An Unexpected Cat Adventure: Patches and Angelina’s Mysterious Escape – Katzenworld

The following is a guest story submitted by one of our readers Linda – if you’d like to submit a story email us via

Every night around 9:30, he stands before me with that look. We’ve been in a relationship for a year now and our routines have become set in stone. I’m not always ready for bed that early in the evening, but I acquiesce and give him what he wants by retiring early.

When I first met him, they called him “Hollywood.” I immediately knew why. He wore a classy tuxedo and there was no mistaking that beauty mark near his mouth. His name was a takeoff from Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford, not to mention that his eyes looked like they were lined with black eyeliner. It was “glam” for sure.

I had reservations about getting involved with him. I had just lost my companion of 17 years due to renal failure, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another commitment just yet. I knew it would require preparing meals on a regular basis, and heaven knows what would happen ‘ should there be a health issue with either one of us given our ages. That would be something else to consider before I jumped into a living arrangement.

So I got up off the comfy sofa and turned on the night light. He went right to the door.

“Ok. You wanna go out?”

He ran right out with his tail straight up into the cool night air. This night I would leave him outside for awhile because I knew as soon as he came back in, he would run straight to his food dish and then give me that look again. That wanting look. It was his time to retire so he could lay with his head on my shoulder as I read in bed.

“Hollywood,” aka “Patches,” (the grandchildren didn’t quite get the glamorous moniker, and since he had one big white patch on his back, they named him Patches) was a talker. He never re-entered the house without first saying “hello.” This night he ran in with no “helio” and no running to his food dish. Instead, he stopped in the middle of the room. And there she was. “Angelina Ballerina!” She lay on her back with her furry, white underbelly and her long, white delicate tail. Then I realized what I must do. I must acknowledge Patches’ good work.

“Well, hello. Patches. What have you got there? Is that a present for me?”

Patches raised his head to accept my praise, quickly scampered over and flipped Angelina around. Two good belly flops was all I could take.

I quickly moved to the kitchen once again to gather paper towels, rescued her with one fell swoop and released her to the outdoors. Patches ran right out the door to play with his new found playmate. I stood watch and then distracted Patches while Angelina escaped.

Patches turned and ran into the house. I continued to stand outside to watch Angelina survive in the great outdoors. The afternoon sun was at my feet and I looked about the neighborhood as dusk approached.

A few minutes later I returned indoors to talk to Patches but he was no where to be found. I called his name, checked the bedroom closet and looked behind the shower curtain, two of his favorite resting spots. Then I heard him meow. I wasn’t sure where his voice was coming from until I looked up. There he was on top of the entertainment center drinking out of the fish bowl! “Vichyssoise,” aka as “Jaws”, (because you can actually hear him chew his supreme dried shrimp delicacy) is a beautiful, iridescent blue tetra fish. Jaws circled his bowl, fluttering his gills, excited to see his friend Patches with his pink scratchy tongue, slurping water from his liquid home.

“Well, you did a good job, didn’t you? You’re such a good kitty!”

I turned to the kitchen to grab some paper towels, and before I knew it, Angelina jumped up and ran behind the entertainment center.

“Patches? How could you let her get away?” I admonished. Patches seemed as surprised as I was but ran to the entertainment center to see what he could see behind it.

“Well, I don’t see her. Do you?”

I got the flashlight but saw nothing between the wall and the entertainment center except extensions cords.

“Well, I don’t see her. Where do you think she could be?”

I got the broomstick just to rattle around and poke at the cords to see if I could make Angelina come out. No Angelina.

Now for the hard part. Easing the heavy wooden oak stand with vases, plants, framed photos and finery away from the wall would take some effort. After removing most of the “breakables,” I tried to wedge myself against the desk and lean into the furniture using some leverage, but I carried no weight. I could budge it but the strain of one attempt after another left me exhausted. Now, down on my hands and knees, using the flashlight for a keener view, I was stumped until I put my hand on the back side of the entertainment center. I realized there was a recess at the bottom where the back side panel ran short leaving a space for Angelina to hide.

