places to do it than the Torre Argentina.

This Roman cat sanctuary is nestled among ancient ruins and has been home to some of the city’s stray cats for decades. Getting to see a true Roman cat amongst true Roman ruins is a very special sight indeed and one that no cat lover should pass up an opportunity to do.

4) Detroit, MI

Detroit is known for its often-cuddly weather, and is there anything we love more than a cup of something warm and a cat to cuddle? If you’re still reading at this point, you probably agree there is not. The good people of Detroit love cats too, until recently they had a prominent work of art dedicated to one, called “Monumental Kitty” by a major freeway.

But what makes Detroit great for cat lovers is places like Tiny Lions Lounge and Adoption Center in nearby Ann Arbor, which offers offbeat programming like yoga with the kittens. Tiny Lions Lounge leans into its philanthropic mission by making all of its cats available for adoption, needless to say they have a very high adoption rate! If something like Cat Bingo night sounds more your speed, consider heading to the Catfe Lounge for fun events like that, or just to enjoy a book and coffee at their cafe.

5) Tokyo, Japan

The prevalence and love of cats is so strong in Japan it borders on fanaticism. So, it should come as no surprise that cat cafes originated on this island nation and remain popular with locals and tourists alike.

While there are certainly famous cat cafes that are worth checking out, like Calico Cat Cafe, the pervasiveness of the cat cafe in Tokyo means that you can almost certainly find a great local cafe nearby no matter where you are staying. And it isn’t just cat cafes that make Tokyo a must visit for cat lovers, as the Japanese know how to truly spoil their kitten companions with a bevy of spa options to help pamper your pet.

Photo by Louise Tollisen on Unsplash

6) Key West, FL

For those that require a little bit of literary intrigue and history intertwined with their cat fun, the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum in Key West, Florida may be the only option. Not only is the home a working museum dedicated to the late author and his works, but it is also home to the famous Hemingway House Cats.

These cats are actually even more unique than they sound due to the fact that they are known to have an extra toe thanks to their genetics. Visitors to the museum will be lucky to catch a glimpse of the cats sunbathing on one of the home’s beautiful large porches, though they are very independent so don’t expect to be able to pet them or count their toes.


This concludes our list of the best cat cities in the world. We hope that you enjoyed reading and that you learned something new. I hope you and your feline friend travel to these cities to explore the wonderful parts of the world that love cats as much as we do!

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The Five Best Cat Cafes in Hong Kong – Katzenworld

Hong Kong is one of the most exciting international cities in the world.  Despite the energy-sapping heat and humidity, it teems with vitality, from ultramodern Hong Kong Island and its architectural skyline to mysterious Kowloon with its lively neighborhoods and street markets.

Hong Kong is distinctly Chinese, but feels more global with a large expat population and British colonial era infrastructure.  But the melting pot of crowds and hot climate aren’t the only reasons Hong Kong gets your pulse racing.  Now, you can add cat cafes to the list.

Just like the city, these feline emporiums are diverse and often crowded- full of people, cats and unexpected discoveries.

The Neighbor’s Cat visited eight Hong Kong cat cafes in May, 2018 and I have profiled five of the best.  One word of note if you visit Hong Kong (or China) seeking out cat cafes.  They often close without notice, so double check Google (or The Neighbor’s Cat) before making the trek.

Cafe de Kitten

Located in the frenetic Mongkok neighborhood, Cafe de Kitten serves as a welcoming escape.  Serene, bright and clean with friendly staff and memorable felines, it stands out among the best cat cafes in the city.  In fact, it was my favorite.

After exiting Mong Kok metro station, I battled my way through a gauntlet of people on main thoroughfare Nathan Road before turning onto Sai Yeung Choi Street and Pakpolee Commercial Centre, located behind Sino Centre (a mall famed for anime merchandise).  I caught my breath while waiting in line for the elevator (tip: stand on the left side) to the 14th floor.

Despite the crazy street scene below, it was quiet Monday afternoon when I entered the cafe.  I was greeted at the counter by friendly college age host who explained the minimum order requirements.  After ordering a floral green tea, I was seated in the main cafe area.

There were six cats on the premises, most with pedigreed backgrounds.  I later discovered I was in the presence of two Hong Kong cat celebrities, as Egg Yolk and Pineapple Bun have starred in various commercials and print ads.

Even before I was given the scoop, I definitely picked up the vibe that these were not your typical felines.  Pineapple Bun, a brown tabby Persian, hopped up on a table near me and stared intently, as though studying my features.  Across the room, I did a double take as Egg Yolk,  a cream colored Scottish Fold, posed in a curiously languid position while gazing at me with piercing golden eyes.

His name also inspired a list of the coolest cat names from cat cafes around the world.

It’s rare to experience so many strong personalities at a cat cafe, a testament to the love and care lavished upon these posh pussycats.  These were extroverted kitties- active, inquisitive and smart.

The cats are the stars here, and reason alone to visit, but the lovely tea service, friendly staff and pleasing space make a visit to Cafe de Kitten an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Click here for complete cafe details.

Cafe Idea

Located in the same building (Pakpolee Commerical Centre) as Cafe de Kitten, it’s incredible luck that both are such fine cafes.  The vibe has more of a proper restaurant feel than cat cafe, but with seven spunky cats, Cafe Idea is no slouch in the feline department.

It was a busy Saturday when I visited and after standing in a very long line, found the stairs to the fifth floor.  Hint:  If you don’t want to climb the stairs, there are two elevator banks with the left side for higher floors and right side for the lower.  Stand on the right side for Cafe Idea.