“Patches. Where is she? Where did she go?” I questioned him tauntingly.

Again, out came the broomstick to shake things up a bit more, but to no avail. Patches would race the long stretch from one end of the entertainment center to the other. Back and forth, back and forth he went. This went on for some time until Patches decided to sit still and focus intently on his hidden hostage.

“I know you get more playful at night. Patches but I don’t think your new playmate wants to come out. I think it is time to give up and come to bed.”

I quickly moved to the kitchen once again to gather paper towels, rescued her with one fell swoop and released her to the outdoors. Patches ran right out the door to play with his new found playmate. I stood watch and then distracted Patches while Angelina escaped.

Patches turned and ran into the house. I continued to stand outside to watch Angelina survive in the great outdoors. The afternoon sun was at my feet and I looked about the neighborhood as dusk approached.

A few minutes later I returned indoors to talk to Patches but he was no where to be found. I called his name, checked the bedroom closet and looked behind the shower curtain, two of his favorite resting spots. Then I heard him meow. I wasn’t sure where his voice was coming from until I looked up. There he was on top of the entertainment center drinking out of the fish bowl! “Vichyssoise,” aka as “Jaws”, (because you can actually hear him chew his supreme dried shrimp delicacy) is a beautiful, iridescent blue tetra fish. Jaws circled his bowl, fluttering his gills, excited to see his friend Patches with his pink scratchy tongue, slurping water from his liquid home.

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Snowy: A Grumpy Babushka, Fashion Icon, and Feline Foodie – A Tale of a Fashionable Cat – Katzenworld

The following story is a submission to our guest star series. Stories can be submitted to

Hello, My name is Snowy. I have been described as a grumpy old Babushka, Fashion Icon, Feline Foodie, and CCIC (Chief Cat In Charge). I am all of these. I found my way from Miss Elena’s Ragdoll Cattery into the home of my Humans in San Francisco in 2013 as a tiny kitten. Shortly thereaLer, on a weekend trip to wine country – Sunday aLernoon I held up the entire household departure of approximately 13 guests for several hours, having crawled into the plumbing mechanism behind the giant soaker tub in the master bathroom. I love practical jokes.

A baby pic of me, 2013:

In 2016, my niece Tootsie (runt of the litter) joined my human’s home. Everything goes well as long as Tootsie remembers who came first. She is a little odd.

I put up with her childish antics, because I am that magnanimous.

My humans have a Parisian neighbor who recognizes my fashion sense and adores my beauty, but recently he remarked on my size and that because I was a fashionable girl, I should be more trim. Regardless of the fact that the vet agrees, I am waiting for my humans to fly me to Paris, in the style of Choupette, the late Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman, so that I may educate the French about the importance of body positivity.

Like Lizzo, I celebrate my size. Like Taylor SwiL, I have a solid girl squad. One of my besties, Pancake, lives in New England. Pancake adores sitting in her bay window, policing the squirrels outside.

Pancake has a sizable rider to her contract – but I celebrate a woman who can advocate for her needs.

Finally – I would be remiss if I did not mention those whom I admire. I take inspiration from OG Tuxedo Cat Pear, found in the engine of a car and adopted by a close friend of my humans, Pear spent years prowling around out from her Victorian house near Golden Gate Park, and survived a cat-napping, a poisoning, and many other perilous events. She is a survivor, well beyond the normal 9 lives. Pear has now retired from the rat-race of San Francisco, and enjoys a slower pace of life surrounded by natural beauty with her humans in Utah, in a communal life teaching her wise survival ways to foster kittens who come in and out of her human’s home.

I imagine the admiration I feel for Pear is a little like the relationship between Oprah and Maya Angelou.

When I am not occupied weighing in on important causes, I find it important to take time to socialize, enjoy myself and re-charge. I have a friend Coconut, fellow Ragdoll I met at a Blessing of the Animals celebration on St. Francis’ feast Day, here in San Francisco.

I go to these things to humor my humans. There are just some social events a feline cannot miss.

When we are not in the limelight, Coco and I adore a restful spa experience. Coco’s favorite respite is his private reserved pool-side cabana cat-tree in the window in SoCal, where private chef grandma makes him chicken. Coco has a new little sister Pearl, and he understands the struggle is real.

Coco felt I needed a similar experience, so because he’s so generous, he had his human send me a luxury spa macrame day-bed, like the Hollywood set likes to enjoy in Baja California. I have to say, it’s pretty nice. I ask my humans to put my luxury spa day-bed next to my favorite window, so I can lounge in the sun, and recharge.

All in all, I say it’s pretty good to be me.



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The Tale of Whiskers’ Unforgettable Journey – Katzenworld

The Beginning:

Once upon a time, in a cosy little neighbourhood, there lived a family with a mischievous yet dearly loved cat named Whiskers. Whiskers, with his vibrant blue eyes and soft grey fur, had been a cherished member of the household for many years.

He had brought immense joy and countless cherished memories to the family. However, fate had a different plan in store for Whiskers.

The Unexpected Disappearance:

One fateful evening, during a heavy thunderstorm, Whiskers vanished without a trace. The family searched high and low, calling out his name, but their beloved feline friend had seemingly vanished into thin air.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, yet there was no sign of Whiskers. Sorrow consumed the family as they feared the worst— that they had lost their cherished companion forever.

A Glimmer of Hope:

Despite their overwhelming grief, the family refused to give up hope. They put up missing cat posters, spoke to neighbors, and reached out to animal shelters in the hopes of finding their beloved Whiskers.

Days turned into yet more months, and their efforts seemed futile. However, just when they were on the brink of losing hope, a miracle occurred!

The Unexpected Reunion:

One bright sunny afternoon, as the family was enjoying a picnic in the park, they spotted a familiar grey silhouette slowly making its way towards them. It was Whiskers! The family could hardly believe their eyes.

Tears streamed down their faces as they rushed to embrace their long-lost feline friend. But Whiskers run-off towards a house at the end of the park as the family approached. Confused yet happy to have found him they followed him more slowly.

The Journey Home:

Out of the house came a woman who called the cat Lucky. The family wondered if they had made a mistake and it wasn’t Whiskers after all… 

They approached the woman and asked her if she had the cat for long. To their surprise she said admitted that she had found him on a rainy night out in the park – hungry, ragged and very sad looking.

Unable to resist his charm, she named him “Lucky” and showered him with love and care over the months. But with a heavy heart, she knew that Whiskers belonged to his original family.

Grateful for her kindness, the family invited her to visit Whiskers anytime.

A Lesson Learned:

Whiskers’ return brought immense joy and relief to the family. They realized the importance of microchipping pets to ensure a swift reunion if they ever went missing again. Whiskers’ extraordinary adventure taught them a valuable lesson about the significance of never losing hope and the power of love.

Everlasting Happiness:

With Whiskers back in their arms, the family vowed to provide him with an abundance of love, care, and all the cuddles he desired. Whiskers, who had endured a remarkable journey, basked in the warmth of his loving home, knowing he was forever cherished and would never be lost again.

As time went on, Whiskers’ story spread throughout the neighbourhood, serving as a reminder to all pet owners of the importance of microchipping and never giving up hope.

Whiskers became a symbol of love, resilience, and the extraordinary journeys that our furry friends embark upon in their lives.

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Molly’s Three Lives: From Abandoned to Beloved House Cat – Katzenworld

The following story was submitted by Brett C via email:

Molly has had three lives.