I was promptly greeted and after pondering the menu (there is a minimum spend requirement) ordered a frozen strawberry smoothie with a texture more like a daiquiri like than milkshake.  There are many fine food selections to be had, including appetizers, salads, pasta & rice dishes, as well as lots of desserts and ice cream specialties.

A few sips later I turned my attention to the cats, a combination of American Curls and British Shorthairs.  The cafe started with three cats, the owner’s original crew from home, and has grown to seven.

My favorite was Silo, a rambunctious ginger Curl who entertained the cafe with his run-around antics and Dow Dow, a curious silver shaded British Shorthair who perched near my shoulder inside a wicker basket-type tower.

While snapping photos, I was able to visit with the friendly owner and staff in English, which I greatly appreciated.  They were able to tell me stories about the cafe and the cats.  Turns out they are a real hub for cat lovers and unlike most cat cafes, allow you to bring your own cats to the cafe for special events, such as birthday parties.

The cafe space is clean and colorful with bright walls and cat-themed accents and the day I visited, the atmosphere was quite jovial with most patrons smiling, laughing, visiting or playing cards as the cats frolicked nearby.

I found my visit to be exceptionally pleasing and highly recommend a stop when in Hong Kong.

Click here for complete cafe details.

The Cats Tea Room

Located a bit outside Kowloon in Tsuen Wan neighborhood, at the end of the red line, The Cats Tea Room is worth the travel effort.

First, there are SO many beautiful cats.  I counted over thirty, and while that would normally cause me a bit of concern, the space is so large that it seemingly did not affect the equilibrium.  The space is set up to encourage the kitties to engage with you with plenty of small, low tables on the floor with pillows to sit on.

The food service was decent and so is the room, which isn’t posh, but is bright and clean save for a hint of cattiness.   My advice is to come here strictly for the cats.  With all breeds and personalities in attendance, you are certain to find a favorite.  Mine was a blue-eyed Siamese with the sweetest temperament, but I also fell in love with cream colored Maine Coon that was so big, I thought he had a bit of a recessive lion gene going on.

Some cats were not particularly social, but most were affectionate with some even climbing into the laps of patrons, to their delight.

I would like to give a shout-out to the staff, who are friendly, and the day I visited, so were the patrons.  We shared goofy grins and took turns taking each others photos, including one sweet little girl with her mother.  She appeared to be about 2 or 3 years old and she had mittens on her hands which were meant to keep her interactions with the cats (like my little Siamese buddy) gentle.  Genius!

The cafe also has partnered with the Stray Cat Home Association and appears to have some rescues in permanent residence.  They also promote rescue and adoption with patrons, which is not common in Hong Kong.  Only one other cat cafe, Plum Cats featured rescue cats and promoted adoption.

Consider supporting these cat cafes for the good work they do in promoting animal welfare as well as having a great time with the kitties!

Click here for complete cafe details.

Cat Island Cafe

One of the oldest cat cafes in the world, Cat Island Cafe (formerly Ah Meow Cat Cafe and Cat Store) has been in existence 18 years.

The location was a bit difficult to find (Po Ming Building, same as Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe) but once inside, we were treated to warm and personable service.  It was late afternoon, normal kitty nap time and only one cat was awake, glancing at us warily as he roamed the room, seemingly aware of the longing stares directed at him.  My partner and I decided to focus on our coffee drinks and catch up on our sightseeing plans for the balance of our Hong Kong trip.

It was pleasantly busy at the cafe, a diverse mix of tourists and locals.  In the corner, a couple was having an intense conversation.  Next to us sat a group of German ladies enjoying a cheerful catch up along with coffee and cake, while cross the aisle, two young teenagers sipped milkshakes and tried to coax the awake British Blue in their direction.

The cafe was comfortable and cheerful, but I particularly enjoyed my coffee, which was better than average for Hong Kong cat cafes.

All in all, a great choice when visiting Hong Kong.

Click here for complete cafe details.

Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe

Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe is not easy to find, but this small feline emporium is delightfully quirky and worth the effort.

Located on Hong Kong Island near the Causeway Bay metro stop, we kept circling Foo Ming Street and Lee Garden until we determined we were looking for the Po Ming Building.  The cafe is up one floor from the ground level and of note, is not the only cat cafe in the building- the other being Cat Store aka Cat Island Cafe on the third floor.

We were promptly greeted by the personable staff and seated at one of the cafe’s six tables.  It didn’t take long to see that the cafe’s main attraction is the bevy of beautiful cats in residence.

From pouty Persians to serious British Shorthairs to mischievous Munchkins, the ten kitties of Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe all have oversized personalities, but Pineapple Baby takes the cake.

We aren’t sure why, but cats named after food are very popular in Hong Kong.  I found the name Pineapple Baby tickled me so much, that I snorted out loud when I read the card with her photo on my table.  Insulted at the implication, PB refused to look in my direction when I stood up to take her photo.  I guess I deserved it.

Her name also inspired a post about the coolest cat names from cat cafes from around the world.

Food-wise, we enjoyed a gooey chocolate lava cake and lattes, all extremely delicious.  The coffee was the best of the eight cat cafes we visited.

The space can get a bit crowded, but the tight quarters means better proximity to the cats.  Overall, it’s a great way to spend an hour or two getting your feline fix in Hong Kong.

Click here for complete cafe details.

The Neighbor’s Cat is the alter ego of Paula LaBine, an itinerant cat lover who writes about cat cafes, cat travel and rescue/adoption/TNR.  She is visiting every cat café in the world, 197 in 28 countries so far!   Find her at or on Facebook/Twitter @catcafeviews.