We don’t speak about the first. Her behavior tells us someone loved her. The vet exam results told us someone hurt her, there are poorly healed fractures. That was before they abandoned her by the airport

It was five years ago during her second life that Molly became part of mine . I had just become the Monday and Tuesday caretaker at the managed feral cat colony she had wandered into when we met.

It was love at first sight for both of us though she played “hard to get” for two months. I’d sit on the slope after feeding her and her friends and she’d sashay back and forth in front of my outstretched legs, swishing her fluffy tail and flashing those green/gold eyes , her long black fur glistening in the sun.

Before long she allowed petting and soon after that she was laying in my lap purring while I brushed her.

It always broke my heart leaving her there when I was done , never knowing for certain I’d ever see her again . And that was before her disappearances began.

She would go weeks at a time without showing herself to any of the feeders . The last time was three weeks and I’d grown so desperate that I’d taken over the colony feedings seven days , calling for her with tears in my eyes.

Finally after three weeks missing she came trotting up to me with sparkling eyes and an happy meow, completely clueless that the large blue box at my feet was a cat carrier

Quick as a flash I had her off her feet and into the carrier. That was 5 August 2019 Molly and I walked away from her second life in the human and feline homeless site between the freeway, the wastewater plant and the taxi way of SFO.

The first months weren’t easy and it was a while before I heard her sweet voice again. We were on her time but I loved her so much that patience came easily.

It’s been almost four years since I brought her home now.

You can’t see the scar across her nose anymore and the nicks and tears in her ears have mostly healed. You have to look closely to see that she was ear tipped as a TNRd feral

She’s made herself totally at home now living in complete peace with her feline family of five , especially our newest little tuxedo queen Wishes who seems to have become a surrogate for the kitten she had and lost when she lived in the colony.

Molly is as happy and well adjusted a wee house cat as I’ve ever known . She has no interest whatsoever in leaving the house , contentedly sunning herself in that catio extension or a sun puddle inside when not following at my feet demanding affection and pets.

And then there’s the stormy days when I watch her laying in her cat tree with the air from the forced air heater ruffling her long black fur as she stares out with her big golden green eyes as the cold rain lashes against the window panes and you can just feel how happy and thankful she is that she no longer has to feel that.

Molly is still only nine and the picture of health and I expect we have many years together ahead of us.

But I still treat every single day with her as the blessing I very well know it is.

The outdoor photos are from her old life, the indoor from her new.

Brett C

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Adopting Figgy: The Heartwarming Story of a Stray Cat’s Journey to Happiness – Katzenworld

The following story has been submitted by Mimi H. via email.

This is Figgy. Our ‘outside’ stray cat we’ve sort of adopted. She got her name as I saw her first crawling out from under a protected fig tree one spring. Picture a burlap and tarp covered fig tree, our winters here in Pennsylvania can get very cold. So it was a good place for her to hide, and sleep.

She has a clipped ear, which is a sign that’s she’s been spayed and seen by a vet, but then released in the neighborhood she was found in. When she first came around she was very skinny and scared of everything and everyone. Very sad. But we won her over slowly but surely by feeding her and not trying to catch her. She’s very wild and doesn’t enjoy coming in the house very much. She loves being free. She has 3 different cat houses around our house, and seems very happy and healthy.

She’s a love and let’s us pick her up and give her attention now

Hoping some day she’ll want to retire to inside the house. But she still seems to love her freedom.

Have you got a story to share? E-Mail us today via

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Life as a Cat Rescuer: A Journey Full of Challenges and Emotions – Katzenworld

The following story has been submitted by Greg K via email.

Hello – I live in Oregon, USA. I have been a friend to animals all my life and am now 65. Currently I have 5 cats. I have fostered and helped many abandoned and abused cats over the years with the help of my life partner.

The journey has been one of many challenges and emotions. I have felt the greatest outrage for what I’ve seen inflicted upon innocent creatures by the very people they trusted and relied upon for help. The journey has taken turns into great sadness also when realization comes I could do nothing to help another new found struggling cat. When able to save a little feline refugee I would feel such great joy. It was a sense of relief and joy of epic size in my soul for the struggling little ones I found.