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Do Good & Have Fun: Rescue Cat Cafes in Taipei – Katzenworld

Taiwan’s next generation of ‘cats and coffee’ feature strays for adoption.

Taiwan has long been a destination for cat lovers, ever since the first cat café, Cat Flower Garden (now called Café Dogs & Cats), opened its doors in Taipei in 1998. Since then, the trend has swept across Japan with the rest of the world recently catching on.

The country has remained a steady presence on the cat café scene with plenty of options to get your kitty fix, from traditional cat cafes to regular cafes with a shop cat, and now, cafes that feature adoptable felines.

While many Taiwanese cat cafes have rescue kitties in permanent residence (non-adoptable), there is a growing trend of cat cafés helping felines searching for their forever homes.

A hybrid between a shelter and café, this version of cats and coffee is hugely popular in North America where local rescues and sanctuaries partner with cafes to get kitties out of cages and into a social setting where they can shine in front of prospective adopters.

Such cat cafes are much rarer in Asia (sometimes referred to as ‘halfway houses’), but I was pleasantly surprised to discover several throughout Taiwan as part of my quest to visit every cat café in the world.

These dedicated folks not only facilitate rescue/adoption, but also help educate the community on animal welfare issues such as *TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), and teach prospective adopters about cat care and the responsibilities of cat ownership.

As a foreign visitor, you probably aren’t going to be adopting a cat in Taiwan, but if you want to support rescue efforts while having a unique vacation experience, consider a visit to one of the following cat cafes.


I happened upon Camulet by accident walking to a different cat café and it turned out one of the best in Taipei. Call it kitty serendipity.

Not only is Camulet a delightful place to enjoy a coffee break, the cats are also available for adoption, proving that a quality café experience and animal rescue are not mutually exclusive.

Located in Banqiao district, the shop has been so popular since it opened in May last year, that my initial request for a Saturday afternoon table couldn’t be accommodated. Returning a few hours later, I understood why.

One of the nicest cat café facilities in Taiwan, this beautiful space has been designed for maximum cat interaction with seating at low tables that encourage lap visitors. With spare and modern interiors, soft lighting, and a rotation of cute cat videos, Camulet offers a perfectly balanced atmosphere of cheerful and calm.

Ten cats are in residence, all available for adoption. Many have found their way to the café by people who feed street cats, however, not all cats are suitable for this environment, and those in the café have been carefully chosen by the owner, who has studied cat behavior. She ensures the cats avoid stress by providing an escape room and limiting the number of visitors and very young children. Her socialization strategy appears to be working, as the kitties seem playfully happy, and six have found permanent homes so far.

The service is equally lovely with caring staff offering a large menu of salad, pasta and rice dishes as well as desserts and beverages. There is a minimum spend requirement of 200 NTD ($6.72).

With an ideal environment, friendly people, great food and adorable cats, Camulet is a high quality experience that is no accident.

For complete café details, click here.

Music & Cats

As an accomplished violinist, Emily Lin is well-known in Taiwan for her music and love of cats, holding concerts to raise funds for her shelter and cat café, Music & Cats.

I discovered the coffee shop through a fellow cat lover I met online while tweeting about cats and Taiwan. He offered to show me some of his favorite cat cafes that are lesser known and potentially challenging to find for foreign visitors.

We met at Qizhang station and chatted about travel and cats as we walked down Muxin Road until we reached Wenshan district, home of Music & Cats.

Our group received a friendly welcome by Emily’s friend, who introduced us to Emily while we sat down to chat over a cup of coffee. Emily has been rescuing cats for over five years and opened her café two years ago. There are currently thirty cats in residence at Music & Cats, and another twenty at her other facility.

She takes in cats that are difficult, and works diligently to socialize them. One such kitty is Mao Mao, a gorgeous white British Shorthair suffering from behavior issues since she was abandoned by her owner (it was discovered she is deaf). Things have slowly improved under the love and care of Emily, but she knows this fair feline would prefer to be the only cat in the household with a patient owner who can give her lots of time and space to blossom.

Developing a suitable adopter profile is part of Emily’s socialization process, and it isn’t easy finding such specific homes, but she perseveres.

We spent an hour meeting the cats and chatting about animal rescue in Taiwan before I took a few photos of Emily’s precious fur babies, including a great shot of Mao Mao, who had been elusive during my visit.

It was a happy ending that I hope translated into a good omen for the snow goddess.

For complete café details, click here.

Cat Art Home

Down a pretty lane in Yonghe district, near Dingxi metro station is a small cat café filled with big hearts.

Open nearly seven years, Cat Art Home specializes in caring for Taipei’s truly forgotten felines- those that are ill, old or have other challenges. The caring staff have given these special cats lots of extra love and attention, such as one poor baby that had cancer and required hand-feedings.

Whatever they are doing is clearly working because every year Cat Art Home facilitates over 100 adoptions!

I visited on a busy Thursday afternoon and was lucky that the volunteer who greeted me spoke English as she was able to answer my questions about the facility.

She noted there were twenty cats in residence and introduced me to several, including a sweet little tabby, a former runt-of-the-litter and gorgeous white Lulu, a spirited girl that became a bit overzealous when my thumb got in the way of her wet treat.

We spent the next hour discussing the rescue scene in Taipei while a steady stream of regulars socialized with the kitties in the simple, yet relaxing atmosphere. The space is filled with quirky cat art and set to a soundtrack of lullaby music.

There is a 275 TWD minimum spend requirement with a variety of beverages and desserts available.

While the least commercial of the cafes profiled in this article, Cat Art Home’s commitment to helping Taipei’s vulnerable felines is most admirable and deserving of support.

For complete café details, click here.

Lang Lang Don’t Cry

Tucked away in the shadow of Civic Boulevard near Taipei Main Station is Lang Lang Don’t Cry, also known as Pet Halfway House, a hip café run by dedicated animal welfare advocates.

Opened in 2015, this two-story rescue and adoption center is unique in that it houses both dogs (first floor) and cats (second floor), plus a coffee bar/restaurant.

The day I visited was quite busy, but friendly Julia greeted me warmly and then prepared an outstanding iced latte while she gave me the lowdown on the café and their rescue efforts. The owners, Tan Jou and husband Alan Liu, decided to open coffee shop as a way to socialize stray animals and increase their chances of being adopted. They have been very successful, with over 200 dogs and cats adopted in the past 2.5 years.

As more companies and individuals have joined them in their efforts, the café has outgrown its current space and is expected to move to a new location this year.

Tan and Alan’s approach drives much of their success, a combination of grass roots promotion and proper vetting of prospective adopters.

The shop uses social media to promote animals available for adoption, including cute photos and stories about their personalities. The café now has a large group of loyal followers that help spread the word about rescue and adoption.

However, the owners are also wary of owner abandonment and have stringent requirements for prospective adopters, such as spending time with the animal at the café, participating in an interview and home visit, paying for medical treatment, vaccines and microchip, plus signing an agreement promising they will not desert their pet.

Eventually, I made my way upstairs and was discovered four cats, two playful tabbies, one energetic black, and a shy orange. I became fast friends with Guo-Guo and he rewarded my head rubs with happy purrs.

One of the impressive things about Lang Lang is the feeling of community. It’s not just the friendliness of the staff either—fellow patrons smile at one another and share tips on which cat likes chin rubs or which dog prefers ear scratches.

With a central Taipei location, inclusive atmosphere, quality coffee and adorable animals, supporting stray animals has never been easier or more fun!

For complete café details, click here.

* TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is a program where community (feral) cats are humanely trapped, brought to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, eartipped, and then returned to their outdoor home.

The Neighbor’s Cat is the alter ego of Paula LaBine, an itinerant cat lover who writes about cat cafes, cat travel and rescue/adoption. She is visiting every cat café in the world, 194 in 28 countries so far!   Find her at or on Facebook/Twitter @catcafeviews.

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The Cat Cafes of France, Part III – Katzenworld

If I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it again; France, and its cat cafes are first-rate!

The Neighbor’s Cat visited ten French cat cafes in November, 2017 and is considered the highlight of my cat travels.  You see, in France, they don’t just settle for a few cute kitties and a cup of coffee, they give you the full French cafe experience, complete with charming atmosphere and fabulous food.

Today, we will journey to Lille, in the northwest, and finish our tour in Paris.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting the fine felines of France!

Cat-See-Live:  Au Chat Voir Vivre, Lille

Au Chat Voir Vivre is another example of a great French cafe that also happens to have cats.

The space is stylish and completely unique with lovely dark wood floors, mix-and-match chairs and lots of books.  The vibe is shabby chic with equal measures of sophistication and coziness set to a soundtrack of lively chatter.  Everything about it made me feel so happy.

There are eight cats, all rescues, in permanent residence at Au Chat Voir Vivre (loosely translated as ‘Cat See Live’), but most were sleeping during my visit.  The few that were awake were not particularly social but cute to watch while sipping a hot beverage.

Speaking of which, my coffee and pear tart were outstanding and beautifully presented on a colorful tray and served in eclectic china.  I loved how everything about this cafe felt authentic, effortless and so very French, right down to the cups!  The menu has a substantial offering of hot and cold drinks plus patisserie, and they also serve a lunch service featuring a plat du jour.

My afternoon at Au Chat Voir Vivre was an incredibly satisfying experience and an easy day trip from Paris, too, as the high speed TGV train to Lille is a mere hour.  See cats and live?  Yes, but seeing the French countryside on the way to Lille is a life-affirming bonus.

Kitty of Light:  Le Cafe des Chats, Paris

Izmir makes Le Cafe des Chats worth every effort.

The first time we attempted to visit, the line to get in was down the block.  We returned a week later on a Wednesday morning and while several tables were occupied, we were able to be seated immediately.  That’s when we saw her, our Izmir.

This fair feline with the exotic name and split color eyes stole our hearts.

The cafe, which opened in 2013, has twelve rescued cats in residence, although we counted nine the day we arrived, a variety of short and long-haired kitties.  None were terribly social, but that may have been due to the number of children in the cafe, sweet things, but with their loud voices and running around, unfortunately sent the cats to their hiding spots.

The staff have more of a hands-off approach, typical of a Parisian cafe.  Despite the steady flow of non-French speaking tourists, they are far more pleasant than you might except.

While waiting for our meal to arrive I took in the ambience of the cafe, a vintage library-inspired space with antique-esque salon furnishings, it has a classic, yet quirky nonchalance that feels very French (although a bit catty, so allergy sufferers beware). We thoroughly enjoyed our platter of mini desserts, pot of tea and a chocolat chaud a l’ancienne (old-fashioned hot chocolate) that was particularly decadent.

It was a fairly standard experience until the very end.  We had our eyes on Izmir the whole time, but who wouldn’t, she’s so pretty to look at!  But as she fastened her gaze on us, we moved to the couch where she was perched and to our delight, she climbed into our laps for some cuddle time.  It was truly one of the highlights of the ten cat cafes we toured in France!