I never intended to become what a coworker dubbed me – ‘a crazy cat guy’, but taking in so many cats has just simply come to me and I embraced it. It was difficult to do as I love travel and being outdoor active. Life was adjusted. I could not just turn my back and walk away.

All of our rescued cats have and will remain indoors and they have little or no interest in going outside. I have always maintained that we stay in their home. I believe that attitude has made it a shared environment that they feel comfortable to be who they are. That attitude along with a cat themed home has helped support our medically challenged cats feel they have found a refuge.

I can spend a few hours daily caring for my feline family as they all have physical and mental conditions brought about through abuse and abandonment. I am always amazed at the obvious appreciation shown and how close our friendships have become. The conditions they struggle with pushed me to read and learn more about their physiology and how best to help them. It is a journey full of great successes and very difficult conclusions

You know I never intended to be what a coworker has called me – ‘a crazy cat guy’. After taking in some struggling cats I noticed that others just seem to know that our house is safe and they seek me out. Our last fully integrated kitty into our home wandered onto our back porch to get away from a bad situation and insisted to stay. She had an eye that appeared to be so damaged it would need to be removed. After intensive care first by myself with antibiotics I had on hand leftover from another cat’s needs, and secondly the assistance from a local animal shelter with eye surgery, she now has use of her eye again!

The journey continues. I am now looking at retirement this year, and thinking, ‘I sure hope I do not have to see more small ones in need.‘ Shelters are now facing maximum capacity and reduced funding. I will now also have limits to my ability to help as well. We all need to realize when we cannot do more, but that has me so concerned with the way the current state of world affairs is affecting the choices people are making. I hope we all think before taking action. I cannot understand how a person can throw a cat out like trash after taking them in, provide all needs with a stable life and home thus making the cat fully reliant and dependent on them. So cruel.

Have you got a story to share? E-Mail us today via

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How a Tabby Kitten Saved My Heart: A Story of Hope and Recovery During the Pandemic – Katzenworld

The following story was submitted by Sarah D. via email:

This is our story about our favourite fur baby.

Looking back, It was during the Covid pandemic and it was December 2020. We finally got the go ahead to have another IVF cycle after the initial shut down where thousands of peoples‘ treatments were postponed until recently.

Going through IVF at the same time as preparing for Christmas after isolating for so long was quite a juggle.

We found out the week before that our second IVF attempt had failed. We were back to square one. 10 years of trying and another heart break.

Most people don’t know how to react when you tell them your cycle had failed. I can understand peoples’ uncertainty of what to say. Tumble weed tends to be the present and the occasional ‘sorry’. It’s heartbreaking, but luckily I have a very supportive family and husband.

It was Christmas Day and feeling incredibly low with the recent result. My husband had a little present for me, he showed me a litter bag, litter tray and kitten food. Then shown a photo of this handsome tabby kitten. My eyes filled with hope. I felt so low, devastated, like I was empty inside. My heart felt whole again. We collected him two days later.

He was tiny, and although his age was correct as we would never take him away from his litter too early. After we got him home that evening we saw that he was clearly was under weight and parasite burdened.

That night he ate a large amount of food, used the tray perfectly and slept for hours. He was very quiet and lethargic.

We booked him in for an emergency vet appointment the next morning as we were concerned for his health, he could be anaemic due to the number of fleas clinging on to him.

Once he had all his checks and was declared underweight and riddled with fleas, he had flea treatment, an anenema as he hadn’t pooped in over 24hours and a wormer.

The next 12-24 hours was a massica of fleas dropping from him showing bold patches of skin. Within three days he started coming out of his shell. He was brave, handsome and very insightful.

We made sure he was well fed, given wormer and had all vaccines which are always updated. He loves being out in the garden and chases butterflies.

He is now 2.5 years old. Grown up but still dependant of us, well as much as a cat can be.