Located in Paris, the most visited city in the world, and in the tourist mecca of Marais and Bastille, Le Cafe des Chats certainly can’t help but be a busy place.  The location, plus unique environment and traditional French foodservice make it the ideal place to sit and watch the cats, but your experience will surely be more feline-friendly if you drop by during a less busy time.

Say hello to Izmir for me!

Mallow Cute: Chat Mallows Cafe, Paris

Chat Mallows has some extremely handsome cats… and one dog.

We booked reservations for late afternoon and made our way to Gare Montparnasse.  From there, it was a pleasant thirteen minute walk to the cafe, winding between the 14th and 15th arrondissements.

Checking in, we received a pleasant greeting from the staff.  We weren’t charged an entrance fee, but instead ordered two cups of coffee that were served in darling Chat Mallow branded cups delivered on a cat tray amidst pink and white Chamallow, a brand of French marshmallows that clearly is the inspiration behind the name Chat Mallows!

Once seated, I couldn’t help but smile  The cafe is very cute, with yellow and blue striped walls that evoke an old-fashioned candy shop.  I especially loved the adorable decor accents such as the Chat Mallow pillows and photos of cats dressed in classic French attire!  The tables are a bit close together, but better to get to know your fellow cat lovers.  Most importantly, it’s a feline-friendly space with plenty of cushioned perches for the kitties to peek down from.

Sixteen cats, a variety of pedigreed pussycats are in residence at Chat Mallows, including five Devon Rex who were napping together during our visit.  My favorites included Jerico, a chubby white British shorthair, Lourse, a gorgeous Maine Coon and Yoda, a sweet Sphinx.

The kitties weren’t particularly social, but absolutely entertaining, walking around the room and looking at the guests with curiosity.  The dog was an interesting fixture that I haven’t seen in my cat cafes visits around the world (at least not until Taiwan!).  He was mild-mannered and enjoyed being petted, but being tied up in the middle of the floor made it feel a bit crowded.

Overall, Chat Mallows is a charming cafe with plenty of beautiful cats to admire and I would recommend a stop if you happen to be strolling the neighborhood and in need of a coffee break.

The Neighbor’s Cat is a comprehensive global cat cafe resource with first-hand reviews, entertaining articles and an extensive photo gallery of the cutest cat cafe cats on the planet.  On a quest to visit every cat cafe (169 in 27 countries so far) in the world, we are passionate about cat travel and raising awareness for rescue and adoption.  Facebook/Twitter @catcafereviews

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Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 3 – Katzenworld

Hi everyone,

Today we are back for the final part of our visit to the cat cafe Little Lions in NYC. Should you have missed Part 1 or Part 2 don’t forget to check them out.

This time around we brought along some of the amazing 4cats cuddly cushions with valerian filling. 🙂

All the cats went absolutely mad over the little cushion but the white “cow cat” was the first to put her slobber all over the cushion. 😀 The good thing about valerian is that while it has similar effects to catnip it’ll also help by calming down the cats after the initial effect has worn off.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with valerian, you may wish to check out our valerian guide.

Of course, the cats weren’t quite in agreement over who would get playtime with our cushion… we should have brought a whole truckload! 😉

After the white cat it was time for Mr Tabby to have a go at the toys! Though as you can see someone tried to get it back of him hehe. 😉

I always find it amazing how relaxed cats get with these and it’s a lot of fun to watch them unwind from what must be a stressful environment for some cats.

Our third volunteer for the toys was…

… the black and white tuxedo! 😀 He was definitely more of a licker hehe. Oh and don’t worry about the cage, we enquired about this as well and they don’t normally use this but it’s there in case a cat has to be removed from the cat cafe and taken to the back area that’s not open to the public.

After that I tried to give the cushion to this little fella but despite being interested in the smell I don’t think he was in keen on getting in contact with the slobber of all of his friends… Yes that’s why I was holding it on the edge of the cushion – totally drenched. LOL

We hope you enjoyed our look at this cat cafe! And we are just as sad that it is now closed. 🙁



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The Cat Cafes of France, Part II – Katzenworld

Greetings, Katzenworld readers!

Last time, we visited four cat cafes across France, and I hope you enjoyed their delightful charms.

Today, we will travel to three more feline focused coffee shops, all stylish, yet different in their approach.  One features rescue kitties available for adoption, while another hosts a clowder of pedigreed Maine Coons, and the third splits the middle with a combination of street and posh cats.

First up is Ronron Cafe, which proves that focus on rescue/adoption and a quality cafe experience are not mutually exclusive.

One of the Best:  Ronron Cafe, Reims

Zoe, a petite tabby, curiously sniffed my arm, which seemed like a distraction technique, but instead of heading for the whipped cream on top of my decadent chocolate tart, she nudged my hand as if to say ‘Make yourself useful.’  I obliged her with a rub around the ears while taking a sip of Darjeeling tea.

While Zoe and I bonded, I observed the other patrons.  Two teens left their sodas untouched as they moved from cat to cat, cooing and petting.  A couple, seated in a cozy corner, held hands over a huge white cat that had decided to make their table his nap location. Outside the window, I watched a steady stream of tourists and locals passing by with hands full of Christmas shopping.

It was the quintessential French cafe experience at its people-watching best, and with Ronron Cafe you can soak up that culture while also getting your feline fix.

Everything about it is just so lovely.   The first thing you notice is how cheerful and stylish it is with colorful neon green cushions popping against the light brown slate walls, wooden floors and white chairs & tables.  In a tongue-in-cheek homage to famed Reims Cathedral, one wall prominently features a mural of the cathedral adorned not with saints, but of cartoon cats.

Once seated at my table, the kitties came over to greet me as soft instrumental music played overhead.  There were ten cats in residence the day I visited, all rescues available for adoption.  I was delighted at how sweet and loving they were, and apparently they responded to the merry vibe as much I did.  In addition to Zoe, I made friends with Paty, an elfin-like black & white cutie, Speedy, a handsome white and tabby boy and Luna, a Zoe look-alike.

Roxane, owner of Ronron Cafe, has thoughtfully created not just a pretty atmosphere for humans, but one focused on feline well-being.  Having previously volunteered with a cat welfare association before opening her cafe, she’s developed a keen understanding of cats and their behaviors.  Today, she has specific requirements for the organizations (she works with several) that supply cats to the café, mainly that they are well-socialized and enjoy being around people.

She goes one step further by requesting adults (vs. kittens) with short hair or less attractive features (missing eye, etc) that might prevent them from being adopted in a traditional shelter.  This approach combined with the relaxed environment has successful, resulting in over 22 adoptions since the cafe opened in March, 2017.

It’s not just the physical space and kitties that earn five paw scores, the food is outstanding as well.  Ronron offers a full menu with daily specials and extensive list of specialty teas.  I selected a bacon and cheese quiche with salad followed by the aforementioned decadent chocolate caramel tart and cup of Darjeeling, all prepared and served by Roxane’s mother Martine, who is a talented chef.

Ronron is located in the beautiful and historic city of Reims, which is also famed for being the unofficial capital of the Champagne region.  An easy day trip from Paris, a visit to Reims and Ronron would be recommended even if you weren’t a cat lover.

But when sweet Zoe nudges your hand, I suspect you might change your mind.

Au Revoir les Chats Doux: Review of Le Chat L’Heureux Bar a Chats

Autumn was a busy time for The Neighbor’s Cat with a whopping 48 cat cafe visits in three months.  As such, I’ve been a bit backlogged writing reviews.

When I finally pulled up the notes for Le Chat L’Heureux in Nantes, I was excited because my visit was incredible.  The cats, the food, the facility, the staff– my experience was superior in every way and it’s much more fun writing positive reviews.

So you can imagine my devastation when I learned that they are closing on January 27.  Per their website, the lessor has sold the building and the cats will enjoy ‘retirement’.

Despite this, I really want the world to know how special this cafe is (was), and how impressed I remain to this day.  Le Chat L’Heureux is not just one of the best in France, but one of the best in the world.

When I arrived just after the cafe’s noon opening, I was greeted by Loriane, who gave me quick and friendly run-down of the rules as she seated me in the main cafe area, a casual, yet elegant space with an original 18th century stone wall.

I studied the menu and was impressed with the selections, a variety of soups, entrees and plats du jour, plus wine, coffee and an enormous selection of specialty teas.  I quickly placed my order and turned my attention to the supermodels of Le Chat L’Heureux, the cats.

A combination of pedigrees and rescues, the six felines of Le Chat L’Heureux (French for ‘The Happy Cat’) have been permanent residents since the cafe opened in April, 2015.  All are nearly three years old, a deliberate effort to socialize them from a young age into a cohesive clowder.  There is Ulysses, a curious ragdoll with piercing blue eyes and his brother Titus who likes to keep a distance–a better vantage to be admired, I reckon.  Cesar, is a drop-dead gorgeous (and rare) red point Birman with the fluffiest tail I have ever seen and rounding out the posh cats is Junon, a pretty, but shy British Shorthair, the only girl amongst these boys.  Then, there are the moggies- Lucky, a black and white former street cat that loves people and Luxor, a gray tabby that found himself homeless after his owner went to a nursing home, but is now a cat cafe celebrity that loves a belly rub,  L’Heureux’s owner worked with Association Griffes to find Lucky and Luxor.

In between kitty love, I was able to discover that the owner is a former professor who wanted a career change and sought to create a cat cafe where beautiful felines lived, including rarer pedigrees that most people would not normally see.   I also found out that the space the cafe occupies is part of an historic building, which tilts a bit, (as do many of the buildings in this part of Nantes).  Back in the day, coins were placed between the uneven stones and mortar to monitor the leaning, a cultural vestige that is still in practice today.

I learned all of this and much more from Loriane, the charming host, who is also a student, but more importantly, an incredible story teller.  She spun hilarious tales of the cats adventures at night with Loriane herself narrating the thoughts of the cats.

I’m certain I haven’t had a more entertaining experience in a cat cafe.

Adding to my delight, lunch was simply divine– a hearty butternut squash soup topped with swiss cheese and homemade croutons, with a light Darjeeling tea and decadent minis for dessert.

As I finish this review, I am painfully reminded that this wonderful cat cafe will be closing very soon.  I’ve had times in my life where I wished I had let someone know how pleased I was by their service and I’m desperately hoping that they read this someday.

Thank you, staff of Le Chat L’Heureux and, especially, Loriane and the sweet cats for your kind service.  I consider myself lucky to have been a part of it.

La Maison Maine Coon: Review of La Maison d’Elise

If you visit the ‘About’ page on this website, you will see a photo of me holding a Maine Coon cat.  I’ve always had a thing for them.

Lucky for me (and you!), so does Elise.

Elise, owner of La Maison d’Elise moved to Nantes a few years ago with her three Maine Coon cats before deciding to open a cat cafe.