We are so lucky to have him. He saved me when my heart was broken in to pieces. He was there at my darkest moments. Gave me a squidge when I needed someone to show love and that it’s ok.

Merlin was brilliant throughout my recovery, he came to sit on my lap which he never did before. He would show affection and love especially when I needed it the most.

One day I was sorting out the laundry. Merlin was asleep on his daddy’s bean bag by the fireplace. I often gave him choices of where to sleep and had a few blankets stacked up by the conservatory door for him. This was be the best thing I did as I turned around with laundry in my hands and fell on my back with the cats blankets saving my back and only hitting my head on the tv table with my arms out behind me to stop the tv failing on top of me.

It sounds worse than what it was from what I remember. Within in seconds of getting up, Merlin came up to me acting worried, checking up on how I was and rubbed up against me. I stroked him and told him I was fine, I had to tell him twice as the first time he moved away slightly but stayed close. The second time I told him I was ok, he went back to his bed.

Merlin has been nothing but a credit, he is so wonderful and we’re lucky to have a special, clever, handsome and loving cat. He isn’t just a cat to us, he’s part of the family, he will forever be ours.

Have you got a story to share? E-Mail us today via

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Guest Star Cat: Fitzke – Katzenworld

My name is Kathleen Dolingo I live in NSW Australia and I’m the proud Mumma to a few indoor cats one of which is named Fitzke.

Fitzke is a Manx cat no tail. I’ve had her in the family her entire life. She’s always been super cute and had great personality but she has truly inspired us.

Fitzke and my other cats are all strictly indoors only and Fitzke was asleep one day on top of the kitchen cupboard she fell and unfortunately her back leg was broken. We rushed her to the vet and it was decided that amputation was best for fFtzke. We agreed and the operation went well.

We were in nearly $3000 worth of debt but we had Fitzke back in the family which was all that truly mattered. She adapted amazingly and we were so proud of how quickly she learnt to get around on three legs and how despite the pain she’d gone through she was always happy and purring.

The accident was 3yrs ago and she has done amazingly well she has to have yearly arthritis injections but besides that she just like any other cat.

We are truly blessed to have her in our family.

Have you got a story to share? E-Mail us today via

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Guest Star Cat: Stirling – Katzenworld

Hello my name is Fox. This is Stirlings story.

On July 4th, 2022, I was walking home from a fireworks celebration in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a friend. Our usual route passed by a church located directly behind our house. As we neared the Dumpster on the church’s premises, we heard a faint meowing sound. The meowing grew louder and more persistent as we got closer. My curiosity got the better of me, so I opened the gate and began to look around. Eventually, I lifted the lid of the dumpster and heard some movement from within. To my utter shock and sadness, I found three kittens, approximately 4-5 weeks old, whose eyes looked as though they had only just barely opened. Tragically, one of the black males had already passed away, but I was relieved to see that the white and grey male and the white and calico female were still alive, albeit in dire circumstances. It breaks my heart that there are people out there that can be so cold-hearted as to do something like that to such innocent lives.

My friend and I took the box of kittens back to my home where we could care for them. I buried the poor, deceased black male in the back of the flower bed, and the young male kitten continued to meow non-stop, while the tiny female stayed silent the entire time.

I made the decision to adopt the loud male. Observing his persistent behavior, which ultimately saved his and his sister’s lives, revealed a lot about his character. The color of his fur resembled silver, leading me to name him Stirling. His sister went to our friend’s house, but her story is unique and deserves its own retelling.

Stirling received his vaccinations, neutering, and microchipping upon his veterinary visit. Despite his wild spirit, he is incredibly loving and quickly acquired the proper habits such as using the litter box and scratch post. What astounds me the most is his intuition and ability to sense danger, continuously alerting us to potential threats.

As our bond flourished, I began researching different cat breeds online, discovering a story about Sophie, a Turkish Van mix female. With Stirling approaching his first birthday, he has become my closest companion. Although he still vocalizes frequently, our connection is unbreakable.

I couldn’t help but want to tell their story, to spread awareness about animal cruelty and the importance of rescuing and caring for animals in need.

P.S. The grey rat is Jack The Rat, Stirlings other best friend.

Have you got a story to share? E-Mail us today via

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Cats on the Bus – Katzenworld

Well, I don’t know about you, but I believe in signs. Since I lost my Brownie bear on the road to a hit and run murderer on the country lane where we used to live and my beautiful Queenie cakes still lives with my parents; I have been grieving hard, though Spirit Brownie keeps telling me to smile, be happy and eventually, get a new cat or two to keep me company in my city flat. Originally it was to be an indoor-only cat, but wait til I tell you what happened yesterday – maybe this is the sign, or omen, that I was telling you about.

Up until now my manifestations for new cats were wishy washy, I was finding it hard to let go of Queenie and surrender her to her fate in her Queendom, with her subjects, furry and human. And I was still grieving, of course. I tormented myself the same way over Brownie beforehand. So I manifested a kitty a lot like Brownie in the face and eyes, and a little companion for him. But it didn’t work out. 

Then I started saying I’d love kittens. I love kittens. I love a mammy cat. I adore watching them grow and learn, helping momma to give birth. It is absolutely adorable. But I haven’t been consistent with my manifesting, as I said. I was thinking I would wait until after the summer, because I will be in and out a lot, or after Kevin, my Beloved in Ghana, gets here, so we can adopt together. OR until the flat is cat-proof. Or until a cat finds me. Stalling, I guess, because I have fostered succesfully over the past year and nobody died. But I have been craving kitty company, especially since I haven’t seen Queenie in a few weeks, and I’ve been on a social media break. (My social is flooded with felines, of course!)

So fast forward to yesterday, I was on the bus with a friend, we were going to the park, like everyone who wasn’t going to the beach, on this fine beautiful late spring day. And we sat down the back. And on the floor was a cat-carrier. With a mom, and four beautiful kittens. Of course we started to admire them. Of course, we started talking to the human cat mom. She lives so close to my home! I pass down her street every time I go to the shop. And she told us her story about how she came across a pregnant cat – in the street! The cat, Phoenix, I think she named her, good name too! – came up to her on the street on her way home, and wrapped herself around her legs, followed her inside and made herself at home! Amazing! Magic! And a few weeks later, she has four babies, all have homes, and she is keeping one, who by the way, ADORES his mommy, he was kissing and loving on her like the most beautiful thing you ever did see. And not only that, but momma was looking up at her human with such absolutely love and joy in her face when the lady was telling us the story. 

SO, I was tired and worn out from the theatre production the night before, missing Queenie and my family down the country, but I got my furry feline fix – on the bus! And I learned that she was bringing the fur family to the park! So not only indoors for these babies! They get to run around the grass and play! The lady was so calm and relaxed, the mother cat so relaxed and happy – I believe that it is possible to have an indoor, outdoor cat in the city – with modifications! I hope she found a nice, dog-free zone!

I 100% believe that I was meant to meet this family – ‘Maktub’, as they say;  “it was written” – to open myself up to my new cat family, wherever and however they appear, embracing life’s possibilities. 

P.s. at our park (cat fam were going to a different park) we met the most gorgeous dogs as well, both of whom made fast friends with me too. So I am very tempted to get one of each – always my real dream, if I’m honest! A dog and a cat, sister and brother, or sisters, perhaps – they can come everywhere together with me and keep each other company while I am in the office. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. I am working on a book chronicling all the cat and cat stories of my life. I was inspired to write it by Merlin’s demise, he of the WordPress title of my blog. Later I read ‘On Cats’ by Doris Lessing, I recently re-read it, and I highly recommend it. My blog is and there you will see some more stories, photos and songs. Enjoy.

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