She has fashioned a chic and stunning space with warm wood floors, sleek leather chairs and white tables.  With seating for up to 25 people, everything looks fresh and new which is incredible considering the cafe has been open for two years.

I learned about this from Elise as I was lucky to visit with her between guests.  She is a warm and friendly host, and also incredibly hard working, managing the cafe by herself most days.

Elise started with three cats, but found two more to enhance her clowder.  They are all gorgeous and interestingly, diverse in looks.  I had never seen an orange or gray Maine Coon before, so fortunately Jerkhan and Gala gave me the chance, but unfortunately they were sleeping in the cat tree for most of my visit.  Luckily the rest were awake including Leiko, a supermodel feline with beautiful long hair in a light calico/tabby combo, Miyazaki, a young and impish cutie, and Jün, my favorite, a handsome and extremely large boy with traditional markings.

La Maison d’Elise is not just unique in that all the cats are one breed, but also because they go home with Elise every night instead of living in the cafe.

The cafe specializes in tea by the Alveus brand as well as bio products and juices.  Patisserie products are made off site and my chocolate layered tart and coffee were decadently delicious.

I found La Maison d’Elise to be a complete delight- from the lovely environment to the gorgeous cats to the personable host, Elise has created a high quality experience you are guaranteed to enjoy!

The Neighbor’s Cat is a comprehensive global cat cafe resource with first-hand reviews, entertaining articles and an extensive photo gallery of the cutest cats on the planet.  On a quest to visit every cat cafe (168 in 26 countries so far) in the world.  We are passionate about cat travel and raising awareness for rescue and adoption.  

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The Cat Cafes of France, Part I – Katzenworld

France is famed for fashion, food… and felines?

After visiting ten French cat cafes over two weeks in November 2017, I am convinced that France’s furballs need to be added to the ‘things the French do well’ list.  So sleek, so chic, surely the term ‘catwalk’ must have originated here.

But if you think the kitties are the sole reason to visit France’s cat cafes, you would be wrong.  How about the chance to sample gourmet cuisine in an elegant environment that Vogue would deem ‘French-girl-cool’?

Leave it to the French to take the cat cafe concept and elevate it from cute & cuddly to stylish & sophisticated.

Meow-stache: Cafe Moustache, Rouen

The day had started very early when I boarded a bus in Paris for the two hour ride to Rouen that Sunday morning in November.  By the time I returned that night, I had experienced a magical day that included some fabulous French felines.

When I arrived in Rouen mid-morning, I was able to take a leisurely stroll across the Seine river into the old city.  I had certainly heard of Rouen, the capital of Normandy and it’s famed cathedral (a favorite subject of Impressionist Claude Monet), but was gobsmacked by the large expanse of medieval half-timbered houses.  For the next hour, I took dozens of photos and soaked in the history.

By the time I arrived at Cafe Moustache, I was a bit chilly and in need of a cup of tea.  Luckily, I was able to secure one of the nine seating areas (they do not accept reservations) even though I arrived shortly after the 11 am opening.  The cafe has been very successful and I can see why- the atmosphere is cheerful, lovely and inviting, full of feline-friendly spaces and cozy nooks for their human admirers.

The cafe has partnered with Felin’ Possible 76 for rescued cats.  They sponsor between five and seven at one time, making sure they have plenty of love and care until they are adopted.  Some of the kitties were quite social, going from table to table for ear scratches, while others were a bit shy, still learning to trust again.

I was impressed by the cafe’s commitment to the cats welfare and that they sponsor cats that might not catch the attention of a prospective adopter due to a missing eye or leg.  Balou, an eight year old black and white boy is one such cat.   He only has three legs and has suffered abuse in the past, but it hasn’t prevented him from living a full life, receiving much adoration from the cafe’s patrons.  The day I visited, he posed for photos like a supermodel!

Food-wise, the cafe has a large selection of hot and cold beverages, plus pastries and a few paninis.  I had a cup of tea and muffin, both of which were good quality.

I was not able to speak directly with the cafe’s founders, Julia and Constance, however their website provided a lot of insight as to their approach and it’s clear they have been both thoughtful and thorough they have been in researching and executing their vision.  Cafe Moustache offers a pleasant, feline-focused experience that in combination with the historic city of Rouen, makes for a wonderful day trip from Paris.

For complete cafe details, click here.

Cat Cafe Evolution: Le Darwin, Troyes

Cat cafes are not often known for the food served to humans.

It’s understandable if you think about it.  Cats should be the first and foremost priority with a nice atmosphere and cup of coffee running a distant second.  But France has proven that their cat cafes not only deliver on the felines, but also gourmet food experiences.

Considering the foodie culture, that might not come as a complete surprise.  I had amazing meals in Nantes, Caen and Reims, but Le Darwin, in Troyes stands out as a culinary masterpiece.

Troyes, a 1.5 hour train ride from Paris, is an historic city known for medieval half timbered buildings and narrow, cobbled streets.  I’m hoping it will soon be famed for its top-notch cat cafe.

Le Darwin is located in an attractive setting, a square next to a Basilique Saint-Urbain that I admired as I arrived shortly after the 11 am opening time.  When the sign on the door indicated that was delayed noon, I walked around and took in the sights, which is a bonus of being in France; there is never a shortage of interesting things to gaze upon.

I returned just after noon to a warm welcome from the host.  As I was seated, we communicated using a little bit of French (me) and a little bit of English (the host) as our mutual love of cats seemed to transcend the language barrier.

Looking over the menu, there was an impressive selection of delicious-sounding options. While I was deciding, the cats began to make their way over and within a minute I was in love.  There are nine felines in residence, all available for adoption sans two ‘house cats’ Mika & Maya.  The kitties, (including a black short-hair, gorgeous green-eyed tabby and a Siamese mix named Fripouille) took turns on my lap for ear scratches and cuddles which I happily delivered in between lunch courses.  I learned that since the cafe’s opening in January, 2017, they have successfully adopted 12 cats.

Normally, I prefer to gush about kitties, but oh my goodness, the food here was amazing!  The amuse bouche was a cold garlic sauce topped with croutons and radish while my main, an Oeuf frite (soft boiled egg coated in crumbs and fried, like a Scotch egg) topped with bacon was divine perfection.

For dessert I indulged in a crusty almond cupcake split in two and topped with a dense white chocolate frosting and mango sauce, plus a side of icy lemon sorbet adorned with bits of salt, merengue and candied lemon peel.  It was very sweet but nicely balanced by the citrus and various textures.

All of this epicurean delight was also incredibly good value with two coffees, entree and dessert totaling less than €15.

If the cats and food aren’t enough to tempt you, the space is also lovely, separated into three areas including the main bar, dining room and coffee nook.  The ambience is comfortable and cozy set to a soundtrack of upbeat, electro-pop music.

My visit to Le Darwin excelled in all areas and whether you are a cat lover or gourmand, I’m confident a visit to Troyes would be a highlight of any trip to France.

For complete cafe details, click here.

Chat Historique: Au Chat Perché, Caen

Caen is a lovely port city in lower Normandy, approximately nine miles inland from the English Channel and 35 minutes from Omaha Beach (aka Normandy Beach). It’s an historic city, famed as the burial site of William the Conquerer.

It is fitting that Au Chat Perché (aka ‘the perched cat’) evokes the past by occupying a 17th century building, part of old hotel complex.   The space has been modernized, yet sensitively retains the features that make it significant and unique.  The decor is austere and chic, yet also manages to be cozy!

There were five cats in residence the day I visited including three playful kittens that wrestled each other and entertained the patrons.  The other cats curiously inspected patrons and, at times, jumped into open laps for cuddles.  I was especially taken with Gordon, a black cat with a handsome face and sweet disposition.

According to Cyreac, the cafe is in partnership with La Compagnie des Chats Sans Maître, an association which provides the rescue cats.  Despite only being open for a short time (since September), the cafe has already found permanent homes for sixteen felines!


Au Chat Perché is a family affair as Cyreac’s wife Severine is the chef.  She specializes in vegetarian dishes and so I ordered the plat du jour, a delicious lentil veggie burger served with curried carrots, rice and salad, plus a pot of steaming hot tea.  It was an outstanding meal!

Even though it was very busy on the Saturday I visited, Cyreac was a kind and friendly host, and gracious to answer all my questions in English as (sadly) I can only say please and thank you in French.  Merci beaucoup!

With its cool atmosphere, sweet kitties, delicious food and friendly hosts, Au Chat Perché definitely stands out as memorable and an easy two hour train from Paris St. Lazare station.

For complete cafe details, click here.

Chat-tastic:  Le Chat Puccino, Rennes

It’s easy to fall in love at Le Chat Puccino.

Of course, the sweet kitties are the primary heart stealers, but other contributors include the cute and cozy atmosphere of the cafe plus fun touches, like coffee cups adorned with cats dressed in French Navy (aka Breton or Marinière) shirts.

Then there is infatuation-inducing city of Rennes itself.  The capital of Brittany is famed for a well-preserved historic district filled medieval half-timbered buildings that now house adorable shops, as well as galettes, a savory crepe made from buckwheat.

It’s possible to make a day trip from Paris (I did), but after visiting both Rennes and nearby Nantes, I highly recommend combining cat cafe stops with a bigger, broader tour of Brittany.  The entire area is physically stunning, rich in cultural tradition and filled with culinary and shopping delights.

At the center of all there is to see and do is Le Chat Puccino.  Sophie, the gracious owner, opened her cafe in August, 2016 on a charming street adjacent to the historic district and quayside canals of the River Vilaine.  Inside, she has created a lovely environment with classic style, soft music and lots of natural light from the large storefront windows.  I was lucky to spend some time with her visiting about her experiences (in English, merci beaucoup!!).

Le Chat Puccino features rescued cats available for adoption.  There were four during my visit, but Sophie indicated that she was waiting on three more to arrive shortly.  In addition to an adorable Tabby kitten and Jolene, Sophie’s own gorgeous queen-of-the-house Tortie (not for adoption), my favorite cat (who has since found her permanent home!) was Lena, a black and white short haired girl that cuddled with me at length.

There is also a full menu, and while I initially sipped a mocha, after watching the amazing food being delivered to visitors during the lunch hour, decided to order a toastie with side salad, followed by an espresso.  Delicious!

It was sad to leave, but soon found myself entertained by a late afternoon spent shopping and sipping wine before I caught the train back to Paris.

After such an outstanding day (truly one of the best I had during my two weeks in France) I strongly encourage you to make your way to Brittany, Rennes and Le Chat Puccino.  Go ahead, fall in love for yourself!

For complete cafe details, click here.

The Neighbor’s Cat is a comprehensive global cat cafe resource with first-hand reviews, entertaining articles and an extensive photo gallery of the cutest cats on the planet.  On a quest to visit every cat cafe (137 in 23 countries so far) in the world, The Neighbor’s Cat can help you find the perfect cafe to complement your travels.

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